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First Unoffical Patch

Postby Winterhawk99 » Thu Mar 15, 2012 2:55 am

Here is the first Unoffical patch for skyrim. From what I hear its pretty good and fixes alot of nuiscence problems we all have found.

The download is here:

The Patch Notes are here:

Thanks goes to Bannor who brought this to my attention.
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Re: First Unoffical Patch

Postby Bannor Bloodfist » Thu Mar 15, 2012 10:08 pm

Just a quick note about this "patch" It does NOT install via NMM or any other mod manager, and should be installed manually.

Another note is that this mod-patch, updates quite frequently, so make it a favorite that you check religiously. As an example, the first post here was made on the 14th, with a version that was updated that day, it is now the 15th and there is already an updated patch.

Another note, this should be the FIRST, absolute FIRST mod in your mod package/esp lists. If you use NMM to monitor and/or install various mods, there is an option to ensure that this mod loads first (ie you move it up the list until it is the first .esp in the list) I think the normal skyrim data files manager has an option for this as well. Ensure that this is the FIRST mod.

By having it first, any OTHER mod you use, may update or replace any of these patches without harm, if this mod is loaded AFTER other mods, you may corrupt the other mods functionality.

Since the mod is not installed via mod managers of any variety, it does not track the "version" number. The name of the mod file (Unofficial Skyrim Patch.esp) should not change, as such, you can safely overwrite with the newer versions without having to make additional changes to your mod ordering/installation lists.
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