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Common Toolset Command Quick Referance

Postby Winterhawk99 » Wed Feb 15, 2012 5:55 am

This sticky is for everyone to have a quick referance to common toolset commands if you get hung up and need to use them.

Control E ---------- Brings up NavMesh control board
M ---------- Turns on area markers (door transitions/directional Markers etc.)
A ---------- lights everything in the render window as if in sunlight
Control F --------- Brings up search and replace window for quickchange of a tile such as wall to doorway
Roll Mouse wheel ----- Zooms camera
Hold V + mouse ----- Fine Zoom on camera
Shift + move mouse --- Moves camera around object selected
Hold space bar and move mouse ---------moves your camera along world axis


HOLD Z and click on placeable ---------- moves placeable on the Z axis
HOLD S use wheel --------- rescales placeable
Shift + F --------- Focases camera on object selected
Shift + C ---------- Cycles through preset camera angles on object
Shift + T ---------- Puts you in top/down camera mode

Hold X --------- moves object on x axis
Hold Y --------- moves object on y axis
Hold Z --------- moves object on z axis

Hold right mouse and turn the mouse ----- rotate an object
Hold S click and drag --------- Scales an object
Control Z --------- Returns object to the preset size

F --------- Drops an object onto the nearest collision surface (walkmesh)
Arrow Keys --------- Moves object along the x/y axis
Hold Z + arrow keys --------- Moves object along the z axis

E --------- brings up movement gizmo (Looks and works exactly like 3ds gizmo)
W --------- brings up rotation gizmo ( looks and works exactly like 3ds gizmo)
2 --------- brings up scaling gizmo you can use this to scale an object
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