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A "Mod" adds or changes items in base Skyrim game. This is a short list of what we have found as really Useful or Beautifying mods for Skyrim.

Playability/Tweaks (sometimes considered cheats)

Postby Bannor Bloodfist » Wed Feb 15, 2012 9:35 pm

This list will have all sorts of various improvements, additions, changes to the general game, most primarily looking at giving the player more options or increased abilities in various things. Some of these may be considered cheating by some folks or just tweaking by others.


99 Percent Pickpocket This does NOT raise your skill in Pickpocket, but it does increase the ability of success to 99% for various things to be pick-pocketed. This means that if your skill level is not at full 100, you can NOT pickpocket equipped items at all, only what the NPC is carrying non-equipped. So, cheat? Yes, Full cheat? No. Having a 99% chance to successfully take someone's gold will help you level up your pickpocket skill faster though.

Additional Skill Books This adds/modifies already existing books in game to give skills that were available in Oblivion. Meaning, some "Extra" books will give you an advancement in various skills just like the other "Skill Books" already in the game do. Slight cheat. You still must FIND the book, AND read it before this occurs, so this is not a direct way to increase anything, and does not really harm general play. It just makes reading books more valuable to the player in game.

Al's Nothing sells for Zero This mod actually forces about 99% of items that you can pick up to have at least some value at all the merchants, meaning if you pick it up, you can at least get a single GP back for selling it. It is scaled so various items have higher values.

Fast Travel from Indoors This mod allows to you use the fast travel option from indoors/underground in most areas. The mod author has attempted to maintain the blocked ability from any area that might break a quest. There is still a general warning that it might cause issues. I have played through the entire game, 3 times with this mod running, and did not notice that anything broke. Use are your own discretion. Also note that there are various mods that PREVENT fast travel at all... not sure why someone would create such a mod since if the player doesn't like the ability to fast travel, he/she simply does not have to use that ability. If you want one of those, you will have to search for it on Nexus.

Mining More and Faster This mod increases the amount of ore that you can mine (wood too I think) and prevents an ore deposit from running out. Simply put, instead of having to search for 99 different iron ore deposits located all over the place, here, once you find one, you can "Camp Out" and mine all day/night until you get as much as you need.

Item Rewards For Bounties Increases bounties paid for the various auto-generated sub-quests in the game.

Skyrim Expanded Loot Tables Increases the loot, and type of loot, found throughout the game. Every Barrel, Chest, etc. Makes searching every item in game more worthwhile. Has two versions, one with what the author considers fun, as in more loot, and the other with reduced levels of extra loot.

These require you have to various OTHER tools installed to be able to use them.

Headbomb Better sorting This mod really makes using the various inventory screens much easier to use. It sorts all items/wepons/magic etc, (Customizable when installed via NMM). Highly recommended. Please note that all 4 of these mods by Headbomb SHOULD be used together.

Headbomb Complete Crafting Overhaul This mod allows you to craft various items that you can find in game, IE falmer stuff, that Bethesda prevented you from creating. Please note that all 4 of these mods by Headbomb SHOULD be used together.

Headbomb Smithing Perks OverhaulSame as above, by same author, and all 3 (actually 4, see the next one too) SHOULD be used together. This allows you to smith various faction items.

Headbomb Weapons and Armour fixes Bethesda left some bugs in various items/smithing etc, this corrects most of them. Please note that all 4 of these mods by Headbomb SHOULD be used together.

Categorized Favorites Menu Compatible with Better Sorting listed above but may require you to also grab Menu Config to be installed AFTER you install this one first. Then install Better Sorting, but do NOT allow Better sorting to overwrite this file.

Vals Crafting Meltdown Allows you to melt down armour and other objects to obtain their original ore/ingots back. Removes that armour but gives you steel, glass, iron whatever back into your inventory. This mod also allows you to craft your OWN arrows from various materials. It is compatible with all of the above.

Lost are of the Blacksmith Compatible with all of the above, adds additional crafting recipes to the game.

Alchemists have Ingredients by LFox This gives all alchemist vendors in game a fuller set of ingredients that you can purchase. Not really a cheat, but more of an enhancement as you still have to have the gold to purchase things.

Alchemists have potions and poisons by LFox This adds additional potions and poisons to the various Alchemist shops. It is compatible with Alchemists have Ingredients.


Possessive Corpses by Amgepo Actuall has a longer name, but regardless this mod changes basic game to reduce (or increase by choice) how an enemy "drops" items. Now when you kill an enemy, instead of his sword becoming a completely separate object that you have to find and pickup, it will remain as part of that creatures inventory so you just pick it all up at once. It also changes how long items will remain unclaimed in general world space. This means it vastly reduces save game size and is HIGHLY recommended.

Realistic Ragdolls and Forces by deFinder1 Tired of having that necromancer you just shot with an arrow fly away due to how much force is applied by the engine? This mod is configurable to 3 different levels, it adjust how much force is applied by various attacks, and affects the general weight of creatures/npcs etc. It also allows you to lift/carry a body or move it out of the way so you can pick up whatever is lying underneath. Highly recommended.

Rich Merchants by WheresMyPocket Allows you to set how much gold a merchant has at start or by default. Meaning you can set a merchant to start with either 750 gold or 10,000 gold instead of the normal 200 or 1,000. This will auto increase as youor speechcraft increases in game as normal, thus increasing total gold that a merchant may have by the additional gold amounts Bethesda specified in game. This doesn't hurt game play in my opinion, it just reduces the number of merchants you have to visit to get rid of all the crap you pick up killing enemies.
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