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A "Mod" adds or changes items in base Skyrim game. This is a short list of what we have found as really Useful or Beautifying mods for Skyrim.

Player Interface mods/changers.

Postby Bannor Bloodfist » Thu Feb 16, 2012 12:51 am

This section is for things that can make major changes in how the Player (You) interact with the game, AND/OR change how the game behaves.

Things like upgrading/modifying skill caps, or level caps, or how Smithing works etc.

Skyrim Community Uncapper Originally ported over by Ely's from Oblivion, this mod has been taken up by the community to aid in development and improvements. This mod raises maximum caps on player level and skill levels. It IS controllable by the player in such that you can edit the .ini to adjust maximum numbers. One of which I highly recommend is LOWERING the default cap of 300 for smithing to something like 250. WIth a max cap of 300, it is possible to "improve" smithed items to the point that the game actually makes the weapon lower in damage instead of higher. IE if I smith something (create something at the forge and modify it via the sharpening stone) I can create a Daedric bow with a damage amount that the game does not understand, Higher than a certain value and the game interprets this level to actually be whatever the level actually is MINUS the game interpreted cap. Meaning a weapon that can do over a certain amount of damage might actually only do 50 instead of 1074.

Regardless, the Ely's or Community Uncapper is HIGHLY recommended. Just adjust the .ini to lower levels for smithing. Might also have to lower other Skills as well depending...

Uncapped Perks Perks are the additional features of each individual skill tree. This mod requires the Level uncapper listed above to be able to function. Now, your max skill level of 300 in a skill actually makes sense, as each time you attain a higher level in a skill you gain a skill point that you can assign to the various perks that this mod adds.
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