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General links to various sites/tutorials and help for getting multiple or single mods to work within Skyrim. Typically using NexusModManager but may have links to other installers/mangers as well.

Various WIKI sites, all of which offer different things.

Postby Bannor Bloodfist » Thu Feb 16, 2012 6:10 pm

The Elder Scrolls Wiki : Skyrim That site covers more than just Skyrim, but offers lots of help including cheats, walkthroughs, tips, etc.

Unofficial Elder Scrolls Project Wiki This is another very useful Wiki providing walkthroughs and clues. Sometimes a Quest gets "hung up" and this site can tell you what console command can clear it up.

Creation Kit WIki This is the OFFICIAL wiki on using the creation kit.

Skyrim Forge Another site containing forums regarding Skyrim modding. Site has been in existence for a while so there is a wealth of information located there.

Skyrim Wiki Guide on IGN Remember the Vault? This is IGN's version of the vault forums/wiki for Skyrim.

Nexus Mod Manager WIki You can find a link to download Nexus Mod Manager on the first/home page of this wiki, with various links to topics etc. Nexus handles more than Just Skyrim, so sometimes searching will give results for Fallout or Oblivion etc.

Nexus Mod Manager Forums The Nexus Mod Manager is an excellent utility to help install and manage multiple mod files for Skyrim, this site is the forums related to that tool in case you have questions or problems with NMM.
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