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Adding your own voice files to your skyrim mod.

Postby Bannor Bloodfist » Wed Feb 29, 2012 12:22 pm

I am copy/pasting this from the Nexus site:

This quoted response was originally posted by Aarondhp24 on the nexus site. Original forum link You have to page down until you find this response though.

This is a copy-paste of another forum I posted on.

Some of us want to hear our own voices or use other people speaking on tracks. So I have the solution for that. I've also covered everything from creating your own "Voicetype" folder, and the proper formats.

From what I've seen there isn't an easy fix for this, but I did figure out a workaround if you're trying to record audio for an NPC.

Point Blank: The record button on the CK is absolute garbage. I'm seeing post after post where people open up the "configure" button only to be met by an empty "import format" pop-up with no data and no way to click ok.

If we can't use CK to record with our mics then lets get Audio software. I personally pay for mixcraft because I record music, but audacity should work.

Then Record whatever you want to save on that software. When you export your recorded audio, you have to save it in .WAV format, 16 samples(bit), mono channel. The file name you should use will be listed on the "response" tab right above the record, preview, save, buttons. Place this newly created file into your VoiceType folder. I created my own by right clicking in the "VoiceType" menu and selecting new. It asks for a name and that's it. Once you have your audio inside that file, then select your NPC and give him that voicetype from the drop down menu.

Go back to the response window and you should see your .wav file in the window above the record button. Double click and you can hear your audio! You're not done yet though. Look below this window for a generate lip file button. To the right of it should be a "from Wav" dot. Select that and click the generate lip file button. What you just did was create a lip synching file so it looks like the NPC is actually talking.

Start up skyrim and see if it worked!

This is the most ridiculous workaround I've ever had to do, but it works even with the glitchy CK record buttons. To make it fast, find your voicetype folder outside of CK and right click then send to desktop so you have a handy shortcut. Makes it easy to drop sounds in there. Goodluck.

Here is a DIFFERENT link, to a different topic, that more fully explains what you need to do to accomplish this since the CK is sooo darned buggy on the best of days. Tutorial: Adding custom voice even if the ck won't

Here is the .wiki version of that forum posting Tutorial: Adding Custom Voices
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