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Tutorial: Creating and Adding a NEW weapon

Postby Bannor Bloodfist » Tue Mar 20, 2012 8:40 pm

Skyrim Modding Tutorial - Weapon [Model+Textures+Import] part1

Skyrim Modding Tutorial - Weapon [Model+Textures+Import] part2

Skyrim Modding Tutorial - Weapon [Model+Textures+Import] part3

Skyrim Modding Tutorial - Weapon [Model+Textures+Import] part4

Those 4 tutorials, show you step by step how to create a sword, using a texture as a base image to create it from, complete to exporting it as an .ESP using the CK. Programs used to accomplish the entire set of things required include Mudbox, Cinema4d, Photoshop, Nifskope and the CK.

While some of the tutorial may not actually reflect the specific tools you use, they might encourage to switch to other programs and the bits that may match what you already have, will greatly speed up your understanding of the entire process.

Note that I have watched several different tutorial vids today on getting a new weapon into the game, but these 4, are VERY well done and explain bits that others think are completely unnecessary.

For example, this author explains the reasoning behind having THREE texture files associated with a given object while most of the other tutorials are skipping these steps/files as unnecessary and then they wonder why their objects look flat and dull in game. <<-- The actual texture that is painted onto the object. <<-- The normal map, which is what provides the 3d effect on the object. <<-- The specular map, while not really called a specular map anymore, not sure of real name now, this texture actually applies to the reflection maps on objects, so that a metal sword will properly reflect light and/or the environment around it.
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