Newest BeamDog patch is out
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Newest BeamDog patch is out

Post by Winterhawk99 »

The newest Beamdog patch has come with some very interesting things to help both players and builders. There are some new custom classes, So I hear. I wont be able to delve into it until I get home in a few days.

The specifics for builders and others are at this link: ... ZVvE2I2OZY
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Re: Newest BeamDog patch is out

Post by Tonden »

I really love what Beamdog is doing for NWN1

- Server support once again
- Bug fixes
- Updates
- They game can now be played on other gaming systems other then just PC.
- We are now about to create custom spell books. This just opened the game up so we can create totally custom caster classes.
- There is a steam store for it now.

All of that is just a little bit of what has been done and there is still more on the way.

I know my team is loving what all is being done to allow for us to really create what we want/need for our project.

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