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Those who have moved on

Postby Winterhawk99 » Fri Nov 02, 2018 11:38 pm

The site has been up many years now. With that kind of longevity we loose people by the wayside from time to time. I remember when SOS died back in the late 2000s of cancer We marked a grave stone with his name on the Harvest Moon server. His son worked with me on projects from time to time afterward. I found out last year we lost another and just now found out we lost a third at about the same time. I wanted to give them some honors here so they wont be forgotten.

The first was Flying Aquarium founder of Anchorome. He was my age. We often talked to each other about 80s music while we played. After he gave over Anchorome to Rdjparadis he went to college and became a yoga instructor. He moved to china about 5 years ago. and died a couple of years ago. He taught me a lot about dming a persistent world. Angel and I made sure to help out new players on Anchorome for him. We had a very good relationship. I never found out what happened to his wife Tigerlilly she disappeared shortly after they left the server even though he came in from time to time.

I just heard that Sharona Curves died a couple of years ago too. This surprised me because if I remember correctly she was very young during Harvest moons hayday. maybe 20-21 back in 09. We had quite a few debates back then on the game. She was heavily involved in Building, scripting and the various modding teams around NWN at the time and I believe a niece of one of the bioware managers. She always had a fresh view on different projects. I'm very sad to have heard she has passed into the next realm.
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