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Progress post 08 2018: Brightblade & Fireforge

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Progress post 08 2018: Brightblade & Fireforge

I “finished” Brightblade (IG screen):

“Finished” means, that it has reached the same status as the groups mentioned in the former posts.

Since there is an interior for Brightblade, this time I placed the windows on the outside at the same position as they’re on the inside.

I’m now working on the Fireforge group and here discovered yet another approach regarding the usage of tree leaves: Smaller branches, which hold the leave-meshes! (Well, it was more a re-discovery. We knew, that there are a couple of groups, which had additional small twig-like branches, but since I started with the most raw models, I didn’t pay attention to the ones, which are in a much more advanced stage - e.g. they already have the second approach regarding the root leaves - see viewtopic.php?f=130&t=2735)

Here is a toolset screen showing the smaller branches holding the leave mesh from beneath:

Remark: Here the leave meshes are still the original ones (see viewtopic.php?f=130&t=2734 - 2nd image)!

Since the leave meshes are (mostly) not a part of the big branches anymore, this approach lead to the fact, that a very high number of leave meshes were/are needed to cover these branches (toolset screen of the Fireforge group):

This really makes up a nice canopy!

The new leave meshes, which have been added to the groups mentioned in the former posts, don’t always fit in size. So, ATM, I’m trying to find a compromise, so the new leaves work and the number of leave meshes is reduced a bit.

The following is an IG screen showing work in progress.

Since this isn’t too much fun to work on, because it needs much controlling of the looks in the TS and IG (= exporting - controlling - adding and adjusting - exporting…) , I also started to work on the root leaves of the Seeker group (which is also not really too much fun to do… :lol: ).

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