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Solace Exterior General Groups Listing

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These first groups are all based up in the trees, figure roughly 30 feet high or so:

BrightBlade 5x5
FireForge 5x5
Flint 5x5
Grocery 4x4
Inn of the Last Home 7x7 -- this is one huge group.
Majere 4x4
Mina 3x4
Pit – 2x2 or 3x3
Seeker 5x5
TasselHof 5x5 -- this one has 3 separate buildings, two much smaller than the one in the middle.
Tika 4x4
Trough 5x5

Mid Sized Tree 3x3, this is a standalone tree that is smaller than most of the rest of the trees involved in the groups, but still larger than most "normal" trees that you usually see in sets in NWN. Nothing overly special besides the amazing tree foliage and general size of the tree. I am not sure yet what it will be called in the ITP for the set once released.
Those are all the groups that are placed high up in the trees and all have various bridge connection points, some more than one connection, some only one connection point.

As you can see, they are all LARGE groups, which is what I mean when I say that this set will require very large sized areas to get more than one or two groups painted at a time. I have created a demo mod at one point that had them ALL painted, but I think it was at least 32x32 in size and may not have had the ground based groups painted. I can no longer load that test mod as the base hak that was used at that point in time is long gone along with some of the many fixes that had been accomplished back then. Thus this entire preservation and restoration project is here and needed.

The following groups are all placed directly on ground level, there may or may not be trees of various sizes around them if they do have trees, they will be normal sized trees that you see in normal tilesets throughout NWN land.

Blacksmith 3x3 – Ground level
Meggins 2x2 – Ground level
Millers 4x4 – Ground Level

Edit: Note that I think there maybe at least 2 groups missing from this list, I seem to remember seeing at least one more on the ground and at least one more in the trees.

Also note that I will NOT be adding pics into this particular post. As time goes on, I will create a separate post for a given group to show off what that particular group looks like. Likely I will do the same for the various bridge sections although they may fit all in one post depending on how large the pics turn out to be.

Edited to add the Grocery group as that was one of the missing groups from up in the trees.
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