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Progress post 02 2017: Un-riddling the root leaves technique

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Un-riddling the root leaves technique (progress post 2 2017)

As with the tree leaves, we found different approaches to leaves covering parts of the roots and ground.
The first picture is from 2003:
It shows a toolset screenshot and the two textures in use. As you can see, though this is a nice approach, there seem to have been issues with getting the texture looking nice on every model face. It tends to look blurred in some places.

Maybe this could have been improved with a lot of UVW-editing, but in the end, DLA seemed to have come up with a new approach. In a HAK dated back to 2005, we found this technique:
This screen shows a Gmax scene. Here you can see, that DLA left the roots completely textured with the bark and the ground with the ground texture. On top they layered a “leaves only” texture, where the alpha part (= see through part - in this screenshot displayed in black) gets stronger towards one side.

And this is, how it looks in game:
As with the tree leaves, this approach 2005/2006 seemed to be the "newly" chosen path and we decided to go with it.
It has been found on “Large Tree”, “Fireforge” and partly on the “Inn”-group.
Meanwhile, it is also worked into the “Tika” and (recovered) “Trough”-group.
So, as with the leaves: Still a number of groups ahead of us! :)

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