Progress post 04 2017: Lost, lost, lost and maybe found...
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Progress post 04 2017: Lost, lost, lost and maybe found...

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Lost, lost, lost and maybe found…

Though, we have quite a bit of the DLA project, we sadly still do miss a few models. But there is evidence, that at least some of these groups existed!

I thought, it might be an interesting idea to make a post on this:

This one is not part of the Solace project, but to be kind of complete, I decided to repost it here. Some of you still might remember these screens of - well, I guess, it’s the Temple of Mishakal in Xak Tsaroth:



Regarding the Solace exterior set, we have this palette from October 2003:


The groups, we don’t have, are outlined.

As you can see, the palette from 2003 mentions them and there are according entries in the set file. Sadly all these models were not included in any of the sources Bannor was able to find.

We found no evidence on “City Hall” and “Guards” besides the model name entries in the set file and that both groups had the size of 5x5 tiles.

But I found some evidence on Tanis:
(Quote from ... opicid=569)

Steel_Wind: Tanis Half-Elven’s House - final House Geom:

Sadly, the links are dead…

It looks like, that it has been created by Lord_Oscar:
(Again quote from ... opicid=569)

Lord_Oscar: I need to get the textures for the tree samples that Ron uploaded so I can finally end Tanis.

A NWN1 Dragonlance buddy found this wallpaper and it shows a model with a big branch sticking out of the sides of the house (top left):

(If I'm not mistaken, it's a scene also to be seen in a ThriKreen-video - see all the way to the end.)

We don’t have that model… Now, is this the “Tanis” group???????

Maybe found…

When checking all the models, we stumbled upon a model, which was called via the “Tika” entry, but didn’t have the same architecture as the Tika-model found in the other sources.

It's also a 4x4 group, so, if this was not supposed to be a total redoing of Tika, it could be either the 4x4 Grocer- or Tanis-group (Again quote from ... opicid=569
“The final scale of Tanis is a 4x4 =16 tiles”).

(Toolset screenshot)

Now, we have the interior layout of Tanis:


As you can see, it doesn’t match the exterior of that rediscovered model.

[Edit]: We DO have an interior of Tika and that matches the original "Tika exterior" version. So it's NOT "Tika"!

We don’t have an interior for the "Grocer". So we guessed/decided, to leave the originally found Tika-group as “Tika” and call this new finding “Grocer/Grocery”.

I just discovered a “maybe” way to get into contact with Lord_Oscar and sent him a message.

Is there anybody out there, who knows a way to get in contact with Steel_Wind or ThriKreen?

I think, they are both to be found on LinkedIn. I don’t have an account there, because it doesn’t make sense for me.

ThriKreen is also on Twitter (, but, as far as I could see, he didn’t post anything there for a greater while…

Here are two links on ThriKreen’s doings back then: ... ...

Is anybody able to help to establish a contact here? (I also have their “real” names, but don’t want to post them here, though they’re not a real secret.) That would be great. If yes, you could contact me via

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