Progress post 13 (2020): The Inn of the Last Home Group
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Progress post 13 (2020): The Inn of the Last Home Group

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First of all for something completely different: Great NEWS:

1. GrumpyOldGoat offered to lend a helping hand with finishing this set! THANK YOU! So things might speed up a bit now…

2. ThriKreen found some more DLA-models in his archives! These are more tile related. I’ll do another post on that, when we got these findings sorted and ready for some screens. Thanks for taking the time, ThriKreen!

OK, now for the Inn of the Last Home:

This is the biggest group in the set: 7x7 = 49 tiles!
It is included in the earliest HAK I have, which dates back to 2003-09-08!

This is a toolset screen of a version October 2003:
Besides the leaves and the leaves around the roots, the most interesting difference to the version, which is in use now, is that the ground access of the walkway is straight! In a HAK dated 2006-08-25 is still this approach!

It has must have been changed after summer 2006, because in the HAK dated 2006-10-13 is the “new” approach with an angled ground access. That’ s the one we based our work on (see screens further down).

During the years (Bannor and I started back in 2016), I already did quiet a few fixings, corrections and detail work, but it’s so huge and time consuming, that I decided (some time early 2017) to go for the other tree models first.

Besides the leaves, one other thing had to decided and adjusted accordingly: The main entrance: The outdoor entrance was designed for a single door, whereas the inside showed a double door:

So Bannor and I went through different tests and in the end decided to widen the outside to hold a DLA double door:

Well, now I finally got the inn into the same shape as the others. Since the Inn already had the same canopy approach as the Large Tree Group, I decided to leave it in. It looks fantastic, but has the same “seam-issues”, if you pay close attention! (See ... 130&t=2799).
I added our “new” approach to some single smaller branches, but only a few.
The roots of the inn differ from the other models. They are the most complex ones with all their twists! I found the “new” root leaves approach already worked onto the ground tiles, but not the onto root sides. But they’re applied now.

Do you remember the video? It shows tons of torches all the way up the walkway:
I thought, that this would be too many lights, because the set already is “heavy”. So, as a last step for now, I decided to add in lamps.

So here are result pictures featuring Tass:

Well, the inn was always supposed to be the “show off” group of the whole set, as Bannor once said.

I took the freedom to add another detail: A path up to the Barn. I just didn’t like the idea, that a barn, which is used to stable horses and such, doesn’t show any signs of getting to it (it was grass only). So I added a path:
This is a toolset screen and the texture is only a test texture and definitely needs some work. So it’s a “work in progress” screen!

There is one more thing about the inn: The exterior has no chimneys whereas the interior has two (common room and kitchen)! This needs some more chewing…

If you missed is, here is a demo of a walk through Solace with the Inn at the end: ... -additions

What is next? First the new findings of ThriKreen - I just can’t resist! :-D
Then I plan to finalize the ground smithy. GrumpyOldGoat decided to work with the mill and Meggins.

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