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Postby Winterhawk99 » Sun Nov 12, 2017 8:16 am

There are many previous stories about several of the characters in the forums of both Harvest moon (On the Bardic Circle) and Anchorome (On the Winterwolf Lodge) Some of these stories include the characters

Shaia: played by RDJparadis
Darias: played by Jace Salsman
Nangus: played by Angelhawk
Fawn (Sierra): played by Winterhawk
Seryne: played by Malkyard
Randyl: played by Child of stark
Fade: played by Kastan Lightbringer
Rory: played by Winterhawk
Melocia: played by Winterhawk (harvest Moon)
Krystine Vail: played by Malkyard (harvest Moon)
Thunk: played by Angelhawk
Cele: played by Mick Dagger
Arrilin: played by Xydel
Seriand: played by Glendir

guests can see these forums but cannot comment or make topics on them.
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