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The Warblades

Postby rdjparadis » Wed Jul 14, 2010 10:28 pm

Posted 03/28/07 00:33 (GMT) -- Basilisk_Kron

//as some of you know Saber and Theyan are brothers that came over from Faerun. They had been part of the Warblades... this is their history.//

//also note that this info can be used IC (treat it as a book in the hall of knowledge open for all)//

*a cloaked figure walks calmly into the hall of Knowledge and places a simple, leather bound book on the shelf*

a small note in front of the book reads: "So that all may know the origins of the mercenaries that spawned My brother and I."

A history of the Warblades:

Written by Captain Annoren, last survivor of the Xeraks expedition.

“As the last surviving creature on Faerun that remembers, or indeed was ever aware of Xeraks’s foolish expedition to conquer the abyss, the responsibility of telling this tale has fallen hard upon my shoulders. And so I sit now to tell all those who wish to know of Xeraks, his attack on the abyss, and ultimately the creation of the Warblades”

Xeraks was the son of a powerful barbarian warlord in the north. His tribe and heritage has been lost to the ages and the ravaging of demons. After his father died in battle, he assumed leadership of the northern hordes and proceeded to secure his position by systematically killing all those who could stand against him, either through single combat or by sending them off to conquer in Xeraks’s name. By the time he was thirty he had amassed an army that rivaled anything seen before in the north; mercenaries, murderers, thieves, outlaws, the scum of society all flocked to his banner for the wealth, power, and land he offered all those who fought bravely for him. As his horde grew he soon realized that his people were completely disorganized, they fought each other almost as much as the fought his enemies.

Upon realizing this he set out on a brutal campaign against his own army: those who were not willing to form up into respectable units in an army were to be executed on the spot. After a bloody few years and multiple attempts on his life, Xeraks succeeded in creating an army. The only soldiers who did not fall into the command structure of this new army were Xeraks’s own personal weapons, known simply as the Warblades. The Warblades acted as Xeraks’s personal guards, messengers, and assassins, they would follow orders unquestioningly and be expected to succeed no matter the difficulty.

Xeraks soon controlled all of known Faerun (known to him which is considerably less then what is known today), either through conquest or through the simple threat of conquest. Even with such power his bloodlust was not satisfied, he hungered for a greater war, a greater challenge; he wished to face a foe that would stand against him… a win.

It took nearly five years to make the preparations. He gathered magic, he gathered his army, he gathered the supplies needed to keep his army going for years on end. Finally when all was ready, he had the high warlock open a portal to the abyss, but this time, instead of summoning a demon, he lead his entire army through the portal. Into the Abyss. Into the greatest war ever fought. Into certain doom for every soul that entered that portal.

I won’t go into the details of what happened in the abyss, words would not do justice to the memory of those who died, ripped apart, eaten alive, flayed with a thousand steel whips, and those are only the more mild fates of those who met there end in that “land.” We faced magic there that was greater then anything we’d ever seen before, we saw creatures that could kill a person just from the fear inflicted by there hideous looks, we felt eyes on us every “day” and every “night” we were there. Xeraks started this war like any other war he had ever been in, but against an enemy he could never have even dreamt of. We sent out scouting parties, we divided up into divisions, we sought armies and cities we could attack yet we found nothing. We were attacked constantly. Many of the divisions got separated from the main army, cut off and quickly overwhelmed. Xeraks died early on in the war, for a time General Belik took control and attempted to continue Xeraks’s campaign, fortunately he was wiser then the former leader and soon demanded that the high warlock open a portal to return us to Faerun. Unfortunately we couldn’t open a portal just anywhere so we retreated to where we first entered the Abyss. There the high warlock opened a portal to allow the survivors to escape. He was cut down before he could follow. A powerful demon killed him and held the portal allowing many other demons to follow us out onto Faerun.

Of the countless soldiers that went into the abyss, one thousand came out. Of the one thousand that came out, all but one hundred were wounded or killed by the demons that followed us out. And that was where the Warblades truly started, the one hundred soldiers, the last survivors of an attack on the abyss, the last survivors of an age now past. We’ve moved into hiding now, a more underground mercenary army then any real threat to anyone. But perhaps one day we will be a power again, perhaps one day we will control every inch of land south of the spine of the world, but perhaps, when that day comes, we will not be so foolish as to attack the abyss again.
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