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Postby rdjparadis » Wed Jul 14, 2010 10:32 pm

Posted 02/01/07 16:59 (GMT) -- Naphier

This entire post is Out of Character (OOC)
This is where everyone comes to post their character's stories, biographies, event stories, and the history of Anchorome.

All of the posts here should be in character.
Some of the information is public knowledge, but some is not. For example, the story "The Black Veil" this information is open for all players to discuss openly. Treat it like a rumor that is going around town, something you heard in an ale house, or something sung by a bard.

Most personal player stories are not public information, but for the pleasure of the writers and the readers and to enrich the characters of Anchorome. Most of these stories should be unknown to your character. Treat it like a personal journal.

If it is known information or a writer wishes to role play something through the boards it is general practice to place a message at the beginning or end of the story stating so like this:

//This is for anyone who wishes to respond.

I hope all of you will place something here even if you don't think you are a good writer. It is fun just for other players to see that your character exists. This is especially good for our players in different time zones.

The main rule is have fun. And I dearly hope you do.
Writing stories is one of my most favorite parts of the Neverwinter Nights online experience.
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