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Note's and papers on Ammothrawen Hener founder of the Katana

Postby Winterhawk99 » Mon Oct 18, 2010 1:26 am

Ammothrawen has been gone a long time now. Her story is now ledgend for young children to dream about. Many of the things she did remain a mystery. A recent sighting of the Messenger has spurred the archivist of the Lapis Port libary to gather all that is known about her and place it in a book about the Guild Mistress. Included here are papers by the various churches, guilds and writings by her own hand given to the libary by the officers of the golden katana.

the first thing we have is an ancient diary written by Ammothrawen's own hand. It was thought to be completely untranslatable until we took it to Shaia. Shaia knowing Ammothrawen happened to be able to decipher the Ancient Illithirian language which was Ammothrawen's native tounge. whether Ammo taught it to Shaia or Shaia learned it from being around her so long no one knows and Shaia does not speak of it.

Day of Birthright: Ammothawen Hener of house Thuradrak

Today I finally know I am to be inducted into Queen Araushnee's personal guard academy. It is a High honor, may the five heads of the goddess be praised.

Day of Initiation.

Today I have completed my training. Queen Araushnee is very pleased my mother would be pleased also. I remember her black wings cradling me on the banks of the Styx. It is a bad week for the crown however. The Queens consort Corellen has left with many elves.

Day of Questing

Queen Araushnee has sent me on the walk. A quest that only those She sees fit to become captains can take.
She told me Long ago when the world was young Four races fought a massive battle for control of the world. The Sarruk masters of the known world at that time battled the Batchari, elves and a small contingent of civilized humans, as much as humans can be civilized, which would later awaken the Ice maiden to destroy the Sarruk empire. In this battle my great grandfather 2nd commander of the queens bodyguard fell and his sword was lost. I am to find the sword and kill the Demon that killed my Abishia mother. A Marilith named X'athardal.

I will go Questing tomorrow.

Day of Stepping

It has been ten years since I Started my quest. I go further and further outside The Ilythiir kingdom. The Elves of Aryvandaar look evermore suspicious of me saying fey ri you should not be here tensions grow in the kingdoms.

Day of Suffering

Praise be Tiamat! I feel the sword close. It is a desolate area of wild fields and rough hills. Just over this hill....
Yes there it is, and there is an elf there he wears the colors of Corellen.
I hail him. He smiles, "Fey ri guard are you on Quest?". I say, "Yes, some 25 years and my goal is here."
He says, "Yes and so is mine You have not heard of the crown wars? Good!"

I am stunned another mage attacks from behind. My ears bleed. I am paralyzed by sound. "The wings! The wings!" he says. Pain! So much pain I fall.

I hear them speaking as I shake on the ground, " That is how you get them, my apprentice. Use sonic not fire or acid. and chop their wings off. And as for You guard. I am betting you would like me to kill you, and send you to your heaven to your goddess, but I wont do that. I will encase you in stone forever and bury you deep so none will find you. Your soul will forever be trapped"

I Sleep

Day of Awakening

I hear voices I awaken but cannot move. They seem distant. They are elven.

"Master it looks elven?"
"yes Rift and there might still be life there."
"There is a symbol on the left sleeve of the stone, a hydra I think"
" Rift, I had to dig deep in the archives to find it. It is the symbol of Queen Araushnee's personal guard. It is not a hydra. It is Tiamat an elder god that has no hold in this place."
" Araushnee.... you mean Lolth master?"
" No Rift at the time She was called Araushnee. She was Corellen's consort. If this is one of Her guards then the statue must be fey ri."
" But master the fey ri are just old folk tale meant to scare our children."
" Rift The fey ri exist and still do but this statue must be near 15,000 years old which would mean shes either pure blood Fey ri or near pure blood."
" Remarkable master half devil/ half elf. Would unleashing a creature like this be a good thing for the world? And were are the wings the stories say they had wings."
" Rift do you see the back the small nubs. Those were wings. Looks like they may have crumbled from such a long time. I will smooth the back before I wake her. We will take her someplace release her and teleport out before she wakes.


I wake in a strange Human place. A city. Humans don't build city's they live in caves like orcs? This place is strange. When I meet them they scream draaoh! draaoh! and run what is draaoh? I will cover my head and armor my self so I can search this place for my Great grandfathers sword. Perhaps I lost a week in my quest. What did those voices say 15 days? perhaps they were dreams. My back does not hurt anymore from the battle that at least it is one good thing. It has healed while I slept but I'll never take to the winds again. I am a royal guard. I am strong. I will prevail.

day of Learning

It has been many days since I found myself in this strange place. I have learned the human tongue. I have met people Corin, Chance, Bella, Soduko, and an annoying butterfly child that mimics me. I tried taking the child into the swamp to be killed by the strange uncivilized Sarruk there, but the child proved her worth and impressed me, so I decided to be patient. Many other things have happened a strange apparition has invaded the city. A dark spirit that taunts us. I have decided to try to speak with the elves in the caves, or try to, if I can get through the orc invaders. Perhaps they know of a gem or a sword to cure the apparition's afflictions.
The Priest of the temple of lathander, a human god, stall in their research. I spoke with them just yesterday they say they go through the archives as quick as they can. The priestess of Shar say nothing of the apparition. Nadja seems afflicted more than the rest I do not trust her but I think she is one key.
I will be vigilant. I will be strong. I will succeed. I go to seek answers
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Re: Note's and papers on Ammothrawen Hener founder of the Ka

Postby Winterhawk99 » Mon Oct 18, 2010 2:45 am

Sitting at his desk in the church of Lathander's temple, an old cleric is writing in a report to the high priestess. What he has observed and what he has learned thru an interview with Ammothrawen Hener.

A few years ago a mysterious elven woman appeared in the town of Lapis port . At first we, the church, were alarmed because, she appeared to us as a drow would. The difference was, and probably what saved her life, she also had scales instead skin . Of course this peeked the interest of the church. So we have watched, asked, and listened for ANYTHING that would show us evil was in her heart and intent. At first we were skeptical with many wanting us to end her quickly, but a few wanted us to wait and see what lathander would show us. Since he spoke not against her..she was spared .. this is how I came to speak to Ammothrawen, or Ammo as shes known. The following is what I learned from her own lips.

Two Armed Guards lead me up the hall and escorted me to the
council chamber of the guild. I would think that in view of
The wealth of the guild it would be lavish, but it was not.
The Guild's interior of simplistic class speaks volumes on the
leadership of the guild, and Mistress Hener herself.
In the council chamber Mistress Hener was sitting, reading
some papers, and writing others obviously on some business venture
she was dealing with for the guild. It is strange how she writes
backwards from the lower right hand side of the paper to the upper
lefthand side. The black scaled maiden looks up from her work and
stares in my eyes. What I find most intrigueing is the way
her eyes hold and inner light almost as if a flame burns within.

"yes, whats cans I dos for yous"
" My name is Trabour Flar Mistress hener."
"you ares no mage I hopes. I no like mages in guilds I haves
toubles of lates with those thats seems comes when wants"
I smile, " No, Lady hener, I am a priest of lathander, and I wish
to have a moment of your time?"
" Priest is oks but you are guest yes? no buys froms store or
goes in backs. I no wants visitors backs there yes? Comes
sits. What would's lathenders servants wants withs mes?"

*I bow and sit down beside her*

" The church would like to know more about you and frankly
so would I. if you dont mind answering a few questions for my records?"
" no no lathenders peoples is oks I will answer questions as
long as for only temples use yes?"
" Yes it is just for the Temple Lady Hener we will keep what
you say to us and us alone."

" What made you decide to start the fighter guild here in Lapis port?"
" ummm wells, I ams special kinds warrior. To bes warriors like mes you
haves tos haves god that accepts you, a dashio... ummmm a family... This is
mys families the order. Ands you has to have trainings in way of katana
yes? It is hard explain buts dashio is verys importants to mes."
" can a warrior of any faith belong to the order?"
" yes as long as he or shes passes orders test they ares
welcomes yes?"
" what made you change you faith and turn from the dark lady

*watching her intently*

" ummmm whens I first wakes up I calls to Lady Tiamat and she no
answers me. I was verys upset with this. I due my duties for her
and follows her but still she no answers. thens I starts to changes
way I thinks yes? I battles Chance in farmlands. He capture elf by
name of Seriand. I say lets go ofs hims. Chance say no. I run to elf, and says
if you no releases hims I realises hims my way and kills hims yes?
I kills him because I no wants Chance have advantage overs mes. Laters
I feels sorries I do these thing, and askes seriand fors forgiveness.
withouts timats singings in head, I start tos see things differents and I
changes like this yes?"

* I nod to her*

" Is that when bahamut first spoke to you?"
" no no I was alone and I know must needs god so laters I calls to
bahamuts. That only god I knows from past and he answers mes. Even nows
I hears his song likes deep droneings in back of heads yes?"

" Changeing your beliefs is a hard thing. Sometimes its harder to chose
the path of light when the dark path seems so much easier. I admire you
for that. of all the things you've done, What are you most proud of?"

*she smiles and I believe that it is a rare thing for her*

" Whens I first wakes up I no speaks commons. I always haves to have someones
talks fors me. I finds books ins olds schools commons/elvens somethings. I
Studies verys hard and learns to speaks commons yes? this thing is whats
I ams most prouds ofs."
" You do much better than I would if I had to learn yours."

* she smiles*

" It has been said that once you convinced Lathender to work with bahamut
to help a friend by the name of vastane could you tell me of that?"

" ah yes, Vastanes he is ones of my manys charges yes? Wells Vastanes;
Cryic the God he dos somethings to Vastanes ands I go to Cyrics temples
takes vastanes bodies away froms them. To Lathenders temples yes? Vastane
He alreadies goes to fugue planes. Vastane is friend and I no wants hims
go this ways. Cyrics ways. I prays to Bahamut and priestess prays lathenders.
I ams sent to guardian. Guardian verys angry thats I comes to hims for Vastanes
soul. He say that I never comes backs to plane, but laters Guardian brings mes
back himselfs for nother reason. Wells I gets vastanes soul ands brings
back to temple priestess puts soul backs in body, but was price to
pays. If Vastane. he does evil. Bahamut He punish me.
"Why would you sacrifice yourself for another especially for one like
vastane with a reputation?"
" Vastanes he is friend and I would do same for all I would call friend

* I smile and nod for one of such background to be so loyal to her friends*

" Of all the things youve done not including, teaching people to defend themselves, helping others
gain their confidence, helping save lapis port, or simply comforting those
in need, What do you consider your greatest challenge?"

*looks down a moment*

" once I takes peoples to Rodons temple Is thought they is ready fors this.
I was wrongs. Shaia lays near deaths ands I trys get others to helps pulls hers out
but it takes longs times. Whens wes finallies brings hers out she changes.
I dos everythings cans thinks ofs but she no changes backs. So I trys use
Ki to helps her finds way backs and I hurts hers agains. She takes small bit of
kis froms me and somes memories yes? This is whats Angelhawks says to mes
I have failes her agains this is greatest challenge ther bes no foe I cans
lay blade toos. I not knows what dos but I thinks with Sudukos ands mes workings
we cans helps her."

*she looks down again*

" I wills trys agains tills gets right and my sage backs."

The old cleric notices that the light has gone dim in the room and the day is at an end,it is time for him to get
back to the church.
"Thank you for your time Lady Hener."

*he rises preparing to leave*

" It has been most enlightening."
"Comes backs again if wants next time lets knows so I cans prepares for you please"

* he smiles and nods*

Turning he leaves the guild and walks back to his temple.Once inside he again finds his deak and finishes
his writings for the church.

I have interviwed the Lady as you requested Priestess. and have observed her as she spoke. I do believe she has told me the truth on all that I have written. I don't believe we need watch her anymore. she truly seems to be on a path of light. As much as I may wish she was on Lathendars path; I do beleive her on a path of light and not darkness. and we can close the book on the Lady Hener.
Blessing to you ,
Travour F'lar

* on another note *
However we may need to keep a closer eye on the one's called Vastane and Shaia .They may need
our guidence or at the very least we need to be aware of them in the future perhaps .Time shall tell ....
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Re: Note's and papers on Ammothrawen Hener founder of the Ka

Postby Winterhawk99 » Mon Oct 18, 2010 3:01 am

It starts with a dragons. Much of thems seens latelies yes? ummmm He say toos mes seeks help froms god of death tos vanquish god of souls, buts do nots trust hims. thens the Orcs comes they weres few but powerfuls. I fells in battles. afters somes times I lands in the voids. Reaper comes to mes a servants of kelvemors he say he is blocks my gods from comings for me, for i must dos somethings for hims.

He says the guardians he is imposter and needs be deals with. For mes to go backs to my lifes I must takes cares of these things. I reluctanlies agrees, so muches to dos, yets so many to helps.

I thens go to guardians homes on the voids and he greets me. I cannots fights hims here for he is invulnerables heres yes? We waits fors bahamuts but he no comes. I knew woulds nots but he do nots. Then guardians says if i accepts curse I cans go homes I refuses. He say i cans rots heres thens.

Many beings comes for mes hated enemies yes? I haves mades manies, tannari comes first thens greats red dragons, thens even cyrics he hurts me the most makes mes remembers my pasts my wrongs and mys nights with vaehreans. Then tiamats sends servants temps mes to go backs to hers. I resists these things yes? So she curses mes to lusts fors men, gold and powers. I tears up voids with these things. Guardians seeings that home being destroyeds ands that I already cursed. Sends mes homes.

when gets home I cans bearless controls myselfs I trys draws many mens to mes and steals froms thems yes?
I go lathenders ands they helps little bits. I ams ashameds that i almost rapes ranger. but at temples cyrics comes to my aids say we must works togethers to kills guardians. I worries cyrics trys tricks me buts I must I have no choices and bahamuts song nots ins my heads. I say yes

He say to mes to go to caves in farmlands nears his beacons ands there he wills helps. I goes theres finds beacons ands I finds shade tells me to go Ins circles i dos. Cyric comes agains and releases to mes somes of his divines energies. He also curses mes agains though so feelings is strongers. I runs runs hards to my meditaions spots.

I gets theres to my place and scree comes for mes. Scree first he helps mes to controls myselfs. Then hes summons the guardians from the voids usings cyrics divines energies withins mes. after moment guardians comes. What was theres to say I did nots knows. I says hellos guardians, goodbyes guardians and kills hims. It was tough fights but I vanquish guardians fors kelvemor.

Bahamuts thens comes say i dos goods removes my curses ands infuses mes with his owns divines energies. I now holds a pieces of my gods within mes. I ams happies. He say to mes I have nots learns of these new emotions enoughs that i must finds others withins mes and that he gives me these things to finds thems. I ams honored for his gift i will completes myselfs now. And perahps these lonelys road i travels will no be lonelies no mores.
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Re: Note's and papers on Ammothrawen Hener founder of the Ka

Postby Winterhawk99 » Mon Oct 18, 2010 3:03 am

Amothrawen Hener and Samuel Hughs were married tonight in a grand wedding lead by a Silver dragon who acted as priest. Many of their friends showed up and enjoyed both the wedding and reception. They later sneaked out the back of willies and were seen fleeing to the commons laughing where they disappeared into the night.

Seriand and Kela sang and played music. Tagnar produced a grand light show. The ceremony was very beautiful and story will be told about by the bards.

We hope the couple stay happy and healthy though many a year.

anonymous Lapis reporter
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Re: Note's and papers on Ammothrawen Hener founder of the Ka

Postby Winterhawk99 » Mon Oct 18, 2010 3:11 am

As rifts and Tears started appearing all over the face of Toril. A group of adventurers Went to the Hell Gate In the Great desert of Anchorome to prevent disaster.

Each had their own plans some for power, Some for the gain they could receive and some just for the love of a forgotten wife.

As they neared the Hell gate all chaos broke out Amothrawen Empowered by the Mythral of the Elven magics did her best to follow Vitrail's wishes and kill Lolth however was prevented by her husband Samuel.

Fade also battled both Lolth and Vitrial so she can gain the power of Lolth's portfolio. Her plan was to give it Tiamat and make all drow bow to the dark dragon . She failed.

Kevin did his best to assassinate Ammothrawen but was prevented by Samuel and others from reaching her. He thought the best way to prevent it all from happening was to prevent her from using the weave .His battle cry of "protect Lolth" was heard by many .

Shaia used her talents to battle the creatures around her and clear the way for Samual to get to Ammothrawen. Her staff shone like no other and the magic thrummed in the room .She of so little stature appeared ten times her size as the magic danced .

Thisalass Battled Lolth and Vitrial's minions to keep his friends safe .The honor he showed amazed Samuel as he fought side by side with the paladin .Blood fairly dripping from his clothing .

Rayn fought many drow calling upon natures gifts to battle the evil that tried to kill it .The crackle of fire and lightening lit the room like a storm from the hells itself .

Arrilans bow sang as he forced drow mages to use more defensive spells then offensive ones .The arrows moving so quickly none could be seen till they struck.

Drake sang along with his dark muse inspiring the warriors every time they faltered . His voice blending with his muse' echoing amongst the stone .The warriors will hear that song in their minds and some will smile and some will shudder but all will be grateful he sang.

Randy Vail fought like the very gods were with him slashing a path where he went . The drow and creatures falling like rain around him .

Seryne beside her brother forced wave after wave of drow back amongst themselves .Soon even the drow were confused and fought at times with each other .

Elena opened the portal to get to the place ammo was being held and with Rayn's help got the components she needed . Her companions also helping her become part of the gate as they stated what was important and why they were there .She added each to her prayer as a brick to a wall, till she finally became part of the gate and could hold it open for her friends. Afterward she was sent back to Bahamut's temple .

Samual fought like a mad man making a path thru the evil doers that had taken his beloved wife .His friends keeping the rest at bay so he could finally reach her and snap her out of her madness long enough for her to feel the love he sent to her .

Vitrial took 4 of the children that ammo had and gated away .
Fade took two and will raise them ..

Kevin took two back to Bahamut's temple.

Samual carried ammo back to the temple as he promised .Thris and the Vails keeping him and her safe as they went . Thris helping him up when he faltered and
giving him strength when Sam started to fall .
Along the way Ammo died in Sam's arms . He felt her leave him and dropped to his knees as his will to go on left him as she left .If not for the encouragement and the promise he made they may never have made it home .
Ammo was taken by Bahamut and made whole again . She now belongs to Bahamut .
Samual after seeing his love rise ,perished from his wounds and a lethal dose of poison .

They will be buried together and for eternity walk the heavens hand and hand.

Ammo Has become Bahamut's messenger to anchorome and will be back in small capacities. She loves her new found home and the people she came to love with that home. Look for The black scaled angel with golden wings and you know It is you're time to be called.
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