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The Browncloaks of Melikki

PostPosted: Tue Dec 07, 2010 2:25 am
by Maddyanne
Kitsinda took a deep breath, grinned wryly up at Lawrence, and they went
into Mother Irontooth's office. The big windows were wide open. You
could see mountains dwindling down to the deep green of the forest.

She and Lawrence had finally reached the Starspire dojo,after getting
lost and almost falling down two different cliffs.
Kit missed the Wealdath dojo already, wide eaves, and porches. and the
quick stream running past to the Greenstem Falls.

She bowed. "You wanted to see us, ma'am?"

"Ah, little Kit. And Lawrence! Not eaten by owlbears yet, I see."

"Not yet, Mother Irontooth," Lawrence said, bowing again.

"Hmm, we'll have to see what we can do about that." The head Browncloak
smiled and Kit shivered a litte inside, remembering some of her very
strenuous training with the inventive dwarf.

"Don't be nervous, I am sending the two of you to investigate a site for
a possible new dojo, not to battle to monsters. Or only incidentally, as you
look for a good location."

"A new dojo?"Lawrence asked. "But why?"

"There are many wild places that could use us, young Lawrence. More and
more folk are moving to Ancherome. That means folk and the wildlings possibly clashing.
We need to find a place there for our order, if the two of you think it suitable. You'll walk to Mosstone,
take a boat to Velen, and then a ship to Lapis Port. Now shoo!"

The two bowed and turned to go.

"Oh, and Kitsinda, I want frequent reports. Be tactful and don't get
into too much mischief."

"Yes, Mother Irontooth."

They bowed and left the office.