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Postby Child of Stark » Fri Dec 10, 2010 5:06 pm

The air in the room was stagnant and stale, the stone walls cold and unmoving. The room would have been black if not for the glow of a dim bluish light in its center. A woman sat on the floor. She was as unmoving as the air. She stared down at the open pages of a book. Although she wanted nothing more than to let her mind get lost in its pages, it just wasn’t happening.

Each time she looked at a page, she saw his face. When she looked at a different page she saw him sitting in the grass facing another woman. The way they looked at each other stirred something in her, something she didn’t truly understand. Every time she saw the images she felt the dagger turn in her heart. Each page was the same, each vision the same, each twist of the knife the same. To make matters worse, the visions came with sound.

Each time she saw the elven man and woman sitting there she heard his words as he addressed the woman sitting in front of him. “My Love” he called her. Over and over she heard those words. “My Love. My Love. My Love.” The words were etched in her heart. The man had turned from her. In an instant he was gone. Another woman had won him. And she realized that he had never loved her. He had only used her and then discarded her. Perhaps it was in the nature of those with souls to betray those closest to them. Perhaps trust only leads to betrayal, and love to hate.

“Mistress?” Outside of her thoughts the woman heard the voice of a soulless calling her. After a time she glanced up at the face of the one that had spoken. It was looking at her with its usual blank expression. The soulless have no feelings, no emotions, no sadness… no pain. In that moment, the woman realized that for the first time in her life… she envied them.
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