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Postby Mikeswraith » Sat Dec 18, 2010 5:54 pm

The Epic Tale of Thorto Ogrebane

I am he
Who shakes at thee
All six of my bloody axes!

So if orc or troll you be
Or goblin or gnoll, I see:
I will be standin’ over you rotting carcasses!

I am called Thorto. More rightly, my given name is Thortorak Ogrebane. By profession, I am a vermin slayer. A vermin slayer stalks the caves and tunnels and mineshafts surrounding our stronghold to keep it free from incursion. Giant spiders, goblins, kobolds, and various other pests try to climb in to get to my home. It is my job to see that this does not happen. Part fighter, part rogue, we nermin slayers take the battle outside the stronghold so that those inside can live in peace.

I am a nobleman member of Clan Ogrebane, the merchant/caravan clan. Every dwarf clan does every job, however some clans and their members are better suited to certain jobs. Harghal Ogrebane, my father was Thane, or leader of our clan. Thanes all serve on a council, called the Council of Thanes. The Council of Thanes advises the King and serves as the voice of the people in the stronghold on issues concerning the entire community. The Thane rules the clan, and represents the will and power of the King in those matters within each clan. The Thane stands in judgment over the clan to settle disputes, and negotiate contracts and basically tidy up the details within the clan itself. He is considered the final authority within the clan.

My father Harghal, lived a long and very profitable life. Until the Minotaurs attacked, when my father was killed defending our home, Khazad Barak. Alci Stoneforge, friend and battle-brother of Harghal Ogrebane, took the rest of his group and assaulted the very gates of the Minotaurs homeland. They were never heard from again. The Thane of Clan Stoneforge, Barak Stoneforge then created the Stoneforge Gate to lock them away. I was a mere child, barely 75 years old, when the call came to take up arms. I served as part of a ballistae group and saw very little action, except from a very safe distance during that entire conflict. Because of my youth and inexperience, my uncle, Khadhrat Ogrebane assumed the title of Thane, supposedly as a regent. The intention was for me to take over for him once I was of age. He was driven mad by the power and wealth of my position, and he instructed his friends in the council of Thanes block my ascension. The rumors ran wild. “Too Young! Too Weak! Too Poor and Lowly!” Rubbish. I set out on my own in the name of the clan to make my way in the world.

I walked out into Bloodstone Pass and was immediately set upon by orcs and bugbears. Alone and with few supplies, I ran away from the battle, one I could not hope to win. An elite group of orc archers pursued me. I gave up running. I did not despair and found myself wading through their ranks enjoying with newfound glee, the rain of my destruction. I was found by a lowly woodcutter who gave me some money and bade me to journey into Lapis Port. I vowed to repay him, and have done so 100 times over.

Since that day I have met many friends and journeyed far and wide. Together with my brother Gruff, and my cousin, Norin Torstborn, we have cut a bloody wake through the orcish tide surrounding the Blood Stone Caverns. I have made fame and fortune across the land many times over. I have opened trade routes between my stronghold and Lapis Port, selling Dwarven armor and weapons and even magic items of a rare sort to all the peoples of Anchorome. I entered Lapis and ran across an odd winged fellow, named Winterhawk. He befriended me and showed me around the city. It was through him I crossed paths with the Mayor and learned of the guildmaster of thieves, Renny and his stranglehold on the city. In the sewers beneath the city I ran into a drow elf named Val’jss Barr’anathar who assisted me in killing Renny and from there, we formed a strange alliance. We have been through much together, including saving each other’s lives while executing the Assassin’s Run as we joined the local thieve's guild. For a dark elf, I find him to be an auspicious ally in the war against evil. Though through his eyes it is often seen as playing both isdes against the middle. Not long after I joined the guild, I became a member of the Order of the Golden Katanna, and forged into a forthright business with Darias Mars of Mars Arms. I have friends and family of my own now, outside of the stronghold: Ferra, Velvet, the Lady Fawn, Mist, Telin, Colin, Trellithy, Brise, Cele, Liria, Elith, Lomir, and Rory. I am content to be a hero among humans, elves and little folk.

Now, time and justice have come full circle, the King has requested my presence in Khazad Barak to assume my rightful place as Thane of Clan Ogrebane. My Uncle has been disavowed and discredited. I believe there will be a test to come, so a group of my friends is gathering to bear witness to my ascension as Thane. I hope we will all be rewarded. Time again, we shall wait and see....
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