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Official History of Anchorome

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Anchorome Timeline

Postby rdjparadis » Wed Jul 14, 2010 10:25 pm

Posted 05/16/07 15:23 (GMT) -- Naphier

- Fort Flame built by the Flaming Fist

- the Flaming Fist sends out expeditions to the rest of Anchorome

- Fort Flame destroyed by natives of Anchorome and perhaps others

- The Knights of the Radiant Sword arrive in Anchorome and began construction of Lapis Port on top of the ruins of Fort Flame

-Nightwind Nighbringer begins her rule of Claeverness. Frost giants begin inhabiting the area and the lycans of Claeverness become more wild and savage making the area dangerous to travellers.

-Khazad Barak opens itself to the Bloodstone path.

-After being captured by the drow matron, Vitrial Morganella, and forced to breed children Amothrawen Henner the Leader & founder of the Golden Katana dies along with her husband, Samual Hughs. (Darkness)

-The Southern roads are opened up with the construction of Bahamut's Temple and progress is stopped at the dragonkin forest.

-Trolls return to the area and root themselves in the Bogwater Swamp. The Bogwater and Mook tribes once again establish contact with the rest of Anchorome.

1377DR (present day)
- Pirate ghosts plague Anchorome in search of Mia Madre. A group of adventurers solve the mystery and the vampire Emerald is possessed by the spirit of the lover of one of the pirate captains. (A Pirate's Tale)

- After occupation of Shar's shadows, The Radiant Sword begins to attempt completing construction of Lapis Port with the aid of the dwarves from Khazad Barak. (The Black Veil)

-Minotaurs begin attacking Khazad Barak and the hero Alci enters the minotaur home and never returns. Barak Stoneforge is able to contain the minotaurs in their home by building Stoneforge Gate.

-The great red menace Yoril is defeated by a group of adventurers ending the dragon's reign of terror over Lapis.

-Khazad Barak mines become infested with goblins and Lake Kale is discovered

-a halfling by the name of Perrywinkle Snagbottom makes his way from Dandelion Dale through ogre territory and discovers the foothils of Mt Mercy and runs like crazy from the Maidens of Mercy
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