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Of home and gods

Postby rdjparadis » Wed Jul 14, 2010 10:31 pm

Posted 02/01/07 19:12 (GMT) -- Undeadhorrer

//all speaking is in elven
Their swords clashed with a ring that made her father smile. His golden blond hair spun around with him as he came back around to strike at his daughter again with his light sword. He moved with the grace and strength of a warrior and his moves were all dynamic and experienced. He was handsome and muscular, his skin golden hued, and his eyes almost pure lime green.

His Daughter had many of his qualities; she was lithe, and moved with his grace. Her hair was golden blond like his and her skin was also golden hued but not as much as his. She held the eyes of her mother, a deep dark green, and she was more slender as her mother was. As all of their kind did she held an unblemished beauty to her; but her father saw her mother's beauty in her; he felt lucky to have Fitterle as a daughter. Twould be not a man who would at least not notice her he thought to himself. Then again; any man who dares try anything with his daughter he would kill, sword and shield.

Finishing his spin his sword came towards her neck. She brought her own sword up quickly and blocked his own. She brought her sword towards him with a strike of her own, but he brought his sword to meet it quickly. Her blow stopped she came in with a jab towards his chest but he came across the side of her sword with his own and knocked her blow away, too far. He merely smiled then and came close to her, his free hand grasping her ankle and yanking her off her feet. Fitterle fell back onto the grass with a slight grunt.

“Remember as many have said in the past and I say now..the sword is only an extension of your body; You have other limbs and movements you can use.” He reached his hand down to grasp hers and draw her onto her feet.

“But is that not dishonorable?”

“No, not at all. You are using your full skill to control and use your body in battle; if your opponent is too foolish or ignorant to do so there is no dishonor in you using it against them.”

“I will remember father.”

He smiled warmly at her. She was getting better and stronger; he was proud to have her as a daughter. Perhaps it would've been better had she been a boy but nevertheless he taught her how to fight and to be honorable. His gaze drifted to the dabbling and calm stream they practiced near; he did love the great planes here it made him feel so at home.

“Father...Do you know of the gods?”

His lime green eyes drifted to her and he nodded. “Of course my child, they are the rulers of all.”

“What do you mean I thought the queen was ruler?”

“She is the ruler here of our nation yes but the rulers of everything even her are the gods. They are the kings and queens of life.”


“Well they each are greater beings then us Fitterle, much greater.”

“I don't understand. What do you mean greater?”

He still only smiled warmly at her. Her mother could explain it better to her. “I mean, they are above what you and I see around us. They control different aspects of life Fitterle. Some control love and others control shadows. They are beings so powerful that they hold precedence over every other being.”

“Why then do we not listen to evil gods?”

“Well, while each god is powerful and a ruler of everything, they're are those that conflict with others. A god is a god and to be respected at all times even if they decide to hurt you. They have much greater wisdom and ruler ship over us, Fitterle, a god's will is law. But why we don't listen to some gods is because of the gods we choose to serve instead. Because we are not as powerful and our beings cannot be everywhere as they can we choose to serve or worship only one god at a time. Whatever that god says or whatever that god holds as truth and doctrine is what we hold as truth and perception. All gods are to be respected but only the god you serve is who you should obey and listen to.”

“Do I have to serve a god father?”

“Indeed you do; they control every aspect of life and help guide us through life. They're wisdom and doctrine should be something you adhere to with all your heart for they know much more then we do. Even in death they control where we go; should you not serve any god you will have to forever fight to keep your soul in the void. But if you serve a god they will take you away to their plane when you die to either serve them there or rest in eternity. They even could save you from the brink of death or from the brinks of worse fates in life if you serve them.”

“What god should I serve then Father?”

“That is your choice and the gods choice my child. I believe that a god will speak to you one day Fitterle, and perhaps you will serve that god. gods choose their followers Fitterle, if you are worthy you may be chosen, and then it will be your choice to take the offer.”

“Who do you serve Father?”

“I serve Corellon. He called to me to defend our lands against our darker kin during their invasion and I answered and served him faithfully.”

“So what elven god do you think will call upon me?”

“It may not be an elven god Fitterle.”

“Why would I want to serve a human god?”

He just chuckles. “You can't look at the gods in terms of races for they dont have a race truly. They are only gods; they may look like different races but what they still are are beings of great power and control. It is an honor to serve any god which calls upon you as long as they do not ask upon you to fall into darkness.”

“Oh alright. But why would one call me to darkness?”

“Because gods each have their different ways towards us my daughter and some ways will only draw you away from honor unfortunately. One specifically I want you to be ever watchful for is Lolth. She is the god of our darker kin, and she corrupts and changes you should you serve her.”

“I will not fall father.”

He nodded grinning. “You will make me proud I am sure. Now then you're mother will want you back for your arcane studies soon and if your late she will with hold lunch from me and I do so like lunch.”
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