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The Cracked Wench Song

Postby rdjparadis » Wed Jul 14, 2010 10:33 pm

Posted 06/14/06 17:02 (GMT) -- Tigerlily_Goldberry

The Cracked Wench Song as sung by Chorus Nickleby

Dandelion Dale, Now there's a tale!
About a lass who cracked when she saw him.
'Ere the mist of the morn...'fore the fog in the corn...
There was a lass who came to pass...when she saw him.
Now dis part is sad...
Aye, its really really bad!
For the lass who came to pass took on a horrible fright...
Aye it was a very scary sight!
There in the corn she saw Jass...
The evil guard made of grass...
He frightened the poor lass...
scared her right off of her...
As she cracked and her tale is done.
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