Dandelion Dale History Lesson
Official History of Anchorome

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Dandelion Dale History Lesson

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Posted 06/14/06 17:00 (GMT) -- Tigerlily_Goldberry

An Overly Exaggerated Tale of Pribble and Margolo Toker or Hysterical History of Dandelion Dale
by Tigerlily Goldberry
(Bard Extraordinaire)

It all a started exactly unexactly a long, long time ago...a thousands and one years or so ago. When Pribble and Margolo Toker, da grandiest of grand explorers wented exploring on an exploration! Well...perhaps it all started a little bit before dat when Pribble Toker was founded wiff a sack o' gold he founded in da pack of a human dey called Remmick. Alward Remmick, or Righteous Remmick to the human folk for being as crooked as crooked could be crooked. Anyway, da Tokers decideded to take part in da expedition into da unknown in da service of da crooked an' angry human instead of going wiff da offer to tar and feather dem.

Da unlikely travelers, who faileded miserably to see da humor in da harpooning of ones undievarments and airing dem out in da salty breeze...no matter how many times Pribble and Margolo tried teaching dem, dry landed on da shores of Anchorome at precisely da place dat is now calleded Lapis Port. This is where da most horriblest of terrible and horrifically unfortunated ting happened to poor o' Pribble and Margolo. When dey had stopped briefly for their afternoon tea dey were somehow forgotted by their human companions who had boldly treaded on wiff out dem. This so puzzled Pribble and Margolo who taught dey had impressed dem all wiff all their pranks and skills of rogues...and yet here dey were alone in da savage wilderness of Anchorome.

Dis bit o' hard luck did not stop Pribble and Margolo. Dey ventured out into da wilderness and honed their trap craftin' skills. Very nearby were a local band of wild halflin's called da Bogwater tribe. You can imagine da surprise dey musta felt ta find Pribble and Margolo and their traps on their ceremonial burial grounds! After cuttin' dem both down da wise and daughter heavy chief Porto Bogwater decideded their fate by offerin' dem both some fertile land further west of da Bogwaters along wiff his first born daughters, Honi and Bun Bogwater. Pribble and Margolo were unable ta refuse...cuz da chief wouldn't let dem. And dis me friends is how Dandelion Dale was born.

Da End or da beginin.

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