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History and Notes on the Anchorome Underdark, By Silverius S

Postby rdjparadis » Wed Jul 14, 2010 10:35 pm

Posted 03/15/06 07:04 (GMT) -- flyingaquarium

History and Notes on the Anchorome Underdark
Volume 1

by Silverius Savant the Sage with the observations of Brinnevar the Explorer

Knowing of the increasing surfacer traffic through the Temple of Rodon the Drow of Ceth d'Jilorbb constructed a heavy gate in their underdark entrance from the Ruins of Andobar to defend against adventurers who may venture too deep within the ruins.

The city of Ceth d'Jilorbb, named for the Jade Spider in honor of Lloth, is small by surfacer standards and is heavily fortified. The size of the city seem to suit their needs housing the Merchants, Nobles and the Priests and Priestesses of Lloth. Most other drow are sent out on surface raiding parties or are stationed at at one of several outposts located throughout the underdark.

The inhabitants of the city are hostile to any intruders but there are a select few surfacers granted permission by the Valsharess to travel freely within Ceth Raxus to trade with the merchants there. Most of the merchants will trade with anyone making their way into their shops without asking for the documents with the Seal of the Valsharess required for trade there.
The Merchant Guild upset because they dont receive any direct proceeds from the surface raids have conspired to allow anyone making it to there shops to buy and sell their wares and have also set up alliances with merchants of other races in other cities of the underdark to do the same.

As of this writing I was not able to obtain information on The Castle of The Valsharess, The Temple of Lloth or the mysterious Sect of Sorceress' called in common "The Order of the Black Dragon". It was simply too dangerous to enter these places even by secret means.
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Re: History and Notes on the Anchorome Underdark, By Silverius S

Postby rdjparadis » Wed Jul 14, 2010 10:35 pm

Posted 03/15/06 07:09 (GMT) -- flyingaquarium

History and Notes of the Anchorome Underdark
Volume 2 - "The Order of the Black Dragon"

By, Silverius Savant the Sage

I managed to procure at great cost, a spectacular find by Brinnevar the Explorer. A heavy bright green tome which is slightly acidic to the touch, the acid however seems to be preserving the writing and unknown material on which it is written, instead of destroying it.

After some study I found it to be scribed in an archaic form of undercommon, it will take quite some time to decipher its writings and the meanings behind its many diagrams. Some things are clear by my first study of the tome.

The title is "The Order of the Black Dragon"

It has two parts the first half was unlikely to be written by the Drow since it seems to predate their civilization and known existance in this realm.
The second half has been appended to many times and is clearly written by the Drow.

The Order of the Black Dragon is a breeding program of drow and black dragon which produces mainly female offspring.
It seems the dragons used for this purpose are both captive and willing participants in this, they must have some interest in this to be cooperative with the drow in this program. These Drow are hatched meaning the dragons used must be female and the hatchlings produce highly charismatic powerful female drow sorceresses. Most males that are produced are horribly deformed and destroyed but the ones that are allowed to live are natural bards and blackguards and are exalted above all others.
While it is the females that dominate this order and are the most common gender it is clear the program ordered by Lloth is meant to develop male offspring equal or greater in numbers and power to complete his army, and defeat The Duergar, take over the entire underdark and even the surface realm.

The tome has been safeguarded in a secret vault where I will continue to study it.
A replica has been made and is on display in the Lapis Port Hall of Knowledge.
Another replica has been commisioned for the Neverwinter Library.
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