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Mt Mercy

Postby rdjparadis » Wed Jul 14, 2010 10:39 pm

Posted 06/14/10 04:47 (GMT) -- Winterhawk99

Rory found Seryne, Randyl and Darias in the commons while he had a guard helm on so tried to pull a con. Which didnt work so well since he had his usual armor on and couldnt figure out the straps and buttons of the tin can guard suit.

The 4 bickered a bit threats were made and all was normal in Lapis. Rory was bored so he asked what the game was. if it was interesting enough he would join the empty headed order people to make some extra bucks and feel some excitement.

They decided to go some place called mt mercy so he was game. He had never seen the mysterious place before so he would come along if only to hold the treasure for the three dunderheads and make off with the loot once they were finished.

They started twoards dandelion dale and continued past the ogres. thus far it was pretty boreing but he practiced using the tin cans as a sheild in case it got rough at the fabled Mt. Mercy. the fun started when they crossed the ogre mages territory.

They came to a caynon a pretty good one when these flying girls started attacking them. they were pretty darn good too. A waste of good female flesh that they had to kill them all. There were mages and archers and naked women. rory loved it.

they worked their way to a tower and went in. then a cave system. They explored a few levels and huts inside. Randyl died once and darias. rory always seeming to slip away just in time hardly got scratched. Rory became very benificial to the party with his knack of opening doors and defusing bombs which helped alot until one of the vails tripped onto a trap and almost killed them. Rory though about throwing them out into the fray but since they had been good shields so far he didnt.

they finally came to a little glowing portal and took it Darias told them that the portal was a way out. they took it to a small room and couldnt get back where they had gone so took the exit.
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Re: Mt Mercy

Postby rdjparadis » Wed Jul 14, 2010 10:39 pm

Posted 06/14/10 05:07 (GMT) -- Winterhawk99

When they reached the exit a force of cyrics followers were camped out in the area. Rory taunted them to no avail but then the maidens of Mt Mercy attacked the group of cyric folowers. Rory watched and laughed. Randyl joined the frey and Darias patiently watched the two groups kill eachother. Once the battle had ended there were one or two cyric followers left The group moved on and went to the ogre vinards. there three cyric followers had been killed. this finally woke the group up includeing Rory to something suspisious going on.

They checked the bodys and found that the Ogres had blasted them with magic or torn them apart. The group also noted that there were many many tracks in the area. It looked like cyric formed an army to assualt Mt. mercy for some reason.

the group decide to go to cyrics temple to see what was up. Rory was doubtful they would get anything from the priest but Darias was pretty sure they could get some information. So they headed to cyrics temple.

When they got there they found the temple completely abandoned. They looked around first downstairs. They found nothing of intrest

Upstairs they started with the library. They noticed that there were alot more religious books then normal found there. rory and Darias both had been to cyrics several times and new the library well. rory took all the books on Mask threw them to the ground and burned them in avatar form with his body. He happily rolled all over them so they would have to look long and hard to find anything on Mask, or would have to remember it.

They then went through each room. rory broke several picks on the head clerics room before he was able to open the door. He finally did open in and they went in. They found a book in code and an alter. rory couldnt quite make out the book so put it in his pack. Then He drew the symbol of Mask on the alter and sign it RORY WAS HERE :) ~~

Rory told Darias given a few weeks he could crack the code but Darias had a better idea. They took the book to Phinias Whooppee.

They took the ship back to the commons and looked him up. They then gave him the book and he decoded it.

It was a book of dreams that lead the high priest of cyric to do his job, Rory guessed. The last entry refered to Cyric and the lady of mysteries. Darias decoded the words to mean that Cyrics people were going to find an alter to mystra at mt mercy and somehow destroy it and mystra.

They came up with a plan to call adventurers for an exhibition to mt mercy. Rory put a post on the bulleton board seeking famed and semi famed adventurers of the realms while Darias went to gather his people.

Rory then went to his temple in the depths of Lapis port to call his followers and to decipher the rest of the mad man clerics dreams on his own.
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