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Weeds in Bogwater

Postby rdjparadis » Wed Jul 14, 2010 11:29 pm

Posted 10/31/06 18:43 (GMT) -- Naphier

An invigoratingly cold wind sweeps through Lapis Port’s farmlands nearly extinguishing the ambers of the campfire. A well-aged hin and two younger hin sit huddled near the campfire. The two young hin are dressed in traditional Bogwater Tribe garb and look as if they have not sat down to eat a meal in weeks. Battle wounds are evident all over their small bodies. One cannot help but to feel pity on these two as they have obviously been through some recent struggle.

“Your lands grow more and more scarce every year.” The older speaks in clear, unbroken hin.

“We have to do something to regain the lands of our elders.” The male Bogwater replies. “We know not what to do. Everyone steals land. We fight and fight but more come to steal land. First come lizard tallies and no more Thunder Lake for Bogwater. Next come hin cousins who keep us from dale fields. Now this! We doomed.”

“Now, now. Don’t start talking like that.” Says the elder hin. “We will figure out something. These awful trolls will not be welcomed on Anchorome by anyone.”

The two Bogwater hin continue their meal peacefully as the older hin watches over them and begins smoking his extravagant pipe. He takes much care in packing the pipe weed putting the utmost care into each and every movement he makes. As he enjoys his treat his eyes seem to drift into the ether. His thoughts reflect on the past few weeks’ trials that have come upon the Bogwater tribe.

It all started a few months ago. A lone troll said she was looking for a home. She had hoped to find a place in Anchorome as she came from the swamplands there many many years ago. Her home was all of the land that is now inhabited by the humans of Lapis, the ghosts of Aramphel, and the dryads of Lantern Light Wood. To return from a long journey and find all of these beings in your house is a riveting thing. Imagine coming home to a house full of rats or goblins!

So the troll looked to root herself in her home land once again. She happened upon a lone druid and thought that perhaps this druid would be able to help place her and her family someplace in the land. After trying to trap the druid and finally convincing her to help them find a home, the troll was taken to Dandelion Dale. Now as you all know, the dale is the home to many hin. With this in mind, the druid took the troll out past the Chubb farm where few hin travel. The troll was thankful and began rooting in to the area.

Little did the druid know that the troll had plans to bring all of her kin to Anchorome. So the trolls began popping up all over the dale. They soon found a most suitable tract of land and to their surprise it was still inhabited by the Bogwater Tribe. Seeing that the Bogwaters were much fewer in number than the last time the trolls encountered them, they began to form a plan. You see this troll was far from an ordinary troll and is older than any elf. As most of the good people of the world know, trolls have the ability to regenerate themselves. Well this troll you see is the master of this skill. Not only can she regenerate, but even if she falls she has the ability to grow back from the plants themselves. You can only imagine what a terrible problem this might pose.

Well the trolls launched their attack on their old enemies. The Bogwater tribe barely stood a chance as troll after troll sprung up out of the ground like bean stalks on a spring day. The majority of the tribe stayed to defend the land, but the elder shaman and the children. They fled for a safe place. A secret place only the Bogwaters know. The others stayed to fight the onslaught of trolls. Now only two of the tribe’s warriors remain. The same two who sit at the campfire right now.

Some local would-be heroes came to their aid just about a week ago and drove the trolls out of the land for sometime. Yet every time the Bogwaters think to return to their land the trolls spring up and chase them away. The heroes led a strong attack on the trolls and even found some strange relics and an altar that seemingly was a source of the troll’s power. After the valiant battle with the troll leaders, the heroes beat them back. Only one lived and, after a nasty curse, it sank into the ground leaving no trace of its existence.

“What to do. What to do.” The elder hin thinks out loud. “I’m afraid this troll is deeply rooted in the land now. Getting rid of them will be like trying to weed out the Quays.”

The other two hin just look at him with complete dismay and broken hearts.
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