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Bannor Bloodfist

PostPosted: Fri Aug 10, 2012 1:54 am
by Winterhawk99
Bannor has been sick for many weeks now. He has had several stints put into him and has had other complications. He is at this time recovering and in rehabilitation at a nursing home. I'm going up to see him this weekend. If anyone wants to wish him well or have me deliver a message you can post here.


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PostPosted: Mon Aug 13, 2012 3:28 am
by Winterhawk99
I visited Bannor yesterday at the Nursing home. He is recovering. His foot is starting to recover. They took the femeral artery out of his right leg to bypass his heart. He also had sores up his leg. Both are doing better. He should be back anywere between 2 and 6 weeks.

God be with him in getting well :)

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PostPosted: Tue Aug 14, 2012 3:51 am
by drmage
I hope Bannor heals well, and heals fast. Bless you, Bannor.

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PostPosted: Wed Aug 22, 2012 5:23 am
by Bannor Bloodfist
Hiya folks, just a couple quick corrections here.

The surgery I had was in the leg only, not affecting the heart at all. They took a vein out of my right leg, then used that vein to increase bloodflow, they call it a bypass, but it is actually an parralel a(sp?) type of thing. the vein is added to the side of the femoral to increase the bloodflow, without removing the femeral artery...

Anyway, this surgery went very well, and I am already able to walk wihout even using a cane for fair distances... 20 yards or so before I need to rest.... the other wounds on my foot are now healing which they were NOT doing before the surgery... so I am hopeful that all I need is the continued wound care until those two wounds heal...

Anywzay, I am using my GF's laptop here at the nursing home (free wifi) to connect, and maybe help keep my sanity a bit.
Catch you all again once I get any more news on their plans for future surgery (skin grafts) or not.

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PostPosted: Thu Aug 30, 2012 2:46 am
by Winterhawk99
Yes I got the whole heart/leg thing wrong it was a leg/leg thing. Anyway I just got back from vacation with angel. Shes back in PA now Happy and healthy.

I did want to set up some kind of donations thing for Bannor but havent been able to as of yet. I am thinking right now that there is two ways to do it. If Bannor allows you can PM me to get his po box for a direct donation or you can make a donation on our general donation thread then pm or e-mail me that it should go directly to Bannor and I will take it out of HMCs pay pal accout and send it to him. Whichever makes the donor more comfortable and if Bannor will allow me to give out his po box.

Our donations thread is in the announcements.

thanks everyone.

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PostPosted: Thu Aug 30, 2012 7:39 am
by Bannor Bloodfist
@Winterhawk -- I can't find your "announcments" forum or threads on this system. Are you sure they are setup with the right permissions or maybe you can copy/paste a directly link?

As to PO box, yes PM's wil work and you have my permission.

A general note to anyone that might consider helping me out. Please include full contact info to me so that I can pay you back directly, once I get back on my feet. I am not considering accepting any "gifts" only "loans". Of course, realize that said loand might be a while before any paybacks are made.

I am really unconfortable with the whole idea, but I am beyond any point where I can deny the actual need.


Status update: I just got back (actually about 12 hours ago) from the wound care doctors office... things were very painful today, and I actually passed out when I got back to nursin home and attempted to walk from wheel chair to my bed. Nurse stated that I actually landed on the bed, so I should not have hurt anything.

ANyway, they debrided a large section, actually 2 large sectioins of these various wounds. The heel is the one that made me pass out... The Dr had scheduled me for the first of two surgeries for either wendsday or thursday (septermber 5th or 6th) which I will find out tomorrow I think. That specific surgery wil be outpatient type, but might take up to two hours for them to surgically debride the various wound sites and attach/insert whatever, some sort of base that will allow the skingrafts to attach. After that, I will have to wait a min of 4 weeks, and as much as 6 weeks, nefore they can do the final skin grafts... again using outpatient surgery. But I have no real idea on when that might occur.

Basically another 8-10 weeks of major recovery time, possibly longer depending on how well things actually heal up. I should be able to do most of this recovery at home, if I can get approval for a home care nurse, which I think I can accomplish. I have to make a few phone calls to clear all of that up. Man, I certainly wish to get back home as soon as possible!

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PostPosted: Fri Aug 31, 2012 12:23 am
by Winterhawk99
Got the thread right here Bannor.

The link to the thread is here

Make sure if you want to donate to Bannor and want to use this way of doing it to notify me by pm or e-mail that its a donation specifically for Bannor.


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PostPosted: Fri Aug 31, 2012 1:01 pm
by Bannor Bloodfist
Ahhh, ok I was under the impression that you had started some special thread or something.

Just as well, I do NOT wish to make folks feel obligated in any fashion to help in anyway. The well wishes and prayers are very welcome though, so thank you for those.

I have one more week of very painful bandage changes, 3 times per day, then should have the first of two surgeries to get the skin grafting done... not looking forward to that one either, but at least it will be a single day of pain followed by 4 weeks of recovery time, time that I may be able to spend at home for a change.

Anyway folks, take care, and hopefully I will be back home and able to contribute once more to the community in general once I can get access back to my home computer anyway.

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PostPosted: Mon Oct 14, 2013 10:09 pm
by Bannor Bloodfist
Sorry for the long delay in posting anything at all about my status, but I was also pretty sure folks did not truly want to hear all of the gory details.... besides, those gory bits are still not over yet anyway :(

I think from reading the above, I still had my entire right leg the last time I was actually reading/posting in these forums. That is no longer the case, my right leg below the knee was removed on 12/26/2012, with the finalization surgery where they clean up the mess they made originally and further shorten and shape what will then forever more be called the "residual limb" (or stump in everyone Else's language).

Then of course, I had to stay in hospital for several weeks until recovered from that surgery, the transferred to a nursing home for a couple months and finally a rehab facility for another 6 week where I finally got the peg leg I had dreamed of owning as a pirate childhood memory. Damned thing did NOT fit. First I was told it would take a while for the swelling to shrink enough for it to fit, but in the meantime they wanted me to exercise to keep my strength up... ummm... been lying in bed flat on my back for well over 9 months now? Just how much strength was there to keep anymore? I had to start well below what most folks feel as normal.

After three months in the rehab they sent me home, with that still new prosthetic leg, that still had not been adjusted correctly. 2 more months of weekly trips back to the rehab outpatient training center and increasing new wounds because the prosthetic was rubbing in all the wrong places... they finally agreed that it needed adjustments... the guy responsible for that, took things in his own hands and way overdid things, to the point that my original prosthetic is now useless and can never be used, not even as a short-term emergency replacement when I finally get a new one. BUT, they can't do a re-press to get a new one started until these darned wounds heal, which is taking forever... come on, you all know how stubborn I can be, and you have to admit that it is likely inherited and covers healing(or not), taking things easy(or not) etc.

So, that is where I am at. Still stuck to a single room of this house (yes I cam get around the house some, but only with assistance of either crutches, walker or wheelchair. Going "out" requires the same thing, but all those commercials you see folks easily getting a wheelchair or walker into/out of a trunk are lying. No one can do that all the time, most especially not my partner due to her own disabilities.

Anyway, next up will be diving into this new medicare under the affordable care act. Gawd, I sure hope that the folks that are thrusting this down everyone's throat are truly telling the truth about this stuff, so I may still be able to purchase meds, and food out of the single check income that I now have coming in...

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PostPosted: Tue Nov 05, 2013 3:56 pm
by Winterhawk99
Hi Bannor,

Been a long time since I posted too. Been working in the shop after work at home as much as I can to keep up with things. Let me know if its ok to come up and visit you week before thanksgiving.