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Dryad Tree in the Commons?

Postby Maddyanne » Fri Oct 15, 2010 1:00 am

(overheard at a late night after performance wine and cheese soiree at the Art Center)

"It's so romantic."

"Romantic? You mean the music?"

"No, though it did make me wish I had a nice, strong shoulder to snuggle and sigh against."

"You are too tipsy, darling. I'll finish that glass for you."

"That wine is mine," draining the glass quickly dry. "No, you know the new gardens in the Commons----"

"Speaking of romantic. Except for the fountain, they'd better suit a meadow somewhere."

"Exactly. I heard that the Lapis Garden Club gave a dryad, an actual dryad, refuge and that's how those trees grew so quickly."

"A dryad? We'll all be charmed into slavery or murdered. How dreadful!"

"No, that's the romantic part. She fell truly in love with a paladin and he with her. But her sisters would have none of it, and they charmed him away and killed him. So she, who had befriended one of the ladies of the Garden Club when the lady was but a child, found refuge here. That's the dryad's very own tree by City Hall."

"That is rather romantic. But it's even more sad."

"Yes, tragically. Perhaps we should have another glass of wine?'

"Yes, most certainly."
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