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Overheard at the Arcane Academy construction site.

Postby Maddyanne » Thu Dec 16, 2010 6:41 pm

"By Moradin's left elbow, my best hammer is gone again!"

"No swearing now, lad. It'll turn up."

"Turn up encased in ice up in a fir tree and fallin just to miss my head!"

"Nobody's been hurt bad lessn they go down into the crypt."

"Bah! We work and toil and a day's labor's undone the next mornin. I'd like to be back in Khazad Barak with enough ale to swim in!"

"Hammer uh the Heavens!"

"See, I told ya t'would fall outta the fir trees."

"Enough'a yer jibber jabber. Yer hammer's here, go back ta work!"
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