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Game Rules

Postby Winterhawk99 » Mon Jul 19, 2010 12:40 am


This is a set of Rules the officers have kicked around and come up with they are pretty simple and basic common sense stuff but we have to put them up.

Our current Officers are

Child of Stark
Bannor Bloodfist

Our chief site operator is

Borden ha'elven

our support site operator is



1. The Object of the game is for everyone to have fun. Respect each other and have fun with eachother. If you have a problem with someone take the high road and back down then seek out an officer either in the game or by e-mail. We will take it from there; that's why we are here.

2. If there's a Dm in the game they are the final word. The officers are extremely picky about who is a Dm in the world, and they wouldn't be if the officers don't trust them. If you have a problem with a Dm then speak to an officer.

3. Only players that are invited are allowed in the world. If you wish to invite someone please ask first

4. This is a (pg-13 site) it basically means that foul language is frowned upon and wont be tolerated on the boards at all.

5. No flaming in game or on the boards. You may have a disagreement with someone and debate over a subject is fine but personal attacks are crass first of all and extremely offensive and leads to nowhere. We don't need it on the server or the boards. any flaming on the boards will be either edited or deleted

6. Adults will be adults we all understand this. Two adults doing what adults do will be ignored. If an Adult does something adult with a minor they will be immediately banned from both the server and the boards. This is also an Illegal act. Pedophiles will not be tolerated in any size, shape or form. If this happens on this server both Bioware and the authorities that handle internet predators will be contacted.

7. Use // or OOC for out of character speaking

8. The shout channel is only to be used by dms

9. No holding levels. Holding levels means to not level up after you have earned enough xp points to gain your next level. Exceptions will be made for a limited set of in character circumstances.

10. Please stay within level range unless you are in a Dme'd event. If you have an apprentice that is out of level range or something like that state the relationship in the bardic circle and depending on whats going on this rule can be bent a little. This rule also encourages slowing down and the making of new characters to play with different groups. Level range is 7.

11. You don't need to yell or degrade other players for any reason we're all here to have fun. If there's a problem back down and speak to an officer

12. The password, both player and dm, should never be given to anyone for any reason. Our players have the password posted on the boards for them, so too the dms on the dm board

13. If you find an exploitable bug please let us know though pm or e-mail. benefiting from an exploit is not allowed and if caught will put your character to level 1

14. We cant be responsible for lost xp, gold or items due to server glitches or game glitches. they will not be replaced.

Since there are so few here, We really don't expect there to be any problem. So the rules are posted. Better to be safe than sorry
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