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Postby Winterhawk99 » Sat Aug 07, 2010 1:13 am

Once an Character attains 11th level on Hm they can get a home or apartment. There are 5 authorized areas for homes or apartments. Getting a home or apartment depends upon several things the most being rp. Cost varies according to dm. the village people :) didn't actually pay for makeing the village but did rp building it. Melocia paid several million for her appartment but she was the owner of the whole appartment complex and had an adventure to remove the ghosts from the old structure. This sort of thing has to be dmed. there is renewed intrest from some players to have either appartments or homes.

The 5 authoized areas and restrictions are these.

1. Morzelmore: Any Non Lawful person can buy a home or apartment there
2. Haakon's: Any Non Chaotic person can buy a home or apartment there
3. Tangwetsyl: Any Non Evil person can buy a home or apartment at the inn
4. Mercronanne: Any Non good person can buy a home there
5. Canyon: Any person of non-elven fey descent can buy an apartment there

Area Design
Houses may have up to 3 levels (main floor, upstairs and basement) and be up to 4x4 or 16 tiles each 'level'.
Be sure to give your areas unique resrefs. No 'area###' resrefs. The three levels can be in one area for easier transitions.

Apartments are smaller same general rules but can only be at most 4x6 on one floor

Doors may be locked, but they must be pick-able. The lock for any interior doors must match the lock for the exterior door. Only one key tag per house.
No trapped doors (or placeables).

The only placeable with inventory allowed in houses are persistent storage units (You may choose an appropriate appearance such as a bookcase for a wizard, armor stand for a fighter, chest, whatever). One such unit per PC living there is permitted, but no more. Only one of your own PCs is allowed to live in any particular house. Be sure to mark the items NAME with persistent storage or PS or something so we can 'find' it and apply the appropriate scripts.
Unless there is a good reason to do otherwise, make all placeables static. Static placeables put much less of a load on the server.
Sittable chairs should have the x2_plc_used_sit in the OnUsed event and make them useable for them to be sittable.

The placables should be appropriate to the character(s) living in the house. IE A barbarian would not have a full library or a wizard's lab and a mage wouldn't have a full set of combat dummies and weapon display.

As a special request PCs are allowed one junk drawer placeable. These (drawers, bookshelves,cabinets etc.) can contain non magic items that have no particular use as components, spells or any other player application to them. these include things like non-magic books, knick-knacks, and clothing.

The only items allowed in houses are non-magical books and non-magic clothing. Placeables with these in them are the only exception to the rule for placeables and inventories.
No magic items, no healing kits, no items to be used to make traps, etc are allowed in houses.

Put 24_areaonenter in the the OnEnter event and 24_areaonexit in on exit event of all the areas.
No custom scripting that is not specifically cleared by Winter beforehand. (No "I wrote this cool script for my house, can I use it" attempts to get something in because you already spent the time and happen to be a better script er then others.)
All treasure generation scripts MUST be removed from ALL placeables in the houses.
Any default scripts aside from things like closing doors, sitting on chairs and other animation based scripts require prior approval.

Each house may have 1 non-magical, non-exotic pet (subject to individual approval). No henchmen style critters, no dragons, etc.

The benefits to PC housings are RP and persistent storage. Not special buffs, equipment, items, effects, flunkies, teleporting outside the confines of the home.(wizards and sorcerers can have teleportation to secret labs within the home/apartment as Melocia did), etc.

winterhawk has the final say on what can and cannot go into Pc housing
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