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Server Crashes

Postby Whombatty » Tue Jan 01, 2013 10:33 pm

It seems Dor is having some serious issues. These crash episodes seem to have begun rather suddenly and happen for no reason. I am wondering if maybe it is an issue with the host PC? Possibly a windows update that does not agree with NWN? I know sometimes JAVA updates can cause issues, I have had to roll back on them a couple times to fix NWN C.T.D. issues. I know I have had a few maps put into Dor and some beasites. Could those possibly be causing the issue? I hope not but seems a logical trouble shooting step. Hopefully it is not some scheme concocted by EA to ruin our good fun. ( greedy bastards that they are.) There has been 3 crashes today (2013 Jan 1(Yup we didn't all die on 2012 DEC 22.. dumb asses)) between 1pm and 3:30pm CST (GMT +6) First I experienced during event boss fight "Hoondarrh" in Ruu catle. Not a lot going on, no fancy spawns or effects, just locked up mid fight, Second was during loot split after resuming event and valiant heroes winning boss fight in Ruu Arena, the 3rd was after loot split in Ruu outpost, I was attempting to farm Rounds in Ogre caves when this last one happened. The only common ground I see there is most of the servers occupants were in Ruumana at the times of the crash. I cannot see that being the issue as Ruu has been around forever. :) I am not very smart but it is my opinion that the issue may not lie with NWN but the box.
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Re: Server Crashes

Postby OhdamII » Tue Jan 01, 2013 11:38 pm

This just happened again. approx 4:22 pm server time.

Greywolf was xfering equiptment at the time. i do not know if he had dropped off or picked up yet so he may or may not have taken another xfer hit.

The rest of us were just standing in the City.

I have noticed the guards freeze up after they greet players and dont resume their patrol unless you go talk to them and then get away so they dont stop again.

One person i think had the tree buff on.

Jalil was not fighting anyone that i could see.

thats all i got
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Re: Server Crashes

Postby Greywolf75 » Wed Jan 02, 2013 12:44 am

Yea I was, 2 Pally items, still down so not sure if she got credit for them in time or not.
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