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Epic Quests

Postby Winterhawk99 » Wed Jul 14, 2010 8:02 pm

A Mislead Hero: A Story of Kano Makuni

Twas almost 3 years since the Great life of the Prime shimmer awakened dumping onto the ground a fearsome half-orc by the name of Hobo. I have watched as one by one many people from many lands gathered at the vales where the portal rests. Many have come through some disappearing while I was unalert.....some dieing on the fields of battle. I cannot lift a hand to save them but must only observer from this giant construct of a scrying device. I am trapped in this prison with no way out. Only my words may leave captured by another who sits in meditation far across the reaches at another scrying device. I am not here to speak of me though it is a heroic tragedy in itself. I am here to speak of choices one must make and a man of honor fooled by others

Two years ago a young man bady wounded was dumped from the portal. A man with no god whose home has no being of power watching over the multitudes. The Mans name is Kano Makuni. Kano was lead to faith many times and refused it; His mind seems not to wrap around the gods and faith, yet his honor and purness of heart so apperant to others he became a powerful hand of justice across the face of Sierra na. This is where the real story begins.

Kano on a mountain face meditationing or one knows was approached by Alistra. Her son had been kidnapped and a letter was left on the door of her home. It was addressed to Kano. It read if you want to see Jack unchanged come to me north of the village.

Kano Strapped on his armor and sword rushing twoard the village. In the Ravine area he was met by one of his worst enemies Trollocs not ones like he had seen on Sierra na before, these where battlehardend veterans...They fought Kano managing to defeat them pick their badges up and decapitating them. He then rushed for the village. At the village he traveled north into a thicket of more Trollocs They came from him at all angels until they had defeated him.

Kano Woke up in a strange place that he had never seen before A land of twisted evil a Temple was near but the feel of if made him step back for it was the Temple home of the Lord of the Dead Nurell, The Grim Reaper collector of the Souls of all those who died. For a long time he watched the river styx cascade into a pit.

A Glorious women showed up soon after. She aske him if he was her follower. At first Kano didn't know what she was talking about even to the point of asking if she was dead too. She shook her head and said she was the goddess Illmorna coming to pick up any followers that died. She then warned him of the horrors awaiting in hell for the faithless. Leaving his soul to contiplate all her meanings.

After a time another showed up The Demon Prince Orcus. Kano spoke to him.......Orcus intrigued by the naiteve of the young adventurer told him his name was Thanatos and that he could give Kano a secound chance. All Kano had to do was to deliver a letter to the Dragonkin herald Aldisenary. Kano accepted the seemingly benign godlike figure.

Kanos soul went back down into his body his eyes flickerd he awoke finding his wounds unhealed and his appearance somewhat different. Orcus had turned him into a Doom Knight commander One of the worst of the undead.

Kano rushed to the northern gate of Morzelmore to find the dragonkin assailing him. He couldnt figure out why. After fighting some of the guard and Sanser he found a dragonkin he could speak to and sent the dragonkin for the herald.

Aldi came down and spoke with Kano. Kano delivered his letter and was informed that he was indeed a Doom Knight and that he was now a servant of the Demon God Orcus. Aldi reveled in the letter and what it said about the Orcs helping him in some endeavor

Kano moved on To find jack and his destiny. rushing on twoard the village Kano found the river had blue lights surrounding it he could not penetrate the lights It seemed they repelled him with every attempt he made to enter. He decided to go though Sunes garden. As soon as he stepped into the Garden his body became immersed in flame. Accepting the pain he ran for the path leading to the village. Runing down the road past the bamboo grove he went to the gate only to find again the gate had strange blue lights in front of it. He turned and went around the village and into the Northern hill country finding a plague of trollocs still awaiting him.

He fought his new prescence strengthing him with a power he had never felt before. fighting his way twoard a great wolf trolloc that had jack in a cage

The Great Wolf Trolloc marched around the cage carrying a nasty glowing two handed sword. At first Kano went invisible snuck up to the cage. He then made jack invisible and tried to break the cage down with his own mighty sword. Wether from the sound of the sword hitting the bone or the fact that Jack went invisible is not known but the trolloc turned and seeing jack suddenly half hidden put his sword up to the boys neck and shouted out, "I can speak.....STOP!"

They conversed at great length without insults. The Trolloc Explaining to Kano that He could release him into Kanos care on Kanos word to meet the mydraal in the vales of ebony north of the clay mine. Kano agreed The Trolloc content that Kano would keep his word released the boy they rushed back to the village. Kano dropped Jack off at the village and headed next to the vales where he again as many do got lost. Eventually Kano found his way to a Lake side paradise He found the Mydraal and three Avadorian guard caged in with the Mydraals new magical powers.

The Mydraal Told Kano that he needed someone to give these angels to him for the spell to work. A mortal soul. The Mydraal then threatened Kano that he would give the incense burner to Amielia if Kano didnt agree. Kano held fast barely able to control his anger at the Mydraal. Then the Mydraal saw his sword he said there was one other means. Feeling overcomfident in his ablilities the Mydraal challenged Kano to a dual. Kano Agreed.

They fought alone among the tangles of the vales for a full hour each one wounded but for each their strength never wavering Kano at last defeated the Mydraal and started the long road home. As he started off the world swam before him and he suddenly found himself on the Astral plane confronting the ArcAngel of Bahamut Ammothrawen.

Ammothrawen looked down upon Kano in pity and some contempt. She explained to him that Even though he had defeated a great evil in the land, He also set upon the land another great evil for both the land and his friends. She told him that in Bahamut's Compassion She had the ability to bring him back to life but the part of him that was Orcuses was to remain unlife. For One god cannot give what another has taken. Bahamut's Power raised Kano from undeath back to the living. As Kano looked at himself he found his right arm remained skeletal. Ammothrawen then told him that when he died his soul was to be given to the God Orcus unless he could find a way to get what Orcus had taken back. Ammothrawen then went to her home on Celestria and made for Kano a special sword by which he could find a way to do this. The Sword was named The Redeemer.

Kano found himself back in the village tired and distraught. He covered up his arm and walked up the hill.

Thus was the First true Hero of Sierra Na's New age born.

Story by Winterhawk
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Epic Quests

Postby Winterhawk99 » Wed Jul 14, 2010 8:26 pm

Secrets Revealed: A Story of Jodro and Shana

Summer had started and the village seemed safe and secret. Unfortunately that ended suddenly when a group of Morzelmore guards started banging on the village's gate asking for help against pursuing orcs. Having no choice but to help, Shana and Jodro quickly dispatched the orcs and healed the guards. After warning the Warblades, Jodro and Shana reluctantly followed the guards south to meet with Lord Vallarios and several other high ranking officials from the city.

With Jodro and Shana annoyed that Lord Vallarios had revealed the off-worlder village to the dragonkin, Vallarios quickly explained that the orcs had attacked Morzelmore and that the Herald, Alisendry, now ran the city. When Shana pointed out that the village had sent someone to warn the dragonkin of the impending attack, the messenger had been ignored and chased off. Sanser quickly shouted his reply at the two of them and before Shana or Jodro could reply, Vallarios told them to be quiet before proceeding to ask for their help in driving off the orcs. To support his plea for help, Vallarios even went as far as to point out that, now that he and the other dragonkin had revealed the village and was thus known to all the dragonkin, the orcs would likely attack there next. Despite the enmity shown by almost all dragonkin toward the off-worlders, Shana and Jodro conceded his point and agreed to help.

While Vallarios and his people made their way through the city's treasury, Shana and Jodro made their way to the northern entrance of the city. Picking their way through orc and dragonkin bodies, they both shook their heads at the senseless deaths. All this could have been avoided if the dragonkin had actually listened to the numerous warnings they'd received. Making their way through the city, they avoided the worst of the fighting, determined to track down the source of the orc army as quickly as possible. Eventually they reached the southern forest.

Wading through what seemed like an endless supply of orcs, they finally arrived at the orcish campsite, hordes of them already dead in their wake. After they killed the first few orc guards, an orc leader came forward with a white flag and Shana and Jodro lowered their weapons slightly, waiting to hear what the orc had to say. The orc told them that the leader of the army wanted to meet them and that they would not be attacked if they agreed to this meeting. Neither Jodro nor Shana were dumb enough to trust an orc, so they demanded the leader come to them; however, when it became clear that the only way they could continue was to agree to the meeting the two of them prepared themselves thoroughly before agreeing to meet the leader.

As they drew close, they saw that the leader was a fey'ri in full armor. The fey'ri greeted them saying that his name was Mytheris and that he was the leader of the orc army that attacked Morzelmore. He went on to tell them that Alisendry had hired him to take over the city for her and that, since he had already been paid well, he had finished his mission. He continued, saying that he belonged to a council that wished to remain secret and that, if Shana and Jodro would agree to "forget" about him, he would disband his army and leave the south. Shana and Jodro countered with an offer to let him live, if he promised never to return and never to lead another army of invasion against anybody. Mytheris continued as if they'd said nothing and actually gave the army the order to disband, apparently assuming the 'counter offer' was actually agreement. When the two STILL persisted, it finally seemed to dawn on Mytheris that they would not agree to his devil's deal. The only solution was to fight them. Jodro attacked quickly while Shana easily dispatched the remaining orcs. Mytheris had thought Jodro would be easy prey since Mytheris was a Samurai while Jodro was a mere commoner; however, Jodro quickly proved he was a better fighter. Fighting intelligently and calmly he force the fey'ri to make several missteps. The fight ended, quickly after Shana finished off the last orc and turned her attention to the fey'ri. Shana then healed the minor wounds they had sustained and they caught their breath. Having some knowledge of samurai, Shana and Jodro collected the soul sword before returning to Morzelmore.

Upon their return they found Vallarios, Turasuar, and Sanser with Alisendry with her hands bound behind her back. Vallarios promptly proclaimed Alisendry a traitor and sentenced her to banishment in the nearby swamp. Shana and Jodro both argued for execution instead since it was both the merciful thing to do (the swamp was as good as a slow death) and the intelligent thing to do (so that she could have no chance of returning and causing more trouble). Vallarios refused to even listen to the two of them and the banishment proceeded. Turasuar proclaimed it a great day and was outraged when Shana and Jodro accused him (accurately) of being behind the attack and being the one in charge of the criminal organization that had backed Alisendry. After Turasuar protested his innocence Vallarios interrupted Shana and Jodro and kept them from replying even though he had known for a long time of Turasuar's criminal organization. After Turasuar left, Vallarios offered a very offhand thank you and left them.

Disappointed in Vallarios' handling of Turasaur and his dismissal of them as though they hadn't helped Morzelmore, Shana and Jodro returned to the village. They talked about Mytheris' sword, and both agreed that they wanted to free the soul trapped inside it. A few days later, they traveled north to Random's temple where they spoke with the cleric about the samurai's sword, Gilin agreed to destroy the sword. He took the sword, summoned a servant of Random. The divine servant took the sword and destroyed it. Satisfied, Shana and Jodro returned to the village pleased that they had finished the last remnants of the orc army.

So it was that the village was revealed to all the dragonkin, endangered by the leader of the dragonkin himself. Shana and Jodro received little recognition from the dragonkin for their aid; instead they flocked to Turasuar as their savior despite Vallarios' and Sanser's knowledge of his involvement with Alisendry.
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Epic Quests

Postby Winterhawk99 » Wed Jul 14, 2010 9:59 pm

Rebirth of an Ice Phoenix: A Story of Amielia

It was 1/2 a year ago I had heard the news of Amielia henners fall from honor. It disturbed me greatly to see one with so much promise fall ever so slightly into chaos. For Chaos to her kind is worst than any evil envisioned, but then the young samurai is very different from her kind.....very different indeed.

It Happened in mid summer. Much of it is still unknown the few things shes said about it have lead me to write this story it is incomplete but has the spark of truth from what I have gathered from Sanser and others.

For some reason Amielia journeyed to the southern pine forest. She found deep within its depths a large party of slain dragonkin guards. Having no raise scrolls She immediately ran for the Southern entrance of morzelmore. As she flew from the park up to the platforms she was attacked by several guard. She sought out Sanser the Sgt. of the guard so that he could bring someone to raise the guards. She fought a subduel battle against the dragonkin until she came upon his post to find him gone. The other dragonkin highly upset sent her away beating her back out of the area.

She returned to the bodys. Not knowing what exactly to do now that no one would listen She decided to burn the bodies as tradition for her people in honor of a battle fought well. She started a small forest fire with the blaze which she put out eventually. She then headed east for the marks on the body told that the dragonkin battled orcs. She did not have long to wait for the orcs were lying in wait of travellers and attacked her. She fought hard but something happened to turn the tide the local wolves joined in. It was a battle of 1 against more than a dozen and she fell.

After a short time she was raised by none other than her Father and her sister that was raised by the drow Cassiopia. They had somehow made it to Sierra Na. The Tension was very high between the three. They tried to convince amielia to go with them to start their own place and also tried to convince her that they were not evil. They made their case and spoke of family tradition of the samurai and other such things. They then said that they didnt need an answer right away they would come back in two weeks. They would let her think about it. Amielia wanted to wipe their evil off the face of this new world but knew that she agaisnt a samurai and a samurai master would be no contest. She left knowing that in two weeks she may fall for the last time.

She spoke to very view and when she did in vauge terms about the whole thing. To go against tradition of the family is to dance with tradgedy but to invite evil into her heart was frought with more. They could also condemn and attack her when next they meet. Many things could happen. She just didnt know what to do.

When she came back they were there. She simply told them she would not come with them. All would have been well except somthing happen. The two pressed amielia about her friends did she tell them of the two. Did she tell her friends of the importance of coming with them. Amielia fearing that the two would find the village and inplant their evil seeds there lied. An act to protect her friends but an act of utter chaos. They left throwing a family amulet on the ground. Amielia took it and made her way back to her home. Upset and distraught shana appeared and tried to console her. Amielia beyond her help told her the tale and of her dishonor. She took the amulet and crushed it under her bootheel. It would be a reminder of her fall from grace if she kept it she would not have it in her home.

Amielia fell into dispare for months on end. There were very few bright spots in those dark days. She had few victories against her enemys. Her will decreased and her demeanor became listless. No one except Kano gave her comfort. Every foe seemed to best her every thing remined her of her dishonor.

It was against the vampire Avilla that hope began to emerge though she died and was raised in the battle she found some comfort in the fact that she was a part of the solution to ridding the world of a profound evil abet only a small part but she saw a small glimmer of a return.

Then I came with a profound problem i could not myself accomplish.

It was a week again when spring broke. My mate came to me and told me that while she was hunting orcs had come and stolen an egg. She had killed many of them but could not down the one that ran off with the egg less she hurt it while killing the orc. It fled into red dragon lands. she couldnt continue else battle a dozen Reds. When she came back She found papers on one of them describing how to birth a dracolike using an egg of a dragon.

I flew with all speed to the outworlder village to enlist the help of a worshipper of skyblade. One that needed us as we needed them. Landing I turned into human form and awaited a percise scedule. right on time Amielia came walking down the path from her house to the village armorer. I stopped her. I told her of the egg and the need for her to find it. if need be to kill it along with a radient lily mentioned in the pages my mate found and dragon blood.

She made all haste looking for orc I flew above at a distance careful not to breach the red dragon territorys. She fought very little and when she did was a whirlwind of blades all fell to her swords. She pasted the trolls and avoided the harasment of the dragons until she was in orc territory.

She fought and examined every orc she found. by the ruined ships she found an orc they spoke the orc dropped and egg and flower and fled in terror from her. I dont know what she said but it was effective

she took the egg and fled with all haste though the dragon and troll lands. Sanser stopped her on the way to the village they spoke only a moment then she tore off once again to the village.

Avoiding several minators she went directly to the village she seemed to be yelling at the egg. I flew there and awaited. She ran exhausted to me depositing the egg, flower, and blood to me. We spoke a moment. I could see the sparkle returning to her eyes and smiled.

I gave her a special pair of gloves from my own horde in recognition of her valor. She bowed smiled and walked off. As her footfalls left my hearing range the egg hatched. I have a son untainted by the orcs and perfectly fine thanks to a brave young samurai that lives in the village.

All is restored in Skyblades eyes all wounds are healed and all is well again in the world. And an Ice Pheonix is reborn from the ashes of her own dispare.


Story by winterhawk
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Epic Quests

Postby Winterhawk99 » Thu Jul 15, 2010 2:52 am

Quest for the Seldarine: A Story of Caland

He only wanted the temple blessed by the Seldarine. Maybe he could have been the guardian of it as well.

Caland sat on the dry pool basin of the empty temple, staring at the staff in his hands. The gem set in one end seemed to glow perpetually with the green of leaf-filtered sunlight. I hoped to escape duty, but more was given.

It started when he was checking the piping of the temple, cleaning the leaves out so water could flow either way, after water was eventually brought to the temple; in the perpetual winter, the only water in the pool was snow. He had recently put another layer of rock on the pool inside and started a fire on it to keep anyone within warm.

There was a brief flash of light, and he looked up to see one of the angelic guardians of Arvandor standing nearby, looking around at the temple. Caland stood and bowed to her, then brushed his hands off and kneeled.

“Hello, Caland of Two Moons.”

“Hello again, my lady.”

“An ancient relic of the past. I remember it,” The angel said as she continued to inspect the temple. Is she stuck on Sierra Na, like us? She walked through an open door into the temple interior. Caland followed with his eyes down.

She looked around, running her fingertips along the central pool’s rim as she walked. After a moment she turned back to the elf. “I have a question for you.”

“Yes, my lady?”

“Do you truly want this temple to flourish?”

“I wish for it to flourish only if it deserves it, my lady. If no elves wish to come here, then it does not deserve such.”

She stared at him a moment before speaking. “A strange answer but an answer. Do you want the gods to bless this temple?”

Only if it deserves such. Caland held back the response; it would be impolite to continue with the same circular logic with an angel. “Yes, my lady.”

“Then I am to tell you how to have each bless this temple and be able to see all within its halls. There are many elven gods, yet the only one you truly need to bless this temple is Corellon. If you get each blessing among the pantheon and find an elven crystal, you will ahve the power to protect this place from magical scrying and offensive magics.”

“To get Corellon’s blessing, you must ask the King to bless you and take a splinter from one of the ships at the gates of Arvandor. For others you must ask.”

“It is an easy task; the others are not so easy; you must ask me what to do for each god or goddess you would like to hold this temple dear to their hearts.”

“Will I see you at the Gates, my lady?”

“Yes, you will.”

“I will ask you there, my lady, for I have yet to gather information from King Juilian,” Caland said with a bow. Which gods are even worshipped on this world...

“Thank you for aiding me, my lady,” Caland said just before she flashed out of existence once again. He looked around one last time for chores before flying out of the skylight and northward to the elven crypts. The weather was clear, but the unnatural cold caused by the creature up north bit into the exposed skin around his eyes as he flew.

When he reached the crypts, he nodded greeting to the two baelnorm guardians, but passed through. Caland traveled deep into the crypt; eventually the air stopped smelling stale and had a fresh feel, indicating that he was close to the Gates of Arvandor.

Descending the final staircase, he watched as the floor stones faded from sight, being replaced by midnight sky. The weather here was still warm, untouched by the false cold of Sierra Na.

He approached King Julian in the building, exchanged bows, then knelt before him. The angel who visited Caland earlier was standing nearby with a pegasus.

“Stop that. I’m a ghost now; that’s all.” Caland stood up. “What can I do for you?”

“I have come for knowledge and a blessing, if you will give me one,” Caland said. “It is for a temple I am reconstructing.”

“A temple? Ah, an elven temple back on the world. That would be a wonder, wouldn’t it?”

“Yes, but King Julian, I first need knowledge before asking for a blessing.”

“And what knowledge is that?”

“Questions of the Seldarine on the world of Sierra Na.”

“As you wish. What knowledge would you like?”

“Araushnee has visited me, my lord. Is she Corellon’s consort here?”

“Of course she is. Who else would be Corellon’s consort other than the Weaver?”

The angel was starting to look a little distraught by the direction of the conversation. This world is supposed to be so important; do they truly hold so much knowledge from the souls here? Caland continued anyway and the angel began walking towards him.

“On the world of Abeir-Toril, the goddesses Aerdrie Faenya, Hanali Selanil and Sehanine Moonbow combine to form the triune goddess, Angharradh. She is Corellon’s Consort on that world; does she exist on this one?”

The angel whispered to him, “It is not so here. Do not speak of such things like this to its native people. If you want explanations come to us the angels of Arvandor.” With that she walked out of the building.

King Julian shook his head. “They are three and separate.”

“Thank you, my lord. I shall return to you soon, after speaking with the Lady Angel.” They exchanged bows again, and Caland followed the angel out.

She gave him a list he would need for the temple. For Aerdrie he needed to find a pegasus and have it willingly give him a feather. Solonar needed an arrow of elf-slaying made by a maiden of the forest. Hanali needed a vial of water from the Waters of Evergold. Labelas needed an hourglass made from the sand from the bottom of the sea. Araushnee needed him to befriend the dark elves and be blessed by one of their priestesses. Illmorna needed a horn from a unicorn slain in battle with an evil creature. The Mountain King needed him to defeat a white dragon in its lair and take the branch from a fir or oak nearby for a victory token. Sehanine needed that branch to be cut into a bow and blessed with a moonbeam from the Temple of Sussera.

A valkyrie would be following him, and if he fell in the tasks, he would not return. Caland started with Corellon’s blessing, for that alone would get the temple blessed for the Seldarine.

Julian told him to ask a boat guard for a splinter from one. The guard had him sand and polish all the wood above the waterline on the ship, inside and out. It took a week to get everything accepted under her scrutiny, but Caland left with a sliver, which he took back to the temple immediately. He set the sliver down gently on the cold stone floor then knelt to pray. The sliver began glowing a warm, yellow glow. On to the next task.

What he needed most was information, so he went to Elpis. She told him the water of Evergold could be found on an old fey’ri priest in the Hadaras. An entrance to the underdark could be found near Eisintal. Fennel, the Rider in Velcar’s home, could make the arrow for him.

The trip to the underdark sounded the least threatening, so he loaded up on rations and went in. There was a sphynx guarding a gate and asked him a rather simple riddle: What had two hands and no arms? A clock, he told the creature, but before he in turn could ask the sphynx a riddle of his own, it turned and let him go past. Caland shrugged and continued.

He met some of the fabled creatures of below. A group of beholders seemed to be venturing from their nest, but even with that many eyes, Caland still managed to sneak past. A group of mind flayers he treated the same way, giving them more room. They seemed to not detect his thoughts, which was lucky for him.

Eventually he came to a temporary encampment. Drow were standing around, but there were no sentries. It seemed odd, but Caland walked forward making as much noise as possible so they did not think he was attempting to kill them. He spoke with a male who seemed to have some military rank. The elf brought him to a priestess who was introduced as Vishto.

After speaking a bit, Caland agreed to come help them if they ever called in a battle against the elder Fey’ri, who were sealed beyond a “valley.” As a gift, they gave Caland an empty hourglass; it seemed a bit random, but he would need it later anways, so he accepted it.

She decided to accompany Caland to the surface, and with magic they found themselves in the unnaturally cold air of Morzelmore. She had trouble seeing in the sunlight, so Caland carefully led her towards the temple, the adamantine outer layer of her armor peeling and flaking off. They arrived at the temple and knelt before the altar to pray. A blue light touched the yellow glow of the sliver and twined around, blessing the temple in Araushnee’s name.

Caland offered her to come with, but she declined, merely giving him a succor stone that would call her to him if he needed her. She decided to stay on the surface and explore a little until a patrol brought her back to the warm depths. Caland left again, not looking forward to visiting Velcar, but knowing he had to.

He flew over the twisting forest, approaching Velcar’s home as quietly as possible. He thought he had not been seen, but as soon as he got into the cave, Velcar appeared, acting strangely... random. He waltzed about, asking Caland who he loved and telling him to dance. Caland stood for a moment, staring at him. He told Caland he would swap secrets, one for one.

“As you wish. You speak, and I will judge your words for truthfulness,” Caland said, tightening his gloves.

Velcar kept waltzing. “You lust after someone, don’t you? You’re in love; admit it to yourself to one you can’t have.”

“Of course I lust. That is part of being mortal.”

“And what do you plan on doing about it?”

“Nothing now. I shall do something about it when the very important things to help others are done.”

“Tell me who you love, Caland,” He said, then did not pause for an answer, “You admit who you love and I will give you fennel.”

“Very well.” This was not threatening.


“I do not trust the promise of a demon, but I have nothing to lose in telling you. I have loved almost every person I met, save you.”

“That is not what I’m talking about and you know it,” He sounded a bit unhappy. “There is one person you lust after with all your heart. You simply have to tell me who it is.”

“What would a demon know of how a short-lived mortal’s mind works?”

“Ah, not willing to know your own heart, then?”

Caland’s calm was breaking. The one person he had really been attracted to was Ilthara, but after their encounter with Velcar, he could never look at her without thinking of him. “I will not tell you; besides, you ruined lust.”

“I won’t give you Fennel until you do.”

The banter continued as Caland went deeper into the cave, eventually stopping at the tank holding Fennel. Since the only sharp thing he carried was an arrow, Caland used that to try to break the glass. He only deformed the steel on the arrow, but he kept hitting the same spot, hoping to cause a flaw to start.

Suddenly a second Velcar appeared next to the first and demanded who he was, and what they were doing in his lab.

“I cannot kill you, Velcar, but I can send you away for a few weeks,” the first said, flicking a finger at him, causing the second to implode into himself.

“I am Erevan Ilesere,” Haruto Tansu said, for now the first Velcar had changed to look and sound like the Fey’ri warrior. “I am the greatest illusionist the world has ever seen.”

Things seemed to twist around in Caland. Another god on Sierra Na? Why are there so many?

“She has been tortured enough.” Erevan as Haruto touched the glass, and Fennel came through as if it did not exist. She tumbled out into the gods arms and he breathed life into her lungs, then set her down. “She has twenty four hours of life. Goodbye, Caland of Two Moon.”

Erevan faded from sight. Caland helped Fennel up. She had her own will back but was so distraught over everything that she began crying, saying she broke her vows to Solonar. She agreed to make an arrow for Caland, however, and when she was done, Erevan as Haruto appeared again and took her away “to her master.”

Next Caland flew east, to the saltwater sea where the fey village was hidden. He swam to the bottom and scooped up sand into a bag. He brought it up and dried it with the heat of the fey forges, picking out the large grains and impurities as it sat on a pan, drying. Last he put it in the empty hourglass.

He flow now north, to the human village settled on the other side of the mountains. The cold was even bitterer here, but through magical and mundane means, he managed to keep warm.

Anja, the merchant, told him that a group of white dragons took up their lair nearby recently. After a quick search Caland found it, but was nearly overwhelmed by the dragons within. He went back to the village, who offered him five warriors to come with. This time they were successful. Two nearly died and a third did, but between his ability to raise the dead and bandages, Caland brought them all back to health.

On the way back to the village, Caland cut a pine branch from a nearby tree and dropped it into his bag of holding. After a quick rest, he flew back south to Tangwystyl Village. There he found Gaelaer, who shaped his branch into a bow.

Caland realized that there were more important things in the world right now than getting the blessings of the Seldarine. The world was still cold; a shortage of food would surely come soon. He decided to delay the rest of these quests in order to help everyone.
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Re: Epic Quests

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It was mid day when Dark Wanderer came into the Morzelmore tavern to Quench his thirst from a hard day of shopping. There he met a pale man of strange appearance hooded and covered. As Dark Wanderer walked in The figure stood up and welcomed him as Fredrick a name Dark had never heard before yet one that sounded familiar.

The Man who didnt mention his name acted as though Dark was a trusted friend and offered him a drink. The man quickly realised that Dark had no idea Who he was so offered him a deal. If Dark would find a dragon egg and a woman from haakons keep, he would bring dark to a man that could give him or show him a way to get back his memory.

Dark was hesitant but agreed that if indeed it were true he would retreive the dragon egg and the woman. The Strange man Told him the dragons egg could be found in a cave past the bugbears and between the ice spider lands and ice elven lands. And told him the directions to Haakons keep. Dark started off on his journey.

Dark headed through the pine forest to Haakons keep When he saw it and realized that he would have to bring a woman through dangerous terrain he decided to retrieve the egg first. He went back to Morzelmore and on to the vales. through eisental into the bugbear lands. While fighting he encountered Celestrials trying to stop his progress. He promptly killed them sending them back to their own planes. He started to turn south into the dragon lands then relized the Strange covered man said north. He found a pass north and was attacked by the Dreaded Ice spiders of the Hadaras that promptly killed him sending him to Hades.

Dark wandered in Hades several days before finding a stark building along a plain. Nurell God of the dead appeared and was about to judge his spirit when an unlikely advocate came to his aid. The Dark hero Kane Pirate, Sorcerer and Madman known in ledgend thought the ages as Kane the bloody. Nurell mad a deal with both Kane and Dark Wanderer. Dark wanderer could only live out this life span then his soul would be bound to Nurells biding in Hades. Dark wanderer would worship Nurell the rest of his days. Dark accepted and Nurell breathed life back into him again.

Dark continued on his journey fighting the sabre toothed cats of the Hadaras and going up deeper into the mountains. There he met a lynx He fed and talked to it. it told him where the ice elves come from then took the meat and disappeared into a small burrow. Dark continued into the Deep Hadaras. He fought bats along the cravases and then found a cave.

Entering the cave he found a gold dragon guarding a single Egg among the rocks They attacked eachother and fought a fierce battle The dragon eventually going down to Darks axe. He wraped the egg up and decended from the Hadaras.

Dark journeyed through the vales again stoping along the way to trade with the dwarves and Alistra. He went the long route through morzelmore and back into the Pine forest and on to the keep. There he met a nice woman that assumed he was a new settler to the keep. She got him a bedroll. He then made his move and asked her to come to morzelmore. At first she was amicable but the more he spoke the more suspisious she became and finally refused. She then told him to please leave that she had a family to take care of. for the first time Dark thought about what he was doing and started to have his own suspisions.

As Dark was leaving the keep he met a young 18 year old girl that was on her way to morzelmore. she looked at the big man in awe and spoke to him. complimenting him on his obvious physic. Dark made a deal with her to guard her on her way to morzelmore.and together they went. At first it was rough a cat clawed the girl a bit but dark saved her and they made their way to the southern gate.

when They got to the park they were met by the faceless man who reveiled himself as a mythdraal and with him was the vampire Vladimir of Rock Point. The Mythdraal enchanted the girl quickly to a deep slumber and toold Dark to take her cloths off and place her on the alter.

Vladimir happy to see an old friend welcomed Dark (Fredirick) with open arms. The Mythdraal explained the ceremony He would cut out the girls heart then break the egg over the wound filling the cavity with Dragon essence. Dark was to eat her heart and then Vladimir could possess the body of the girl on a mission to tangwetsyl village.

Dark considered it and said no he wouldnt do it and further more he wouldnt let it happen. Vladimir confused spoke to dark asking why he was so squeemish when the two of them had adventured and done much worse together for Darks own passions. The mythdraal then explained to vladimir that Dark had lost his memories and didnt know Vladimir any more. Vladimir tried to make dark remember but as he talked Dark attacked the mythdraal. they fought for a long time vladimir using his abilities to help the mythdraal as much as he could to no avail. Dark vanquished the mythdraal and turned his attention to vladimir. vladimir struck dark once then slipped into shadow and fled with the night.

The girl woke up dishoveled and scared. Dark calmed her down then an Angel appeared. the Angel told Dark that He in the end did the right thing, however since he slew a gold dragon and had stolen its egg and because he worshipped a dark god of death all good would turn away from him. The angel demanded the egg from dark which he gave to her. She then said that since in the end he did the right thing he would be granted with his memories.

She told him that a great axe lay deep in a cave along the morzel river south of Haakons keep. There he will remember. Dark started off again on his journey. A journey to find himself.

Dark found the cave and went in. there he encounter a creature he had never seen before displacer beasts. they wounded him sorely. He manged to bandage himself only to find around the corner Xvart Heatherns throwing hammer of the gods and other spells in his direction it took time but he finally defeated them and went lower into the caves. He fought many displacer beasts and Xvarts before encountering a chest with a great rusted axe within. An axe called Ansella Axe of the Fallen Palidan.

When Dark picked up the axe the memories of his fall and all his adventures returned to him.

He cried.

In The 5th Century of the Golden age Lived a Human palidan named Sir Fredrick Brandywine. Sir Fredrick Follower of Pelora Fought For the Church on many missions against the Demons of the Southern Steppe. He became hated Among the These Creatures roaming Great sahvanna, his great axe feared among all evil in the southern territories. Many that were set free by uncaustious mages fell back to their own planes by his axe.

The Demons retreated to the northern desert and found a host of Red dragons. They counseled with the dragons The oldest of which knew many forbidden magics thought lost to Creatures of that time.

The Red dragon took a night hag and made her so alluring that the the great bards would weep at her very prescence for no words could they come up with to speak of her beauty. the Dragon then made a special amulet to obscure the senses of those that could tell evil and placed it around her neck.

This Night hag went and met Sir Fredrick. Sir Fredrick instantly fell in love and in weeks they were married. For years she bore children to him which grew strong. Some seemed to die in child birth others grew and founded lands of their own. All the while the Nighthag whispered in his ear of feelings she had about the temple of Pelora. About the corruption she saw there about how things were not as they seemed in the Church.

Sir Fredrick slowly became withdrawn, paranoid more watchful of his collueges . Every slip from a cleric out of charactor or minor offense of a palidan became dark corruption in Sir Fredricks eyes.

When Fredrick started to slow down and as age crept into his bones; The Demons came out of the desert in a large Army to attack the Town of Wayfinders Barren. Sir Fredrick a commander now waited with many men along the walls. While he waited His wife the night hag secretly unlocked the gates wherever she could in the town and to the escape tunnel the temple had made for just such an emergency. Then crept back to their home.

As Fredrick Watched the enemy without, and as He saw several small red dragons come over the horizon to join their army. Masses of Demons stormed out of the Temple he meant to protect, with them many priests that had become Possessed or magic jared by the demons, throwing spells and killing his men. He spun around and attacked the contingent comeing out of the temple Yelling of Deception and confusing his men. The battle now in full bloom He and his men fought: The demons giving him wide berth and going after his men. For 5 hours they fought to the last man which was Fredrick. When his final conrad died, the Demons suddenly fled. The Priests that remained fell into Confusion The towns people looked out their doors and windows.

Rage came to Fredrick remembering all that his wife told him. He attacked the priest and slew them all.

The Sun turned dark over the land. He could feel something was wrong. He felt his palidanhood slip from him. When the Sun came back, a dozen small dragons perched on the wall. Fredrick felt blinded by the light and hid in the shadow to escape its blinding radience.

Fredricks wife then came out with his children they smiled and Opened the Gate. Two Balors came inside and Stood before Fredrick crouched in the shadow.

As his wife and children came up to him a Balor threw a spell dispelling the illusions of them. Fredrick Aghast saw his wife turn into a night hag and his children show their cruel half-breed faces to him. All the while the villagers peeked out their windows and doors doing nothing.

The Balor then spoke, "A grand rouse to fell your heart former palidan now you must walk forever in shadow. We came to the Dragons and their special magic for this. Your Doom! *The demon smiles*
What seems to be laughter comes from the dragons. We will leave you now to your fate fallen one. The dragons fly away and the Demons retreat leaving Fredrick with his Family of evil mutants.

His Wife and sons draw their blades and Fredrick now insane with Hate and Vengence for what they did to them Rushed his own family Swinging his Axe.

When all was done A wounded Fredrick looked down on the Family he loved. A family that had over the years corrupted his heart. He took the boiling oil from the battlements and spread it over the houses and church and burned the town with the villagers hiding inside their houses. He left the city at night to the villagers screams trapped in their homes. Vowing Revenge on Both Demon and Dragon.

He wandered the land and disappeared . No one knows where he went. Of the few that saw him They say he kept to the shadows of the night and rarely ventured out into Peloras eyes. Always he spoke of his vengence upon the Dragonkind and Lower planes creatures that had driven him to this.

Story written by winterhawk
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Re: Epic Quests

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A Path though the Dark

Melocia knew that she could no longer be trusted by her friends and rightly so. Another mage, a more powerful adversary had invaded her mind. She was an unwilling spy for someone she never knew and felt just as raped as someone savaged physically. Yes it was her mistake scrying without protections but that was another matter.

She was once an fine student alchemist and knew what she needed most likely could be found only in one place. Underdark. Even as Metra and a group of adventurers brought her back from the prison of her own mind she had fomulated a plan to rid herself of this menace. even if that menace knew what she was thinking.

She started on her way to underdark. As she neared the entrance she was attacked first by goblins then by bears she was fighting them when windsong once again following her jumped into the fray to help Mel with the dire bears attacking her the bears didnt last long with the two working together but as the battle died Windsong slumped and fell. A poison arrow had bit deep in her flank.

Mel distraught went back to find the goblin that had deared poison her adopted daughter. When she found him with some others she quickly dispatched the others and spoke with him. He said he would only tell her the antidote if she brought him a flower to make him smell good to the ladies. She raced to the druids home in eisental and grabbed several roses. Alanso came to her and asked her why she was so in a rush. She told the story of windsong to him. He grew angry and gave her the antidote himself free of charge. she was most greatful and rushed back to windsong. She gave her the antidote and told her to go home that this time she could not go with mama deep underground. The goblin came back demanding the flower. She asked him since she already had and antidote why she should not just kill him. he said he had information she needed. the way to underdark.

Now mel had been on sierra na ni 5 years and already knew where the entrance was she even used it in a party to free some dark elves once that had been trapped coming up. She threw down one flower and said he had better be right and he told her the entrance was right in front of her. Well she already knew that but it got rid of the pesky goblin without killing him and she was fine with that.

Melocia traveled in the upper caverns until she came to a place with a gate a sphinx guarded the gate. He was very surprised to see a surfacer there hearing that they were all dead. She told him alittle about the the new people of the surface. The sphinx told her that to get though the gate she had to answer the riddle. He asked her the riddle which was.

what can crawl .. and what can weep .. what can peel but if it tears may never heal ?

mel took a long while leaning on her staff to think of an answer but then it dawned on her the answer was skin

The androsphinx said that it was a good answer and she may pass. He continued by asking about her mission she told him of the evil mage and the problem she had. The shpinx said for the price of another riddle he would give her the ingedients to the cure she pulled out all of her notes on her theorys, looked at him a moment and said ok

He gave her his next riddle which was

what dies every night and lives every day

She imediately said the sun which of course was correct

The sphinx got alittle agrivated that he spoke such an easy one and gave her another which stumped her for a long time

four are we ,side by side we stand ,yet never together we shall be

four are we ,side by side we stand ,yet never together we shall be

her first answer was the four points of the compass they stand together yet are never together

The sphinx said that it was a great answer but not the right answer and to keep thinking on those lines

she gave several more answers until finding the right one which was the seasons of the year.

The sphinx comlimented her on her thoughtfulness and told her that the ingredients were a beholders big eye and a brain of a mindflayer. He then lead her to the exit deeper into underdark

She traveled deeper into underdark fighting hooked horrors and baskilisk. She came upon one area where a baskilisk started speaking to her. well She was quite surprised by this talking baskilisk that liked to eat stone. He wanted the rock surrounding her and asked if he could eat it. She dispelled her stoneskin in such a way that the rock fell off her body so the baskilisk could eat it. They decided to be friends and he asked her to do away with some creatures that had disturbed his home. she said she would see what they are and talk them into leaveing if she could he lead her to them.

They were umber hulks and attacked when she came in their sight. She and her elemental quickly dispatched them so that Lisk the baskilisk could be safe once again in his den.

She bid the baskilisk fairwell and went on her way.

The next thing she encouters was a lone beholder. it surprised her and dispelled all of her abjurations and summons. She tried to cast but was prevented by the rays the thing was throwing at her. She drew her sword and cut it to pieces the only problem being that the eye was no good.

She moved on to encounter mind flayers which seemed much easier with her mind blank on and her tall, pale and handsome Bandardi she summoned. they fought though mind flayers until they came upon a special venerator which was the brain she needed for the potion. she pacted it up and moved on.

Next she came to some buildings along an underground see. she had to fight mydicombs and some other nastys. after they were dispatched she knocked on all the doors but no one was home.

She then borrowed a boat and sailed deeper into underdark
after she landed she spent many weeks going though tunnels and byways. finally finding a beholder hive.

Tall, pale and handsome helped her work her way though the beholder hive finally in the center of the hive she found a huge beholder that threw magic and bolts at her but this time with her bandari she took him out easily and extracted the eye.

As she was doing this Metra appeared and teleported her back. Metra said the evil mage was now hunting Windsong and she had to get back very quickly. Metra teleported Mel to the vales and mel quickly went to the portal and activated her amulet teleporting once again to morzelmore

She rushed to the alchemist to have the potion made being that the evil mage may be able to distract her if she made it herself.

Melocia paid the alchemist 500 for the potion. She quickly drank it as the alchemist finished with plenty left over for Aeilmeci to sell later.

Now that the evil mage could no longer read her mind, Melocia rushed down to her camp and found Windsong alive and well. They hugged and played alittle mel telling windsong all that had happened.

Melocia survived underdark, Had righted a wrong done to herself and her friends. As she watched the sunset with Windsong she wondered what this mages next move would be.

Story by Winterhawk
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Re: Epic Quests

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Krystine Vale and Marie Lovigan were in the vales enjoying a bright morning when windsong came into the camp area and charged Marie. She knocked her over and licked her on the face. Marie slightly out of breath still laughed and proceeded to pet windsong vigoriously.

Windsong then went back the road and looked at the two. they were waving goodbye when windsong again charged Marie and licked her jumping off again and running back to the road. After several minutes of this Krystine suddenly said, "Where's Mel?"

Both knew windsong never travelled without her momma unless to get food. Marie perked up understanding Windsong wanted them to follow her. The two set off following the Sabre tooth into the Gnoll lands beyond the vales.

they got threw them quickly climbing the stairs to morzelmore into the heart and going to the wings and Melocias appartment complex.

At the entrance to Melocias appartment both stopped dead. first because of the smell and second because of the condition of the apartment. There was rotting food in the kitchen and the water had gone stagnant. In the main room there were several rotting dear carcasses on the floor. Books and writting impliments were strewn about the floor everywhere.

The most astonding thing was that someone had written over every nook and cranny of the floor and walls in some archaic language never before seen and there were mathmatical equations mixed in with all the writtings that seemed entirely illegable.

Both Marie and Krystine were awe stuck by what they had seen. Both tried to translate the language and work on the equation. Marie fell on the floor she had gotten light headed and dizzy trying to follow the strange equations. Krystine didnt fall and seemed to think there was some sense to it all but it was at the very edges of her conscienceness. She had to stop or she too would faint trying to work out what seemed completely unworkable.

They truely didnt know what to think other than obviously Melocia had been gone a long time to the point where Windsong had to forage and hunt for herself at least several weeks.

Marie broke into animal and spoke with Windsong. She asked where Melocia was? Winsong said that Momma had gone to the floor and became like a statue for several days in the middle of her writing then she disappeared.

That truely stumped the both of them. Marie asked if Windsong would take them to this spot. Windsong went to Mel's magic circle, the gate was open to her secret labratory, and disappeared.

Krystine and Marie followed her to the labratory.

The labratory was even more of a mess phase had taken to drinking various potions Mel has made to satisfy his need for magical nutrition. There were books and papers all over the floor, along with the same writings all under the books along the walls and up and down the wood of the bookshelves she kept her research within.

Windsong took them to the spot Melocia had vanished. there was a small black spot on the ground. They studied it. Marie asked windsong if the spot on the ground was where Mel had vanished. Windsong said, " yes, that were Momma go".

They studied the spot and imediately saw that it wasnt a spot at all. It was a hole as they looked at it and concentrated on it, they noticed as they did it kept getting smaller and seemed to have more depth.

Marie noticed that there was so much magic in the room that she had a hard time concentrating on anything for long. The magic was almost tangible, except for that spot where there seemed to be no magic at all.

they turned away from the spot and windsong layed down wimpering at the hole.

Marie started to pick up books and read. The first one was titled Shimmer of Fire and its charactoristics by Melocia Goh..... she read it and looked at the drawings of magical symbols between the flames of the shimmer. the symbols were the same as the language Meocia had written all over the floor and walls.

Next she picked up another book Shimmer of the Heavens by Melocia. It spoke of the Haakons shimmer and especially the runes going up the devices great arms which in fact was the same language.

Krystine picked up a small journal and a small book. She made great note of both. The small book was completely written in the language Melocia was using. The small journal told about a recent adventure Melocia had. She met a man from another world who helped her defeat a demilich tring to use the shimmer in the evil dragonkin village. He was trapped but was a servant of mystra and had to go home. With the book they found, the inscriptions on the teleporation amulet the dragons had given mel and mels own studies of the shimmers. Melocia was able to open the prime shimmer for just a moment and let the stranger go threw.

Mel wrote that even though she had finally been able to open the shimmer her knowledge was imperfect and it could well have killed her. she mentioned she needed to go to martecs but first she wanted to decipher the language of the book.

Krystine called marie over and they reviewed the two texts very closely. neither could figure out the language so they set out to find out what Melocia was looking for at Martecs.

Marie and Krystine got the the Keep farely quickly there they met a snag with dozens of minatours defending the keep. they bypassed the gate itself and flew to the wall where they encountered a dozen minatours. Some threw chemical fire down from the towers while others drew their axes and surrounded the pair. they fought off most of the minatours on the wall and flew down to the courtyard to face more of them. they quickly knocked out those minatours and went into the keep proper.

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in the first room now that they were aware they saw those same symbols in orderly fashion along the columns and decked along the alters along with strange equations. It didnt take long for the minatours to come to defend their keep. Marie and Krystine were studying the first room when They snuck up and attacked them from behind. The pair fought them into the next room and into the small librarys.

On they went into the dungeon where they found a great maze......and promptly got lost. it wasnt too long before Marie found a secret door to the back of the dungeons main chamber. There they met the High Cleric of Martec. A hulking Minator that spoke.

Krystine and Marie wanted ansewers. The High cleric said he would if they paid him one item not from their inventory but from what they were wearing. Krystine promply threw down her guantlets "literally" and said take these. Marie had to think if it was worth it but took one of the rings off her finger and gave it to him.

He then asked what help they needed. They explained Melocias disappearance and the three started to talk.

After the Cleric understood their problem he said. He did not understand what their friend had done for he couldnt speak to the shimmers. He had not grown enough to do so. He told them he understood some of the teachings of Martec and produced two floating glowing balls.

He took the balls and spread them apart then he lifted one of them. The other lifted the same as the first. no mater what he did to one the other racted in the same way. He said He didnt understand why the balls were connected but they were and when he did he could talk to the shimmers.

He then looked around and said he would make a portal for them to talk in private. He cast a spell and a glowing portal appeared. The cleric stepped threw it after a few moments Marie and Krystine also stepped threw.

They found themselves on a high mountain. overhead the planet of Sierra na loomed over with its blue seas, whit clouds and green lands.

there the Cleric told them of an elf that wasnt an elf that could be called to help them with their friend. He gave them a mathmatical fomula and told them to draw it on the shimmer of Dust and throw the spell wilting on the shimmer the elf will come so say the writtings of Marrow first cleric of martec.

Marie asked where the shimmer was. The Cleric said, " The shimmer is where the stone birds make home in the sunken city." Marie thought that kind of cryptic but the two of them figured out it was the city of dust. The old Irda city gone to ruin under tons of mountain in a long ago disaster.

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The Cleric ported them all to the exterior of the keep. the Cleric said, " You go now and not come back". Each promised him they wouldn't be back and set off in search of the city of dust.

No minatours bothered them along the way but they were beset by cray fish and other nasty creatures along the way. Near the lake by the fey village they met Gargoyles using spells. they focased on Marie with their magic killing her. It was up to Krystine to defeat the monsters which she did. Krystine went threw Maries packs to find a raise dead scroll. Using it she raised marie before she was taken to hades.

they continued with invisibility bypassing the rootmonsters of the vales of ebony into Gargoyle lands. Just outside the entrance to the city of dust the gargoyles spotted them and the fight was on. This time the Gargoyles focused on Krystine and turned her to stone. Marie had to almost single handedly defeat them all. using a combination of magic, trickery and pure swordsmanship after an hours fighting she killed all in the vasinity of the entrance. This time it was Marie that had to go threw Krystines belongings to find a stone eaters ring and pull Krystine out of her stone prison.

They looked at the entrance, and then to eachother wondering if this adventure was worth it, Then they stepped in the tunnel with alittle more help a Bandalar Marie had called from olympus.

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In the city of dust they had to fight their way into the commons twoard the temple district of the city. Dust covered them and the ceiling grew everlarger. flight was impossible they only had their magic, sword and Bandalara to help them reach the shimmer.

The gargoyle gave them everything they had and more but the three together this time blew threw their opponents. As they reached near the temple district a rumbling filled the air. up from the ground the dust colagulated into elementals. They attacked sapping maries strength until she couldnt move and saping nearly all of Krystines energy so she could not fight well. The three fought to the temple quarter and made it past the entrance only to find more elementals awaited them. They keyed on Marie while Krystine gathered her strength.

Marie made a valient effort to fend them off but went down in a sea of dust pounding her and sapping every last bit of energy she had. Krystine infuriated waded into them using all her restoration potions and most of her healing potions she dispelled all the elementals and used their last raise dead.

Marie woke up with the shimmer nearly in sight they moved causiously twoard it finding 6 elementals guarding the way. this time Marie called her celestrial servant to be the front man. He attacked them with a vigor while Marie threw spells and krystine skerted to the side of the battle to catch the elementals unaware. using these tactics the three defeated the elementals much easier and got to work on the shimmer.

Marie carefully scrolled the equation in the dust and found out she didnt have the proper spell. They waited for a few hours while she studied it from her spell book.

She threw the spell and the shimmer lit up with an inner light. Sparkes and lights flew in all directions and it came to life. a living machine to act as a portal and more.

Soon there was a light in the center and a small pale man with small elven ears stood in the middle of it. He looked at them and said, " Greetins I am Shem Tell of the LeShay".

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Krystine started off by talking about their friend in trouble when the LeShay stopped her. He called her a barbarian and that he should not help them but had half a mind to kill them both.

The two looked at eachother then Krystine bowed and stated her full name. Marie got the message and stated her full name and bowed. The LeShay pleased by this said now continue about your friend.

They told him of Melocias disappearance and of what her place looked like. He stared at them a moment and said that both of them were much too young to be playing with things they did not know.

Marie said that Melocia was wiser and smarter a much more powerful mage than they were. They were just trying to help as best they can to find their friend.

The LeShay intrigued asked them about the spot they had found. Krystine explaind about the hole in the floor where Melocia had been last seen. The Leshay thought about this awhile and nodded. Let us go see for ourselves I will help you because i am intrigued enough to look.

He asked where this place was? Marie said morzelmore. The Leshay asked if this place had another name for he did not know a morzelmore on Sierra Na. they thought a moment and remembered the old name of the city. Krystine saying its Loc Nordith that is the old name. Marie agreed yes Loc Nordith. The Leshay smiled, " I know that place. tis the elven capital of Sierra Na." He thought a moment and said, " Take my hands children." Each took one hand and together they simply took a step and were in the Morzelmore heart district.

The three went to the appartment together.

Shem tell went into the appartment and appearently ignored the smell of dead carcasses and rotting food. He walked slowly following each and every equation to its conclusion and the notes along side in the unknown language.

Marie and Krystine watched him carefully. after about 2 hours they took him to the lab where he again looked at all the equations," Ah shes wrong here, and here, and here, and over there". Krystine and Marie just looked at eachother. He studied some more carefully moving books as not to disturb the equations. He then said, " Stupid girl she tried to solve all of them at once. She is close and almost ready but not enough."

He then looked at the hole explaining the Krystine and Marie that Melocia had created a localized singularity and that he hoped their friend still lived. He told them that only if she was smart enough to put her self into statis and if her body was still in the inner event horizon she would still be alive.

Krystine and Marie just nodded their heads not sure what to say. He said he would have to go in and draw her body out if it was still there. He disappeared while Krystine and Marie held their breaths.

He came out moments later with Melocia in his arms almost skeletal from dehydration, stress and hunger. She looked like she weighted about 30 stones and no more. Her face was drawn and tight.

the three went to the bed and laid her in it. The LeShay told them they would have to take care of her to get her strenght back. Then he told them to look for an equation with a figure 8 turned on its side. They looked for a long while finding such a symbol on a wall in windsongs den.

the Leshay looked at it a moment then said that he was one of the last of his kind and must make haste. it was up to Marie and Krystine to study the equation to know it and know what it does fully to close the singularity. The two both noded. and went to work. Shem Tell took a step and disappeared into thin air.

The two studied the equation and mels notes for 40 hours together and finally understood the workings of singularities fully. They went to the lab and with a small ceremony collected much of the negative energy of magic in the room and threw it full force at the hole.

The hole unable to feed on surrounding energy except for the negative force imploded into nothing.

Krystine and Marie hugged eachother then moved to the living room to find Melocia sleeping and Windsong curled around her protectively. They force feed her a few drops of water. Marie took watch while Krystine went for more aid.

Thus the saga of how Krystine and Marie saved Melocia the mage, and how they became Heroins of memory to all that step on Sierra Na soil.

Story written by Winterhawk
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