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Places of Sierra Na

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The Fernandor Bog

Deep within the Fernandor bog, the morning sun stretches across lake Calistello. The algae filled waters shine the reflexion back a dusty green. This part of the bog awakens with the chirping of frogs along the lily pads near the shore. Large crocodiles swim leisurely among the bank waters carefully avoiding the Large shack on the south western bank. A small red skinned creature emerges from the shack and jumps up upon a rail.

The Inside of the shack looks somewhat orderly in design yet messy in the areas that immediately catch the eye.
There is a small lab full of bottles and jars of substances unknown except to the trained eye of an alchemist. Staffs and magical paraphernalia are
stacked in corners. A large summoning circle sits in the middle of the shack. There is no bed only a few chairs at various tables vegetables hang from the rafters here and there.

There's a figure in one of the chairs staring blankly at the window. Its an elf or at least seems to be at first glance, except of course for the great black wings on his back, and tiny scales that make up his skin. His eyes blink once, he looks around and studies his surroundings then gets up smoothing out his Robe. Picking up a staff from one of the corners he steps
outside to look out over the lake.

He smiles, " There you are firefly enjoying the morn?"
The creature chirps and clicks the Sorcerer nods seeming to understand every word.

The crocodiles in the lake suddenly make a break for the shore. The birds take flight. The lake itself goes dead quite. A foul stench of decaying vegetation starts to rise from the lake. The Sorcerer looks down at the lake and quickly speaks a few words drawing an invisible symbol in the air. Green tendrils rise up from the ground and encircle him in a protective embrace. A monstrous head slowly emerges black and scaled two great horns protruding forward seem to act like a face shield around the Dragon. It stares at the Elf for a moment then speaks.

" I was rather hoping you would be gone from my swamp Katashi." He chuckles, "I like it here very much Daph'trissia, Besides we have an
agreement. You stay on your side of the swamp and I'll stay on mine it has worked well in the past. I see your scales are duller you've slumbered quite a few centuries." He looks momentarily concerned.

The dragon narrows her eyes. " yes I've been awake a few months. NO caravans! NO Ships! nothing but the kobalds that serve me."

"Ah yes no easy pickings for one of your ilk these days I'm afraid. Seems the world has past you by this time. You'll have to work for your next hoard I'm afraid", he smirks.

The dragons nostrils flare,wispsof vapor escape rotting the wood near the porch, "I should have killed you long ago Katashi Tansu! What has happened to this land!?"

"That my Lady, You will have to find out on you're own The world has changed things are not as they were. Now, if you please I have some experiments to get too."

"We are not done Katashi! Be careful less you fall prey to my darker nature." "Lady Daph'trissia as you have slumbered and absorbed your hoard I too have been learning and unlike dragons that have a disadvantage of having to sleep centuries to grow Elder fey ri do not sleep. I have grown in my studies. I may not be able to kill you but I may be able to wound you badly enough that another could take advantage." He looks off to the south.

The dragon snorts " I will return Katashi perhaps we shall see perhaps not. I have not decided as of yet whether you speak truth or put up a front."
The sorcerer nods most seriously. "Come back under amicable circumstances perhaps we will speak again.

The dragon slowly submerges its head after a time the smell leaves the area, returning to the more natural smell of the area. The smell of burnt charcoal
and hot stone.

Written by Winterhawk

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Places of Seirra Na

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Rock Point

His eminence Bishop Pauvo paced back and forth occasionally looking out the window of the large house. Across the way, barely visible figures march up and down the wall of the Temple District. If Pauvo could frown
he would, for those behind the wall have repelled every advance he's tried to make taking the last section of Greater Rock Point.

"Damn them! Damn them all! They reject the gifts Orcus gives them! They reject his High Priest!"

His thoughts take him back to the time he was called into service by the master: To a time when the worship of Orcus was persecuted. They worshiped in dark unused crypts, and among the secretive reaches of caves where
humanoids make their homes. Pauvo had his own sect deep within the recesses of Rock Point Island. In those times adventurers would come seeking out his people, the faithful, to destroy them. All he could do was hide and
wait hoping they would not find him or his flock.

His wife Crystina, tried of the constant harassment, once did her best to defend against these Zealots. She was killed. Sent to the Master before her time. Her failure will be rewarded with eons of torment from the God and his minions. Pauvo Shutters.

"Haakon! That Murdering Bastard! Ah but I got my revenge I did."

From the shadows of the room a voice sounds. It's heavy accent immediately identifying it's owner.

"Yes, Haakon. And what has happened since aye? You helped destroy the man yet He Ascended did he not?"

"Vladimir! What are you doing here?", The Lich turns to the one that broke his thoughts.

Vladimir responds, " Aye What is Valdimir doing here. As if you were shall we say completely mystified. It is said you have killed one of my children Pauvo? It is said that in your anger, You cast your magic destroying her? She was a fine girl Pauvo, Quite the morsel." The Pale man smiles showing his long gleaming eye teeth.

Pauvo takes a step back. " I rule this city in the Name of Orcus Vladimir. It is I who says if a....a parishioner is ready to move on."

The pale man chuckles, " Your are all alike, Religious zealots. You complain of the worshipers of Haakon out there, yet there is no room in your own thoughts other than your own god. You are all pathetic."

Pauvo sighs." I do rule the city Vladimir and have with the help of you and your children. As far as I and the master are concerned it was her time. She will be vaulted as a good servant in Thanatos", he lies." I am however concerned with those." He points out the window. " How do the incorporeal wield implements from hoe to sword it is a disgrace in the masters eyes. They reject him. they reject that they are even undead."

"Faith Pauvo, Faith is a strange thing. They will loose their way eventually. They will one by one vanish like the wind. They have faith in their gods as you do. That is the reason they stand. Have patience my friend. For two hundred years they have lost one here one there. Inevitably they will all fade like memories."

The lich nods. " I fear if i don't take the district soon another will take my place and Orcus will not be pleased. These ghost whom Orcus gave one of his greatest of gifts have walled themselves in the Temple district and we have not found a way past their guard. They Still believe they are alive."

The room goes silent a few moments before the vampire responds. The expression on his face seems one of worry not of the ghosts but of something else; Something entirely different.

"That was your choice long ago my friend." The vampire gets an amused look, "If you kill another of my children that may well happen, be warned Pauvo, friend that you be I must take care of my own. If you want to make true
inroads take on Xavier. He is the one you should be wary of, and besides his prices climb ever higher for food. He has lived a very long time among the shadows of the sewers studying this shimmer he has with him. perhaps you can get rid of his nu-senses before you take on these ghosts in the temple district. His power frightens me Pauvo, frightens me greatly."

Pauvo looks out the window again at the Ghosts marching along the wall defending their place from his rule.

" For now the necromancer is too strong for my magics Vladimir. I will eventually get to him and his shadows. Then the city will truly live in Orcuse's dark light, Once I have taken both the ghosts and this Xavier within the sewers."

Written by Winterhawk

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Re: Places of Seirra Na

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Murgoth Mine

The Master Looked at the teen with sad eyes. Murgoth was not the best student at the Adept Academy of rock point. Talent and will were two very different things and the boy was well quite odd even for one that had the talent for magic locked inside him.

Murgoth had commited a grave offense one that required immediate expulsion from the academy. Today he will be cut off from the learnings of magic as far as the the academy could prevent him. Letters to all mages in the area blackballing the teen were already sent and on their way.

" Murgoth, I am sorry to say that due to your many failings and misdeeds you are being expelled. The other students fear you and we cannot continue to teach you under these circumstances Murgoth. do you understand our position?" Murgoth haveing gone wide eyed with dispare, said " BUT! BUT!"

The master cuts him off " Im sorry there is nothing I can do for you. You will not find another instructor within 1,000 leauges of here. You will have to find some other profession. Good day Murgoth I will pray to Solonari for your soul."

The youth looses all essence of a fight. His shoulders slump. He turns away and shuffles out the door of the Head master's office.

Murgoth collected his books and walked out of the Academy. His head down, dejected, The Academy itself had a long row of steps in front of it.

As he was walking down suddenly he and the steps were covered in grease. He slipped and fell the rest of the way. Laying on his back at the bottom of the stairs battered and bloodied, He saw two upper classmen come into his view. They laughed at him. "SCAG!" one exclaimed while the other said, "FREAK!"

They laughed waited for their spell to dissapate and walked up the stairs laughing and pointing him out to the other students there.

He started collecting his small spell books when an older gentleman came up to him. The Gent started helping him. they collected all the books and Murgoth said, "Thank you sir".

The Man looked down and smiled, "Not a problem at all there....... Well met, Keev at your service young master." He then holds out his hand.

Murgoth laughs," Young master no more. Ive been kicked out and banished. I don't know what to do now?"

Keev smiles, "You could go back home. You look young. I'm sure your parents would welcome you back and help you find another profession." A look of stark terror blazes across Murgoth's face only for a secound, "NO I can't go back! Not there!".

Keev looks concerned for the youth, " Oh I didn't know well for a young journey man like your self the world is wide open. You can make good coin at the Starett clay mine. When you have enough to journey on, perhaps book passage to Calentir where you can make your fortunes in some other endeveor."

Murgoth smiles for the first time in weeks, " The Clay mines. yes, I have heard you can make some good coin there. Thank you, Thank you so much Mr. Keev. I will collect the rest of my belongings and make hast."

" Just Keev, young master. Im glad I could help you on your way in your journey." The Man shakes Murgoth's hand and continues on his way, as a student that has been watching the whole scene from the walkway stares perplexed

Murgoth had worked several months and collected quite a bit of coin. He hummed happy as he watched the layer of clay. He needed not tools. His magic had grown a little not that much but he could use several spells now. One very useful one that let him extract and seperate the clay then another to levitate it to the cart.

He was worried alittle. He made good time and lots of coin faster than other workers especially the ones that had accidents in the mine. They were slower bacause they shambled on gimpy feet or legs.

Today he was very happy. there were working girls here for the miners. they made things comfortable. He especially liked Tanya. She cost him half as much as the others and was one of the prettiest of them: always clean. Another reason to be worried; the other workers were jealous of him. He got one of the best girls at low cost and she wouldn't even look at most of the others.

Still they had left him alone to work. The Gang master was hard but fair and kept things pleasant. The Last months have been great as long as he was cautious. He was sure the other ones would not bother him as long as the Gang Master was around. He continued to work in a corner carefully making signs.

As Hjalnek, Alfgeir and Nidud walked down the tunnel they spied Murgoth in a side shut. They looked around for Atli. The foreman was nowhere to be found. they looked at eachother a moment and slipped in behind the unsespecting mage.

"Well, well, Look who we have here", Alfgeir says. "It's the Mother's dear little man, who thinks hes smarter than the rest of us", Nidud says as he kicks over the cart Murgoth was putting clay in. Alfgeir continues with a laugh,"Yea let's see how really smart you are curd. Always thinking your better than us heathen. Bet Your little smug nose hasn't seen what Hjalnek has."

Hjalnek holds up a womans set of underwear and laughs,"Shes a saucy tart that girl"

Murgoth backs away to the corner of the wall. The look of anger, fear , and rage stretched thin around his face. The Three move in on him.

Atli found the poor boy in a small side tunnel. Murgoth had been stripped naked, bound, and hung upside down from a ladder wedged in the ceiling. His mouth had been gaged with one of the camp girl's underwear. He had never seen something so degrading.

He cut the lad down and tried to get him to say who had done this to him. The odd young man would only mumble to himself as he walked out of the tunnel. Atli did everything he could to get the youth to talk, but the youth seemed to be in his own world. Finally Atli grabbed his hand and put 10 gold coins in Murgoth's hand: a weeks wages for a normal worker. He then said "Rest take tomarrow off Murgoth we'll talk later".

Murgoth Stumbled out of the mine in the robe Atli had given to him. He stumbled, but quickly regained his footing and looked around. People were comeing and going. The merchants were selling to the miners. A girl here and there waited. They all looked at him from time to time. Two of the merchants laughed. They all knew. They were all making fun of him. He saw a girl stare at him and he knew she knew what had happened. He skuttled to the tent area out of the way of the main mud thoughfare. Just before he got to his tent he bumped into someone.

"Master Murgoth how.......oh dear my friend what happened to you." Murgoth jumped back" . "Oh young master. You see I was in the area selling some merchandise when I thought I would come up to visit you. It seems I have arrived just in time too. I hope I can help you alittle. I've been all over and know alot about people. I can help you in whatever thing your soul is tormented by. come lets take a walk"

Murgoth nods. "It's good to see you Keev lets". As They walk Murgoth begins to tell his tale to Keev.

As they walk and Murgoth finishes his story; He gets enraged and speaks a spell. A fire explodes from Murgoth and races some distance exploding in a powerful blast. A large Hawk was caught in the blast. It tumbled to the ground chard and lifeless.

Keev frowns and walks up to the hawk. "Young master that wasnt very nice you did the same thing those others did to you, only it was this hawk that was the victum."

Murgoth felt sorry for what he did without realizing it he mutters some words and the hawk springs to life once again. Keev surprised looks at Murgoth," Your magic is growing alittle faster than you suspect young master. that was amazing."

Murgoth surprised himself said," I see I didnt realize what was happening Keev. I guess I am getting better thank you. Thank you for showing me I have some worth. Maybe Tanya will forgive me for not protecting her. I'll go back and see. Keev smiles," You do that young master I'll stick around for you just in case you need me." they shake hands once again and part. Murgoth renewed now that his friend was back and seeing that his power had grown alittle more.

As Murgoth got back to the miners camp the local cleric of Nurell passed him. The cleric turned and pointed his finger at him. "Nurell has seen you and you will pay!" A chill runs down Murgoth's back. What did he do to bring the God of death's minnion against him? Murgoth turns away from the cleric and makes haste for his tent.

Tanya was haveing a slow day when Murgoth came to her. She was quite pleased the young man always paid well and seemed happy when she was with him. He often mumbled alot and said strange things, awake and in sleep, but that didnt bother her. His coin was good and he was gentle.

He came up and said, "Tanya, I have a surprise for you. Would you like to come with me this eve?" She laughed, " Of course Murgoth your coin is always good with me and your a nice man. Let's go to your tent." He pauses a moment then speaks, " I'd like to take you somewhere else. There's a grove near here in the forest. I have a bottle of wine and a something very special for you."

She takes a step back for a moment. She's not suppose to go out of the camp its dangerous, but there were never any incidents before at the mine. Her reluctance evaporated with his smile. She said, " ok, but i must be back in a few hours Murgoth." He smiles, " Of course, of course your going to love what I have." They walk off into the woods together.

In the grove they made love and lay in repose. He whistles and sais, "Tanya.......will........will you marry me." She rolls over and Laughs, Marry you.... a mine worker. You have to be kidding me. Deary I work for a living any coin is good coin and I make twice as much as you do. It's time for me to go Murgoth. It seems this is our last Rendevou. I'm sorry but I can't get emotional about customers. You're a nice........Murgoth?.....Murgoth what are you.......

Murgoth listen to her laughing at him. She was in on it too the whole time. SHE WAS ONE OF THEM! They are all making fun of him all of them! They all set him up!

Murgoth got his wits back and looked at the dead body of Tanya. What happened! what had he done! Her beautiful neck was kinked in an awkward position. He had to get help. Murgoth ran back to camp as fast as he could

Murgoth rushed into camp to find Keev packing up. He rushed to the gent. Keev looked a bit frightened as he packed. Murgoth spoke softly, "Keev, Keev there is something you must help me with!" Keev Turned to him, " Young master there is something I have to discuss with you too but not here." Keev looks around, almost as a deer surrounded by hunters. "Is there somewhere we can go young master." Murgoth nods, "Come quickly!" As they make their way out of camp Murgoth catches a glimse of the veiled cleric of Nurell pointing at him.

They rush to the grove where Tanya's body lay. Keev stopped. "Murgoth what have you done?" Murgoth eyes shift, "Keev i dont know what to do. I blacked out and she was like this. It....It must have been an accident."

Keev thinks for a moment, " Do you remember the spell with the hawk young master? Maybe just maybe it will work on her and if it does she'll be well again." Murgoth nods, " I can do it and she will be with me forever."

He throws the spell. Nothing happens for a moment then her eyes flicker. Her neck heals and she gets up.

"Tanya, Tanya your back to us", Murgoth sais with glee. Keev nods, "Good, Good, Thank the gods shes well again."

Murgoth hugs tanya and kisses her. Keev clears his throat, "Murgoth there is something I need to tell you. Ive been watching the men. They..... well.... Some of them are undead masquerading in illusion. They are gathering slowly and mean to take the camp. Thats why I was packing."

Murgoth turns away from Tanya a moment, "That's It! thats what this was about all along! It's my mission you see Keev. I was meant to be here. The very gods gave me this power then showed me what to do with Tanya. I will destroy all the undead and heal them. That was my lifes mission all along. I will wait till they are all together strike them down and restore them to life like my beloved Tanya."

Keev nods gravely," I will get help from Rock Point young master. Keep Tanya here you dont want them to know your on to them." Murgoth nods. They shake hands and part.

Alti had noticed Murgoth exiting camp frequently for the night and comeing back again. It was about the time The young camp girl Tanya disappeared. He was still unconcerned for many of the miners took wives of the camp girls and camped in the peacefulness of the forest instead of in the camp itself. There had never been an incident before and Murgoth was a good worker: if not the most popular. The young man did get picked on by others alot.

Alti assumed that they had wandered off and made a camp deep in the woods. Deep enough not to be disturbed but close enough to walk to camp as had happened time and time again.

Being a friendly sort He packed up some supplies one eve and followed Murgoth into the woods. As he shadowed the young man he thought; a pleasent eve and dinner would be good for them all. Murgoth walked a long way nearly a mile before he stopped by a tent in a small glade. Alti saw a figure emerge from the tent. Smiling he started to come forward into camp with his supplies. Before he hit the edge of the glade the campfire flared up with the wind.

Alti stopped looked at the couple, his face turned a pale sheet of horror. Alti dropped the supplies.......... and went screaming into the night!

As Reports came in to Rock point of the Disaster at the Starett mine, a contintgent was sent to investigate. Leading the expedition was Lady Palidan Aeffan Eostre.

Aeffan was a bright commander young and untested but her heart was filled by the newly arisen god Haakon. Aeffan was one of the first of Palidans to come into the Haakon faith for all the trials the man had gone though and his family, defiled by many, standing their ground to defend a people that hated them.

She would honor her new god by this first real test of her faith. The reports said that undead had suddenly arisen in the mine area almost out of nowhere and were terrorizing the few miners left in the area.

For 2 days they road to the vales of ebony then got lost for another day the forest in the few weeks time seemed to have been turned into a mass of tangled underbrush and trees had turned dead or somehow twisted about themselves. She brought with her 6 palidans and clerics from the temple of Haakon and the Temple of Pelora to fight them more than enough to slay the many undead.

They made their way to camp and saw the first of the Wights. The head priest of Pelora Githron exclaimed, "WIGHTS! My Lady, they may be too much for us!" Aeffan listen to Githron nodding, " A worthy foe Githron, yes. They may be but we are here and must do what we can."

They set about the task turning and destroying the wights up to the mine. Some were wounded but were quickly healed by each other. The way to the entrance was hard but they had made it, with more than 3 dozen undead completely destroyed by Haakons and Peloras light. As Aeffan stepped into the mine the spell hit her sending her flying into the entrance. She quickly got to her feet and saw what seemed to be 100s of wights. She looked back to see more wights coming at the party from the forest dozens upon dozens of them. The entrance had parcially collapsed she couldn't make it back through.

"Githron close and seal the gate with your greatest magic and get out of here! I will not stand for anyones loss." Githron yelled back, "But my Lady........". "Githron I am lost you cannot dig me out in time. I will take as many as I can. There is nothing else we can do." Githron nods, a feeling of dome prevailed, but they did what they were told they closed and locked the gate after a few moments, a spell was put on it sealing the entrance and warding it from the undead so they would forever be sealed. Lady Aeffan Eostre turned to face the many that came for her.

Murgoth went about his gory task day after day killing the undead and raising them anew. It was wonderful. He would be a hero in the eyes of mages everywhere with his new magic.

He was in the mines relaxing when there was a disturbance. He moved twoard the entrance to see what the problem was. As he approached he was aghast. A Death Knight with a group of skeletal Warriors was aproaching. He hit them with an electric ball of lightning. They scattered the Death knight got back up. He set the people with their picks and shovels after it. He told them he wanted it alive..... if thats what you could call it, for he knew of a way to forever seal its fate.

He ran up the the entrance of the mine and found it sealed! He then lead them to a corner. Tanya and the others placed the undead thing on the table.

Murgoth explained, " You cannot stop me from my holy mission Servant of death" The knight squirmed and sputtered out vile lies at him. He waited and when the undead was in position he released a lever. Five swords came up from the table pinning the Deathknight forever onto it in the middle a still beating black heart lay scewed on the tip of the sword. Murgoth took it and placed it deep within the back of the mine.

A hand touched his shoulder. He turned,"KEEV! did you get here?" Keev looked at Murgoth," I knew you could do it young master. You have saved everyone. I got in during all the ruckus of course sneaking by all those nasty things so I could help you."

Murgoth nods, " Thank you, Thank you my friend I couldnt have done it without you and Tanya." Keev nods then purses his lips, " Young Master you have to be vigilent but you will not live as long as an elf. How will you continue on your crusade?" Murgoth looks surprised, "I well Keev I really don't know?" Keev smiles, "There is a way young master......The elves do it to keep living like undead but not evil. They can become lichs without losing themselves to evil. You are a powerful mage now you can do it too." Murgoth backs up in horror a moment but then starts to understand where keev is going and smiles, " Yes i've read about it keev but can I do it?"

Keev laughs, "Of course you can Young master of course you can."

Murgoth laughs. The small pale hand of Tanya touches his shoulder. Murgoth picks her up and carrys her to a quiet place in the mine where they lay together. Murgoth falls asleep dreaming of all he must do.

In Rock Point a lich laughs as he views the crystal ball in front of him. He says, "It is done." Pauvo begins to laugh with him.

Deep within the bowels of the Starett mine; A Palidans heart still softly beats.

Story by Winterhawk

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Re: Places of Sierra Na

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Sussera's Temple story

Silsara, the high priestess of Sussera, had a dream. She was walking along the beach, listening to the endless waves.The sky was full of clouds, not a star or the moon to be seen. A blue light appeared in the distance, moving toward her.

Silsara stopped and watched it approach. Soon she could discern an elf, pale and with long black hair, in the center of the light. Quietly, she awaited the goddess.

"My dear child," Sussera said, "You must order the gates of the tunnel securely locked and guarded. Terrible times are coming. Those who are in the temple grounds should remain there. Keep the temple safe. Take care of it and of yourselves. Strangers will come to our world soon. They will need your skills and your aid. And who knows, maybe you can get a few Sussaran converts."

The clouds parted. The moon shone a moonpath across the waves. The goddess kissed her priestess on the forehead and then walked the moonpath.
Silsara watched as the figure of Sussera dwindled in the distance.

Silsara awoke with a start. "The tunnel gates! We must lock them at once." The Susserans ran down the tunnel.They protected the tunnel's entrance with traps and spells. They fastened the gates with locks and wards. As they finished, they could hear the traps in the tunnel entrance going off and the howls and cries of numerous undead. With many prayers and Sussera's blessing, Silsara turned them.

Since then, the tunnel to the Temple of Sussera has been protected with traps, wards, and misdirection spells. The inhabitants of the temple preserve their knowledge of magical crafting, make wine and beer, and fish the rich waters. They are always prepared to fight to defend their small refuge.

Now that new peoples are being brought to Sierra Na, the Temple of Sussera stands as a resource and temporary haven for folk, though few are invited to remain there permanently.

The temple hires workers for the hop and grape harvest. They have a nice performance space and a love of music and storytelling.

The permanent inhabitants of the Temple of Sussera are:

Silsara, elf, priestess of Sussera. She likes to fish. She weaves magical cloth.

Silseur, elf, her brother, a mage with serious skill in magical crafting

Suldas, elf, her spouse, a ranger who has great skill in viniculture

Silmery, gnome, the brewmistress of the temple. Silmery has heard that the other gnomes native to Sierra Na have vanished. She is very sad and worried about this, but finds solace in her work.

Sandrin, dwarf, was at the temple on the day it was first attacked. She has remained, developing great skill as a smith. She, Silseur, and Silsara work together to create many wonderful things.

Sundrin, dwarf, Sandrin's brother. He was also at the temple on the day of the first attack. He works with Suldas growing the vegetables, fruits, and hops for the temple. He is very fond of fishing.

Written by Maddyanne
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Re: Places of Sierra Na

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The People

Talks with Spirits walked slowly to the large tent. The tribe called it the Tent of Smoke. Only he and the Shaman, Broken Tail, could go into the sacred place. His three women had prepared the smoke bowl for him. He carried a long roll of weaved fabric with the bowl of herbs and mushrooms.

It was time to renew the sacred roll. The fabric was starting to mold. Talks with Spirits would smell the faint earthy smell as he carefully walked up to the tent. He opened the flap and went in examining the interior carefully. There was a stone fire pit in the center and a small hole at the top. He set the roll down then opened the tent flap again. The new prepared roll, bowls of paste, hollow reeds and crude grass wrapped brushes awaited him. He carefully carried each in. Talks with Spirits started a small fire with bow and dial stick. Heating a piece of wood up until it smoked then adding the smoking ember to a tightly weaved ball of dried grass and mudbelly dung. It lit and he set it in the stone circle blowing it aflame while adding kindling until a small fire with a single small log was strong enough to last. By now Fire Mother had rose full in the sky. While waiting for the fire to die down to embers, he unrolled the old roll and then the new below it. He set the pastes and powder out with the brushes and reeds.

When the embers died down he set the bowl on top of them. Taking a stick he set it to flame in the embers and then touched the contents of the bowl with the stick. The powdered herbs and mushrooms ignited and smoke filled the tent.

As Talks with Spirits went into dream state his hands started moving to various brushes. He painted what he saw not consciously, but by some connection outside his body. He saw, his hands wrote. First there was fog, a deep impenetrable fog of the drugs then things grew calm the fog slowly lifted. Talks with Spirits had crossed the boundary of his names sake. The spirits of the past came to him and gave him the visions that he sought.

The first vision was of the big water. The God who sleeps landed in the valley and slept. The god sank while the swamp grew around him until all you could tell was the outline of the god in the hills that covered him. The snake people built a temple for him and demanded sacrifices. A people of each tribe per year were sacrificed on the alter. He saw the great lizards roaming the big water and the tribes of his people hunting, mating, and waring with each other. The temples grew old.

He saw his father distressed at the tribes calling for them to leave the chaos of the big water. A few went most stayed. His father took the ones that wanted peace and lead them into the dry trees. They walked with the Fire mother to their right until she was in full glory. They would stop until she settled to their left. At night they followed the two brothers that chased the Fire mother away from the land until they came to the little water. Along the way the spirits of light that haunt the dry trees would lure some to the sucking grounds or a bad end. He saw his father bravely fight them with stone spear and ax chasing them away with his hunters.

After many days his father found the little water. The tribe found Leapers and mudbellies just as with the big water but these leapers and mudbellies were smaller not as much as a threat. The little water was a paradise to them they settled among the waters and soggy land, happy.

It was not long before the Goddess that hunts found the people. Small ones would go missing every few cycles of the brothers. Father feared what might become of the people. He was about to confront her, to make peace and worship when the little god showed up. His presence kept the goddess at bay. He taught the people to trap the mudbellies so the small ones would be safe, and to make nets to catch leapers. He taught the people the language of the gods so that the people could talk to many. He taught father to walk with spirits so that the People would have guidance. He taught many things from building with wood like beavers for a dry place to lay; to melting the green rock in the water, with fire to make Fire Mother's blessing. It was when the little god had gone a time, when father was swimming the water near the people, The great head of the goddess came up from below and swallowed him whole in front of the tribe. Her great head and horns then disappearing beneath the murkiness.

Talks with Spirits then becomes chief. He saw himself and the tribe as they decide. Many brothers cycle.

Little god came back to people. Little god, the one that smells of burning swamp, taught Me to walk with spirits along with another; Broken tail who now claims to see three brothers chasing the Fire mother.

Then the long cold came. The people got smaller. Some grew stiff like stone. The little water turned to stone there is no water, leapers died even mudbellies died. Little god came back teach the people to break the stone to find the water underneath. He taught the people to hunt Hornrunners to take their skin and use it for the people to keep warm. The people survived the long cold. Many brothers cycled.

Goddess who Hunts came back. Hunted small ones again. Hunter swam to little god. Little god came to face goddess. They fought while tribe watched. Little god made spirit lights to hurt the goddess to make her go away. Goddess who hunts smashed little gods bubble into the ground then lifted him up and carried him away. The Goddess that hunts came back many days later and spoke the talk of the people. She changed shape to look like little god. She said that little god was mate and was bad mate that she has reclaimed him. She say that if the people want to live in peace, that on this day every 100 cycles of the brothers, the people must send one east to broken stones to serve her. We sent one as she says and many cycles go in peace.

After many cycles Talk with Spirits sees the god children coming from the west but back away from the peoples territory and go around. Occasionally the tribe sees them a strange mix of the little god and the Goddess that hunts.

Talk with Spirits fell out of his dream state and looked around. The smoke from the bowl had finally cleared. He lifted the flap to see the Fire mother almost gone from the sky and the two brothers in the distance giving chase. He looked back at the rolls. The new roll was exactly like the old except for the end panel. On there was painted a Black dragon like creature that walked on two legs. He started a fire by sticking sticks in the embers to give light and warm the tent. He then carefully rolled the new sacred piece into a tight roll and stored it in a bamboo tube. Taking the other he said a prayer and anointed it with oil then placed it gently on the fire to burn thanking the spirits for talking with him.

Story written by Winterhawk
CTP team member
Chief cook and bottle washer for Harvest Moon

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