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Rifts and Deals

Postby Winterhawk99 » Fri Jul 16, 2010 4:53 am

Rifts and Deals

Dark wanderer, elkje, and Sjakie were at the ghost well of the vales when they were attacked by Manes and quasits. they went to the lake to investigate and found some kind of rift in the fabric of the prime. Manes and quasits appeared from the rift where the adventurers quickly killed them until a powerful man with red looking eyes came out of the rift.

They at first attacked him but he told them to Stop. They asked him a few questions and to which he replied, he was hunting the demons and that he was from Tartarus a plane beyond their senses.

He asked if there were any more demons for he said he was hunting them. He went back into the rift.

The three decided to go to the cleric in morzelmore for advice in closing the rift. They went to the temple of Io. The Priest told them that it sounded like he could not help them however the mage guild might.

They went to the mages guild.

At the mages guild an apprentice asked them why they were there. They explained to him about the rift. The mage seemed mildly interested and told them to wait in the conferance room while he got one of the masters.

After a time Malajanii came into the conference room and sat down. He listened to the three explain what happened and considered their pardicament. After he had heard all that he needed to know. He told them he could probably help. Dark told him to just give them a spell so they could dispel it. Malajanii then said that if it was a portal perhaps it could be dispelled easily however if it is a rift they would need to preform a magical ceremony with at least a mage and two people. he then asked them what they could do for him. they seemed mystified at first that a mage of the guild would not work for free. Dark mentioned something about dragonkin greed which Malajanii conviently ignored.

Malajanii then told them they could give him something of value........or preform a single service for him in the future. Dark offered him a wand of wonder. Malajanii just laughted and said " a toy". One by one each agreed to preform a service for the mage sometime in the future.

Malajanii went into a small room and brought out some papers. they were three sets of contracts. Each was a legally binding contract by morzelmore law that bound each person into one service for the mage sometime in the future not to last more than 3 days.

Sjakie and Elkje signed their names. Dark put an X on his contract. The Dragonkin laughed at him for not being able to read and write to which Dark replied that no one could know his name.

The Mage put the contracts away collected his gear and teleported them all to the Lake by the vales.

At the lake they found the rift. Malajanni investigated it for near an hour before speaking. He then gave each a candle and had them make and equal triangle with their bodys about the rift. Malajanni drew a gyph of the planular universe then a pentagram surronding that with the edges of the pentagram at the feet of the adventurers.

He then said a series of incantations at the end the adventurers held up their candles and shouted Ishcabibble!
after he was done he cast a spell destroying the rift and seaming up the prime material around it.

Malajanii then left telling them that he would see each of them soon.

Story written by Winterhawk
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