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Tabitha Stoulstriker

Postby Winterhawk99 » Fri Jul 16, 2010 4:55 am

Tabitha Soulstriker

Since she had helped Nora, Symraster and Tralla clear out the Fenendor bog, Tabitha had gone off to explore her world and get closer to nature, and through nature, her patron. After much time, she finally made her way back to the Vales. All was quiet; no one around the campfire. "Perhaps everyone is off somewhere," she wondered. Tabitha made her way south and west to the goblin city. "I shall clear these menaces and make the path safe for others." Using her wands, a ghost rock, and potions from her ice bag, Tabitha remembered all of the time she'd spent since getting transported to this new world - the friends she'd made and the ways in which she helped. "I missed this place."

Story by Uroogla
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