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The Invasion of Flax

Postby Winterhawk99 » Fri Jul 16, 2010 5:03 am

The Invasion of Flax

Marag, Meona, and Wolfe were sitting by the campfire when they were suddenly attacked by ogrillions. at least twice ogrillions came and then ogres hit the vales. the attacks were repeled. Wolfe left the area needing to go on a journey leaving Marag and Meona there to fend off the attacks. They both went east to the sequioa forest and spyed a large army of hill giants and ogres. they snuck back to the vales and waited for help.

In fact soon help arrived in the way of Sjakie and Elkje.
More attacks came and the attacks this time came twoard the shimmer not the people of the vales one ogre got threw and started to pound the shimmer with his axe.

The group decided to split with Marag and Meona trying to find a way to the encampment while Sjakie and Elkje guarding the shimmer.

[a pose from Elkjes Dairy, the famous cronical and Hero of the Vales]

[entry]Month 6 day 18 since her arrival.

A new holyman in our midst
I met a young promising cleric working on Cele bounties to ease the region. This Cleric named Sjackie and I first started the hunt for the goblinoids, Infact those little green critters fall quickly to my speeding rapiers and lingered by my songs. No It was only after we reached the depths of the goblin mines when all hell broke lose. Aparently the goblins weren't to fond of us killing their chieftans, those critters realy spawned from everywhere. And now we had to go back up with a entire army of goblins and their beetle pets on our heels.

When the dust and chaos of the battle cleared, and the green critters finaly were dead, I was confronted with the death of Sjackie... poor soul didn't stood a change against the elites. I moved over to him and bend over his liveless body to see if I could get a pulse and even tried reanimate him, when suddenly his body disappeared.

I do not know how long I watched that spot where my previous friend's body lied, it seemed like days... when suddenly his body returned and well alive! Amazing, those cleric do have their way in avoiding death.

However my newly raised friend had quite an adeventure of its own. Aperantly he met a God during his absence that grated him a pasage back to Siera An. But in return he had to prove him self worthy and interubt this Ogre named Flax.
Well that figured because Flax and I have a history this was that Orge that is collecting these Flawless Topaz's by tricking adventerurs into getting one for him. Anyway with this new information we backtracked our path to the Vales with haste.

A perfect timed arrival
None to soon did we arrive in the Vales to encounter a true Siege on the Vales planned by Flax, luckily we we were not the only ones there who could make a stand to a massive Ogre Army backed up by the Hillgiants from the North. But hallas we failed our task to defend the portal as they were to many. And to our cruwel discovery Hillgiants and Ogre's started spawning from the portal. It was only then we knew Flax had taken control. When the chaos of battle faded away, the group of adventures were in riddles in how, what, why. Luckily I already had the lore(roll dc35 ^^) on who Flax was and why he could be doing this, so the adventurers planned an expedition to infiltrate or rather invade Flax his terretory and confront him on top of his tower.

Marag and Meona went south and were attacked by a bock in the road with a contingent of hill giants, Ogres, and Ogre mages they fought desprately to out do the strong force. It took several hours but they destroyed the guard there going into the Sequoia forest where they met much stronger resistance.

Meanwhile Sjakie and Elkje defended the Shimmer from small waves of Ogre, Ogrillions and Giants. They started to notice some more Ogre mages going for the shimmer and casting. Then it happened!

Marag and Meona were beaten back by the resistance in the woods and fled to the Vales where they found that now the army was coming directly from the shimmer and the two young compainions Sjakie and Elkje fighting with all their heart to stop them. Marag and Meona joined the battle and together they fought the army defeating them.

The Four then decided to head to the Lendgendary Flaxes Tower.

They fought their way to the tower and flaxes army. it was rough the companions almost died several times. When they rushed the tower they found a strange portal inside. It glowed a dark red aura and seemed to be open to someplace beyond. they studied it only a moment before moving around it and going up the stairs.

They again met with heavy resistance but finaly made it to the top. When they got to flaxes hideaway they found no flax. only an empty room with thousands of topaz shards on the floor. The shards looked like a carpet they were so thick. They wondered a moment about them then went back to the portal.

At the portal they looked up to see the flawless topaz flax had been collecting hanging in mid air. They seemed to power the strange portal.

They decide to see what lies beyond and each in turn jumped into the portal.

The party found themselves deep in underdark. at a new portal. how it got there no one knows except for maybe Flax. Flax was hiding behind some rocks when they started to work. They spoke with him. As time progressed they found out Flaxes ultimate plan. He wished to close the portal with his magic then attack all the offworlders that had disrupted his life time and again.

As the conversation progressed the party seeing no end to the stalemate started to fidgit at their weapons. Flax took that as a que and ran as fast as he could twoard the portal disappearing in it before the adventurers could land a hand on him. They jumped after him. finding that they were back in the vales, Flax no where to be seen.

Alistra happened to be near the portal and had seen Flax run to the south. She told them she could dispell flaxes alteration of the portal if they found the right spell which could probably be found in Morzelmore.

Story written by Winterhawk and willow the smasher
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