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Postby Winterhawk99 » Fri Jul 16, 2010 5:06 am


The High Priestess of Bahamut looked over the recovery of the baby silver dragon she had raised fom the dead. She thought back to the brave ones that had helped her in performing the task to do this.

"Gythaxian, I have need of you." she said.

A man robed in red and gold ran into the chamber, immediately tripped on the edge of the rug, and stumbled to the floor. "Sorry, most honored one. I came as quickly as I could."

"Oh, my! I do hope that your awkwardness will soon be resolved within you. I know you are more capable than that. Anyway, I have to ask you to be a messenger for me once more. There are four individuals whom you must seek out and bestow these rewards to. They left here before I was ready to give them what they deserved."

"Yes, most honored one. That I can only serve you to the best of my ability."

Under her breath she muttered, "That is what I am afraid of." Turning to the table that was covered with items she said, "This suit of armor is to go to Nora, the Champion of Torm; this sword and helmet to the druid, Tabitha Soulstriker; this ring and helmet to Xulk Wyrmjaw, the noble paladin; and to Melissa of Bithynia, these special items I picked out for her. I DO hope that you will be able to find and reward these without an incident like last time."

"I will do my best, as always, most honored one.", Gythaxian said, as he exited the chamber weighted down with all the items he carried.

As the priestess watched Gythaxian Nightshade leave she said to the little dragon in front of her, "Oh rest now little one." Then more to herself she whispered, "As to Leigh Mwar, although I was able to give her a small gift of appreciation, I have one more item to give to her, personally."

Gythaxian reflected on his first accomplishment. "I was able to find the one called Melissa and give her the two items that belonged to her -- and without any mishap. I must be doing better. The one named Melissa was also happy, saying something to the effect that now she could fly anytime she wanted. The Priestess will be proud."

Upon locating Nora and bestowing the suit of armor to her, a requst was made to grant an audience with Heidi at Haakon Keep, in hopes of becoming the Protector. "I will see to what I can arrange.", Gythaxian said. Turning back into his traveling portal, he also muttered, "I only hope she isn't still mad at me for the last time."
Sniffing the air, he jerked his head up and looked to the south, "I do believe that Tabitha Soulstriker is somewhere near the goblin city. Off I go!"

Story written by Graewerld
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