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Coric Lane

Postby Winterhawk99 » Fri Jul 16, 2010 5:10 am

Coric Lane

The scenery was perfect, as was the quiet on that cliff… perfect for meditation and quiet prayer. Coric used his time to do just that. He found no better way to pass the time while he was waiting for the priestess of Skyblade, Metill’lea . He had heard this was a place she would come to meet the faithful and pray with them, though praying with the dragon is not what he had in mind. He was there to get a letter of intent for the Tansu, or they would not forge him a blade. His meditation was soon to be interrupted by a frantic orc… Oogle it called itself.

Apparently he had managed to draw the ire of a group of frost giants. To add to Coric’s surprise one of the giants managed to close on him before he had his weapon drawn. The giant was far more surprised as Coric deftly took it down with a series of kicks and punches. Drawing his weapon he took down the other four with little help from the orc. When the fight was over the orc thanked Coric and went on its way. Still slightly confused over what had just happened Coric went back to his meditation, and waiting.

He played through the fight move by move, blow by blow… memorizing it taking it into his very being. As he did often after many fights, when time permitted. He remembered a time before he had met the warrior that would shape his style; a time when he was only a boy in a small town along the Golden Way. He remembered seeing the Kara-Tur warriors who guarded many of the caravans going to port. It was one such master warrior that would change Coric’s life.

The warrior monk took Coric under his wing, taught him how to fight, how to win, and most importantly, why to fight. He taught Coric a code of valor, the code of Heironeous, The Invincible. And with that, a prayer… the Prayer of Valor. It was simple really. And it was powerful to Coric, it formed the basis of what would become Coric’s and the Master’s moral code.

“Lord Heironeous, guide me in upholding your standard of justice and chivalry, bless me with the calm and certainty to face the daily trails of life. Guide my blade so that I may protect the weak and innocent, and give me the strength to overcome the never ending challenges of evil in your name.”

It was with that, he heard the footsteps of another. When he stood and looked around he didn’t see her immediately, but he knew she was there. As he scanned the area he found her tending the fire near a small shelter. And it was then he spoke. “Hello there, I am Coric Lane, and I am looking for the priestess Metill’lea.”

“Are you a convert?”

“No, I was sent to find her by the Tansu.”

“Is there need in the realm for the dragon?”

“No, they ask for a letter of intent to forge a sword for me. They ask as they do not know my god.”

“You seek a sword crafted by the samurai? You obviously aren’t a samurai or you wouldn’t be here asking me to
scry your heart for intentions.”

“My style requires a two bladed sword, a blade unfortunately rare in this land.”

“And who is your god?”

“Heironeous, The Invincible.”

Metill’lea nods in response. “Then we shall start.” She moves slightly away from the shelter and casts a few spell as Coric watches. Soon there are a few shafts of blue light and a Astral Deva appears. Metill’lea begins speaking quietly with the Deva who soon nods and vanishes. A short time passes, and the Deva returns and speaks quietly with the priestess who is soon nodding in return and then the deva vanishes a second time. Now the priestess turns back to study Coric, then speaks.

“Who is your gods sword enemy?”

“His half brother, Hextor.”

“And speak the Prayer of Valor.” Coric begins resciting the prayer much like he did when he was first learning it from the warrior, and Priestess nods as he finishes.

“Only a true believer may know his gods deepest prayers, and by such may the faith shine in his eyes. You are who you claim to be.” With that she sits down and writes a letter for him sealing it with her signet, and handing it to him.

“Thank you,” is all Coric can say with a bow, now the hard part of his quest for a new blade begins, finding the metals the Tansu asked for.

Story written by Jace Salzman
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