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* sweetpea sits by the stream talking to the goldfish*
You know fishes ive been here awhile now ..Sometimes i worry i will forget what my family looks like. * she smiles sadly * I mean i know they look like me and all but its sure odd to be so far away and not be able to pop round and have a appleberry pie or something .
In my own land I wasnt much of anything yet but I had big dreams of being a great ..well a great something .. Someone to make my whole family proud and have others say stuff like WOW thats that Tinderblue family they sure are ..something ..
Im learning more and better common too since i been haning out with all the singer folks . They sure know a lot of words and big ones too.. Like did you know exclusive means just for one .. I know * looks at the fish * I dont get that one either but its a big word ..
............cont ..........

Can I tell you something fishes .. I have only told ellidy and maybe one other i forget but its why i hate biters .
* sweetpea leans back on her hands ,looking into the sky with a saddened face *
I had a brother once ,he was a good one too . Hardly ever bit me and never smacked me . Well only once but thats cause i tripped him .He was my big brother and he looked just like me, only more like a boy and more like my dad and ok he didnt look like me .Anyway he was my brother and he and I would explore and stuff and we even went into town even though mom said not to . Folks dont take kindly to kender but we werent to close to folks we stayed in the woods mostly but we people watched . It was fun and my brother was a really good mirror of folks and he could just BE them all a sudden .. So we were people watching and he saw some fella in a black coat and he started following and acting like him and i was laughin . They were right in front of me and then just turned a corner and they were gone .. * looks down at the fish * POOF gone .. and ... * shakes head * i waited .. I waited for a long time till it was almost light out .. i waited all night .. I had to go tell our family cause I thought maybe he got stuffed in that jail place they always said was bad and kender belonged in .. though i dont know what that is but it sure sounds bad dont it ? ..


My family were upset but not real bad cause we tend to wander and they thought maybe he just wandered a bit .. I kept going to the place i last saw him though ...every day .. for weeks .. and one day i saw the man in the coat .. my brother wasnt with him though .. and later that night my brother showed up at home ..
* pea starts to cry * he was different .. kind of odd colored and he didnt smile and he didnt laugh and he didnt want appleberry pie .. he wanted to talk to us alone he said so he called us all in the house and ...
* pea starts to shiver * he told us of how the man in the coat pulled him into him and bit him .. and then he ... he ... smiled ... and ... he want my brother anymore .. he was .. one of THEM ... my mother screamed .. my dad ran to get a sword and i ... i .. snuck behind him and .. * puts her face in her hands ** took the smile off ..he wasnt my brother anymore was he fishes ? you dont think the gods will hate me for what i did right ? you dont think thats why i am here do ya ?
I like it here all right but i miss my family . I miss them .. when we die fishes do we meet them ? do we get to be with them no matter where they are ? when they are? who or what they are? do you think that maybe i could say ... im sorry .. and i love you to him ? and that maybe he would forgive me ? and maybe we could play again .. id even let him smack me .. * she nods * if only he would smile a real smile and take the ugly out of my mind .. and make it so im not so scared anymore .Do you think maybe he would love me again ,even if i killed him ?
do you think fishes? ...
** pea cries herself to sleep laying by the stream in the village **

*pea talks to mia and mara in kender *

Ya know somethin kitties I think folks are gonna be upset maybe a little with me . * she takes out a peice of rag and plays with mia as mara watches *
I been going places and seeing things and well im not real good with knowing where i am alla time .So what i been doin is i been marking rocks ,trees ,walls. What ever looks good to mark on, i mark ! I put stuff like this way to morzel and hey there is them nasty lizard folks up ahead or watch out for gibbers things like that . Now i suppose your a wonderin * nods to the cats * why i think folkses might get mad .Well see some folks might not like me muckin up the nature stuff with words .I thought of that yep .But I think its better to be doin it them be muckin up the forest with bodies of ours just a layin there .. dont you ?
Ellidys helping to though she writes prettier and adds stuff like pictures and the like . kind of pretty yep but i dont have time to do all that and i do polish the rocks when i kin ya know . I dont like that i cant polish them real good but somes better then none right ?
* pulls some fish out of her bag and gives it to the cats * shh dont tell ellidy ... eat fast ..

*laying on the floor in her house talking to miss chik *
So here i was just mindin my own bees wax .. yep thats my bees wax over there in the table .I got it from them big ole bees and got some honey too ! Good for polishin but i got to remember to tell ellidy not to walk on some spots that s been a little over bee 'zd if ya know what i mean * laughs*.. SO anywho i was minin it and up pops a ghosty ! no no not them drippy icky scary gonna widdle my pants kind just a plain one .. you know that kind thats blurry round the edges .


So i was spectin that boo and yiii and all that normal ghosty stuff but no not this time .. this time he said .. least i think it was a he ..seemed more he like then girl like and i think it smelled a little like grandpa but that could be me a thinking about grandpa when that ghosty just popped in like id invited it .. which i didnt !
Anywho .. seems that another ghosty ,our friend daisery ..was a missin .. can ya believe that .. missin ! like how in the world can a ghosty come up missin .. think on it .. its eithe there or it isnt .. so hmm * taps her finger on her lip * does that mean if i dont see a ghosty and its talking anyway its siort of missin? or if that ghosty is showin a body sort of but it has no words is its voice missin? OR what if i never see a ghosty at all how do we know they aint ALL missin ?? thats one of them questions ill ask Ell ..
Anywho ..

( cont )

* lays on her back with her hands under her head * so daisery was missin and the other ghosties was worried and they wondered if id help . well course id help .. so i had to go to talk to amalda but she wasnt there so i talked to miss suss .. i cant rightly know what to call her really .. but she sure was pretty and she smells of violets and wood .. but not that rotten wood smell but ya know that wood smell when the forest is just wakin up in the mornin and everything feels kinda new but it isnt ? well thats the kind im meaning .. and not the plain ole purple violets with that neat musky smell but more the white ones with that funny " hey is that a perfume " smell . know what im meanin? * looks at miss chik who is peckin at the rug *

anywho .. she said .. oh hi pea how are you today .. and i said im just finer then the eye lash of a gnat on bowl of good apples and she nodded cause of course she knows how fine that is .. and we talked bout the weather and she said she liked my cloak or something and then she said in a pretty as you please kind of voice .. " so since your gonna go help us with daisery you should know she is with some biter and you will most likely die .. but thanks for going and saving our ghosty ! : .. now ya couldve knocked me over with a feather ,, and i aint meaning them big ole feathers off them roc kinda birds that are standing tall as a house less ya live in an under ground house then course pretty much everything is taller then your house aint it ...
any who ...

* cont

i was membering back at the last biter and my thumb jammin in her eye .. and how i came close to bein biter food and that aint no kind of food to be at all .. i mean if they want food why cant they just eat apples or if they have have too maybe some deer liver orsomething just as yucky as that but folks blood thats just nas and tee all together ..like mom said you dont know where folks been and what if they dont wash their neck ever .. yyy and uck im making myself a little sick..
Anyway i said ok id help and off i went to find the ghosty .. so i fought and fought and the ghosty thought she wasnt loved no more cause ole ugly biter told her that ..which of course we know is a bunch of crap on a cracker .. so she finally believed and she went on home and i killed that nasty biter * pea shudders*
So there you have it .. heyi wonder if i should call myself pea the vamp hunter ..maybe hang a shingle out front .. have Ellidy write something like .. Pea the slayer .. vamps come in but they dont come out .. * pea laughs* im just kiddin miss chik them things give me the willies .. i ever tell ya about my uncle willie he was a nice fella little deaf but nice just the same .. smelled a little like barley which all and all isnt to bad less ya mix it with skunk and thats just what happened ,,,,,* trails off **

Story written by Angelhawk
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