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Postby Winterhawk99 » Fri Jul 16, 2010 5:35 am


The forest was quite that morn. No bird sang the dawn awake. A slight wind warmed the frost slowly takeing the frost away bit by bit. Trolls moved in the distance and cats scurried here and there back to their secret resting places. The only clear sound was a spade breaching the earth. Behind it a slight tall woman with white hair worked.

She dug each small pit only 6 inches or do placing a pine comb full with seed in each. she covered one up and moved to the next. Blisters appeared after a time then broke seeping water down her fingers. She would plant and move then plant again untill all the could be seen was little plots of dirt every few feet. She knew some would be dug up by hungary squirrels, others would not seed. Some would sprout and get eaten by deer but a few would survive to become trees replacing the devastation the undead did to the forest.

She finished near Illmorna's circle then collapsed. Nothing came near her nothing would touch the light she collapsed on. When she woke it was deep night. She looked frightened a moment for loosing conscienceness then got up and peered over the cliff face. All was silent

Swan sat with her legs over the cliff and cried softly where no one but the bear would here her.

Swan stopped by the vales for her yearly supplies. not that she needed much. all her belongings could rest in the shallow cave deep in the pine forest. She took rest in the trees and ate mostly the givings of nature. Yet still she needed to mend threadbare clothes and armor. Needed flint and steel and amunition for her long bow.

The trip went peacefully She traded with the dwarves giving the human mage wide berth. Along the way back cleaning up the gnolls just south of the Vales she met a dwarf. She exchanged pleasantrys with him as much as Swan is known for. The Dwarf wasnt human so she felt at ease with him. He spoke of needing some regions and ask for her to guide him to the city.

She looked around the area a moment for movement and agreed the areas around the vales were known for their nuisances. The Dwarf asked a few questions which she answered politely or conveniently ignored by asking him other questions.

Finally he collected some gnoll inards for some magic spell and turned to her. She assumed it was time for them to go to the dragon city so she started off.

The Dwarf noticed in their conversation her distaste of humans in general. She told him the story of her order and the story of the soldiers and farmers of Iuz an evil Man in Greyhawk claiming to be a god. She then asked him if he worshipped Pelora.

Swan had bore a burden form many years a Golden greatsword dedicated in the name of Pelora. She didnt even remember how it came into her hands only that the sword was of anothers god and she would need to find someone who worshipped the goddess and give it back to their care. True twas a human god but non the less She took religion seriously and Knew eventually she would wander upon some traveller that would worship the goddess and be able to relieve herself of it cleanly.

When she asked the question the dwarf laughed and said no then asked her why if she disliked humans she bore this sword? She couldnt remember and He then started to asking more questions more pointed she started getting quiet aggitated and started to move him along twoard dragon city.

The Dwarf did something strange He Spoke or moved or she was sure then he said REMEMBER

swan feinted

She got back up as locked in some form of enchantment. The dwarf commanded WHO ARE YOU! Within the trance She saw her lips move and invoke a name Angelicas Protectus Revina. That started the dwarf. Inside She became angry the feeling of not being in control of her body the speaking of a name she did not know yet knew the sigificance of. He then stripped her mind level by level.

She remembered dieing She remembered going to Vallhalla to become a Valkrie. She remembered all that took place when she was dead. She remembered being happy for the first time in many years then........then she was pulled by the wish spell a spell that brought her to life and made her feeling happy on the surface forever. The pain they caused to her deep inside for being taken away from her sisters yet again and having the powerful dweomer cause her the false happyness and why she shunned all now.

The Dwarf released her from the spell. She got up and scuttled away from him. It was a demon in the form of a dwarf. Only a demon could do these things to her. She looked in fear for the first time in a long time and screamed out demon begone. He started to move twoard her and she ran as fast as she could. She didnt stop running until she had past the city to the small waterfall underneath. There she took her clothes off and washed. then washed again and hid under the waterfall quietly sobbing.

Late at night she left the waterfall and started into minator territory. Quickly she ran soft as the wind. feet bearly leaving the mark on the ground. She traveled to the druids circles sacret grove fighting minators, crayfish, and wolves to get there. she colapsed kissing the ground.

Swan found her self deep in Orc territory. She had found where they lair and investigated the cave. Orcs were mortal enemys of the elves throughout time. Their archers a well played match to elven archers. She carefully crept in the cave to explore the extent and strength of the orcs. as she fought them she found these same orcs were the ones by their armor and weapons that plauged Haakons for the years that the refugees had been there.

As she fought she came upon 2 human priests. Again the Humans had found her. she was wary of the two who as always seemed pleasant enough. She silently traveled with them for a time. Finding that they were competant enough she changed to her mage robes to better strike with her bow from the rear. The two priests were quite greedy in their search of the corpses. she was not surprised. They called their goddess mystra not that Swan cared or even knew who the goddess was. It was well deep into the mines that an Orc got past these two priests defenses and attacked her. Not in her elven chain she fell and again started to chase the voices that called her back home the home of her new sisters. A land of fire and ice. After a time she felt herself being pulled back yet again. She fell and dug her nails into the ethearial floor but it was no use. She found herself back in her mortal body again. Raised by an unknown goddess of the clerics that were in front of her. Solonar it seems still had a use for her.

She fell to her knees and cried then left the clerics. She needed to be alone and find some kind of peace.

Story written by winterhawk
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