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Postby Winterhawk99 » Fri Jul 16, 2010 5:52 am


It was Dark. It was always dark the night dragged on until the fake sun popped into existence with a pale light then it would be brighter but only slightly. The young woman stood at the edge of the Academy grounds. She looked at her pass to see her family. then she looked to the gates off the academy grounds into the vastness of Underdark. Could she survive? She would be hunted that she knew. How much time before the chase began? She didn't know.

She struggled for 3 years in the academy trying to have faith. Trying with all her heart to believe in that she knew was wrong. She kept her feelings to herself. Praised the dark maiden when she needed too. She couldn't live a lie anymore. Something inside her said now or never. She stared at the pass.

One way down the street was a life of Struggle. A Struggle for position. Death awaited at every turn. if not from a rival house or misstep in politics, then from ones own family member when they feel they could take you out.

The other way lead to flight. A drive to the surface. Your family and others chasing you down relentlessly.

The young woman looked up and went to the city boundary gate. Two city guard met her there. "Halt", the one spoke.
The young woman sneered back at the guard, "Step aside you miserable wench! Do you dare disturb the musings of a future matron!? I have a pass and will use it as I please unless you want to find what lies in the pit underneath the city!" The guard warily looks at the woman's pass then the symbols on her armor," My apologies Mistress Megilin you may pass." The Woman half-smiles," Good I have some things to collect for the graduation ceremony I shall return shortly. I would hope you not sleeping when I return!"

Tiberia walked confidently out of the city. When she got out sight of Mezzobornean She ran with all her heart using the map she paid for dearly. Up she struck towards the surface.

The Chase was on. Tiberia had been a week striking her way up. Dead ends, passes, creatures to avoid. She did many things to keep moving on. Some not very adherent to those inner values she kept so close to her heart. She negotiated with illthirid protected by a helm she found. She slept with crazy mages that helped get her closer to her goal. They were on her heels now close to the surface she had to run when they rested, run when they scryed, run when they chased. She could not hide. They would find her. She had to run. Tiberia cried out to the moon maiden to help her find the way. She dodged and drove finally breaking the surface with the drow close to her heels.

The blinding sun struck her nearly making her blind. An arrow flew past her. The Young woman could go no further she fell. An arrow struck her thigh breaking her leg. She crawled on knowing she would be drug back in chains.

All of the sudden a crashing sound came from in front of her. A strange thunderous roar something she had never heard before. A shadow passed over her. It was big and fast, a strange sound bayed out of its mouth. She heard fighting and dieing. The Drow caught off guard by the creature fought it and died. The creature used some form of weapon She couldn't see it but could hear the ringing of weapons.

She heard running. The drow were running back to the cave. Then all got quiet for several minutes. Tiberia tried to call on her clerical magic to heal the wound but the magic wouldn't work. She looked around but still the bright sun blinded her everything was a blur.

She listened. Heavy breathing came close to her. She picked up her mace that she had dropped. She would fight this beast from the ground if she had too. There was a snort then something like footfalls landed on the ground.

Tiberia felt a sensation a scrying of sorts invade her, then a voice from the beast spoke, "Drow chasing a single drow? Now that is not a sight seen every day. I think I know why they chased you young lady. Your heart is different. I will help you and then we shall see perhaps you are the one I am looking for. I hope my quest is ended. We shall see.

Tiberia felt a potion being forced down her mouth then being picked up. The figure said,"Sleep" and Tiberia fell into an elven trance.

Valdir charged at the student at full gallop down the lightly wooded path. Tiberia came on strong in her own regard. The pair met Lance upon Lance. Tiberia was knocked off her horse once again, got up, threw her shield away and pulled her sword from her horse. He swung around and charged again. This time she unhorsed him. He hit the hard ground feeling the pain and got up pulling his sword out. They fenced for almost 5 minutes before she yielded.

She pulled her helm off and spit disdain. "Tiberia?!, Your learning. Its not life and death by Chokra you need to relax a bit." She looked up, " They will come again one day. I must be ready." Valdir looked at her with a smile, " Its not revenge I would hope. Remember the tenets I teach. Reorx will not find you nor Lolth on these lands. You need to move on and if it happens be prepared. No one will disturb us on the lands of Chokra; on the lands I protect. I'm getting old but still have a few more years to be able to teach you both in martial ways and to be a woman of honor and society. Come lets get washed up for dinner." She nods as he pats her on the shoulder. As they walk he talks to her, " Your the bravest I have taught, not the wisest but that will come too. In time you will be a fine knight." She half laughs and nods, " I hope so Sir. I risked everything for a better life." The old knight smiles, " Chokra knows that Tiberia and watches over you. Now get thee to the barn and wash up and put a proper dress on. Knights need to be refined in public as they are fierce in battle." She ran to the barn calling out " Yes Lord Valdir”

With Tears in her eyes she shoveled the dirt. Lord Valdir had moved on into a arms of Chokra. She had dressed him in his finest armor and put his holy sword in his hands.

Now she laid him into the ground as he wished. Lord Valdir had spent a decade teaching her. She loved him as a father and now his time was ended. After she buried him she packed her things. She wondered what the world would hold for her? What challenges she faced? How would a Drow be received in the lands of Azail; the nearest settlement?

She lead the old warhorse to the fields where wild horses graze. She said her goodbyes to him. picked up her things and left for the elven fort. The Elves had a temple of Chokra there. Hopefully she would find a home.

A weary young paladin made it to the camp in the woodlands. She found a ranger and did some trading with him. She fought goblins at his behest to cut down on the damage they did to the neighboring land. In the next weeks she met many elves that tried to extinguish her life she ran. One in particular a woman sought her out and tried many times to kill her. Her life had taken a turn now it was a fight for survival and to keep to Chokra's tenets. She found the temple of Chokra only to be shunned for being a drow.

Those first few months were hard. She took them in with calm reassurance that Chokra would show her the way. She lived and fought for the neighboring peoples staying in the forest so not to cause a fight with good misunderstanding people. She went to Azail a few times to get supplies.

On one of these trips she met a young bard Mara. A beautiful red head with clear eyes and a song that uplifted her. They started traveling together and eventually they became lovers. Mara protected Tiberia from Harassment of a people who couldn't understand a Drow could be good. Tiberia protected Mara from all the evil encroachments of the lands. Tiberia even gave her sword away to get them out of the Azail jail. A corrupted guard by the name of Red had accosted them on the road to the halfling village. They had many adventures the pair and had grown wealthy from their fortunes. Then one day as they went to the temple of Chokra to pray fate dealt the couple a wonderful hand.

Tiberia and Mara were walking on the Temple grounds and came across a great magic circle. Lights danced and played around it. A baby appeared and voice told them to take it. Tiberia checked for evil while Mara scryed the area. Nothing seemed to prevent them from taking it. it seemed strange. The pair counted their blessings and took the baby.

They retired to a small home outside Azail in the forest raising the baby they called Amysarah. It was a good life Tiberia and Mara taught Amysarah all they knew of life. Tiberia taught her to use a weapon to defend herself, how to be a lady, and the general ways of a good life. Mara taught her song, dance and writing. It was a wonderful existence. Amysarah was an elf with ruby red eyes that sparkled and took in everything around her.

The Decades passed Tiberia and Amysarah being elves aged slowly. Mara was human. Time took its toll on her. Tiberia did all that she could but eventually Mara died. The wondrous life had ended. and Tragedy was about to strike.

Tiberia buried Mara behind the small home in the forest, while Amysarah now the equivalent of a teenager in elven terms watched. Amysharah had a flare for magic that much Tiberia knew. Mara had helped her with it but Tiberia not knowing the arcane could only watch and smile as the young elf got more control over the magic forces around her.

When Tiberia finished she knelt down and prayed for Mara's soul to be taken in the void by Chokra. She had told Amysarah to stay with her but teens will be teens and she wandered off a bit. Tiberia stayed by the grave and prayed.

Tiberia heard a scream then a muffled protest. She jumped up and searched the area running to where Amysarah had wondered off. She found human footprints and signs of a struggle. She tracked them to a glad in the forest. As she breached the cover of forest into the glade she found nothing. the trail ended and on a stump lay a fist size ruby.

Tiberia cried out to Chokra and to Amysarah. The forest grew dark. She switched her eyes to infra-vision and looked for lingering heat signs. There was nothing. She went home gathered her things and left on a quest that would span hundreds of years and to this day still quests for.

She went to the towns in the area looking for any sign. then boarded a ship for further lands to the east.

For 50 years Tiberia travel fearun. First in anchorome then on to the sword coast and deeper still across the vastness of the continent. She lost faith in Chokra. She didn't know it. She did her daily prayers but he abandoned her and she only gave the faith lip service. She became a sell sword to those not afraid to hire her and to whom she felt had good hearts. She followed clues to her daughter across fearun until nothing was left.

She was escorting a group of illmaterian priests They were raided by orcs. The priests kept down while Tiberia valiantly fought off the orcs receiving many wounds in the processes. She feinted shortly after the battle. The priests and priestesses of Illmater tended to her and took her into their fold. For several decades she protected the Temple they journeyed too and found a new faith in Illmater. It fit the drow well who was plagued by misunderstanding and often harassed and attacked by those that would not normally attack a good person.

She continued reading at the temple and learning. One day a sign came to her the ruby glowed from within its depths. She rushed out of the temple only to find the remnants of a camp the people who made it at least a days ride away.

The High priest of the temple met her there with the rest of her gear. He told her he had a vision and that it was the time to journey on to find her daughter. He told her a place where she could follow a portal to another realm.

She journeyed to the portal made a prayer to illmater and stepped into the light to find herself in another world.

For Century s Tiberia followed a trail across world upon world. She made a name for herself in Greyhawk, Krynn, Fearun, Ravenloft and many many other places. She learned to use portals to guide her following along Amysarah's trail. She often stopped in Sigil for supplies and marked the portals in her mind so she would know how to get back.

Sometimes just a step behind Tiberia now the hunter and not the hunted followed. Trails grew cold then heated up. She collected evidence to Amysarah's whereabouts from old friends she met in the different worlds.

She was close on Amysarah's heels on some corner world when she met a band of villagers. She heard them cry Drow! and Tried to say something but was knocked down by several men. They beat her unceasingly. Almost senseless and in pain she saw a vision of Illmater.

He spoke in her mind. Telling her of how proud he was of her and that she had a choice to make. she could come with him now and slip into death honorably or she could continue on her quest and live. She didn't think long before the answer rushed threw her mind. She said to him she needed to see her daughter one last time to know that Amysarah had grown up a good woman. Illmater *nodded* and spoke, " I cannot go with you child where you need to go. I must give you to another." with that he left and an older man in shining armor appeared. The villagers ran off now that she seemed dead. Only Tiberia could see the old knight even with her eyes swelled almost shut. The Knight picked her up and started walking.

The scenery quickly changed and phased in and out from old rural road to city to forest. the knight laid her down on a pad full of pink and yellow lights and disappeared.

Tiberia saw a small fire and crawled to it finding a dwarf sitting by a campfire. Thus begins Tiberias journeys on Sierra na

Tiberia let a new bowl by the campfire and thought about today's wandering. As she smoked the rich dark plants in her pipe, she thought of both the good news and the bad news of the day. Another traveler had come to Sierra na. An old human teacher. She wanted to make herself useful in some way. She along with Velevet, Bofor, and a new stranger named Gillian set off to find some wood for her.

They decided to find the Dryad in the grove to ask permission to find some exotic wood to make a billboard. This new teacher wanted to become a scribe for passers by so all could hear news and write letters to others that travel about the face of this new world.

On the way they were surprised by dragonkin bandits. The bandits were very strong. after a fierce battle the group captured one bandit. Giliam cut off one of its fingers. and the dragonkin also died once in the battle. Bofor raised him so they could gather information. his demeanor Tiberia at first thought a pleasant fellow. But what he did proved to her that his true self in a way. Tiberia learned long ago not to use her abilities except in certain circumstances. She never did like to pry. It reminded her of before when she was young. *She took another puff* Giliam not someone to trust among her company again.

The dragonkin on the other hand had much to say about a thieves network not connected to the baron that was trying to invade a hidden elven city to the north. They seemed to think they would find something that could let them take over and control all of Sierra na. This was disconcerting. Something new to worry about. The world had enough trouble with offworlder tensions with natives especially in Morzelmore. The city seems more pleasant the thieves guild quiet. It usually means a storm brewing somewhere. Now this new threat Was this heart and dagger organization connected some how to the thieves guild of Morzelmore? Tiberia shook her head. Her thoughts wandered to Sanser and the evil guard that told the story of this elusive new menace and its secrecy. The elves were said to have started this outcasts of this hidden city. Dragonkin revived it. at least that's what she thought she heard.

After the incident Giliam faded into the tangle of trees around the ravine and was not seen the rest of the day. To what purpose he went no one knows.

They went to the dryad and was gifted the wood by a treant with much to do and warnings about not hurting trees. The party accepted and returned to the vales with the wood. Alistra may need further help making the billboard she seemed uncertain.

As darkness approached Tiberia put out her pipe and tapped the bowl out. Many things stir on this world, but for now warning Haakons of this new thread seems the most important.

Tiberia changes into her armor and picks up her holy avenger preparing for the long walk to Haakons keep.

Tiberia had mixed feelings about her group. They had been months trying to fix the wellspring of magic that fueled Sierra na's world. They had found 2 of the 3 shards. The third was rumored to be in a vampire den far to the north.

The group had changed during this time. Now there was herself, Tralla one of her adopted daughters, Coric a human from fearun, Dark wanderer one of the famous villagers from Tangwetsyl, and a newcomer dwarf.

They fought their way into the castle. The vampires well seasoned fighters the group almost died several times. With Tiberia's turning abilities and the fighting skills of dark and Coric they slowly made their way into the castle.

After a time finding a torched man. Coric and Dark wanted to kill the man outright. Tiberia with her past could not do this and was appalled by the two's attitude.

She tried to free the man from the device but found she could not. Her time as a paladin with Chokra and later with Illmater could not let go she felt the mans pain within herself. Tralla came up with an idea to pour holy water around the device to keep the vampires away until they could come back. That is when Dark decided to take matters into his own hands and kill the man. Tiberia stepped in front and was ready to attack Dark. after much conversation Tiberia looked closely at the man and found that he had turned. She let a tear fall from her eye and killed him taking his head so that he may rest.

They finally found the shard and gave it to the watcher to help with the bringing back of the mysterious land of Anolie.

Later she walked alone to the waterfall under Morzelmore. She placed the head in the waterfall and covered it completely with stones.

After she said a small prayer for the man, " I don't know who you are but I bring you peace. May Illmater or Haakon wrap you in their arms"

She stood watching the water fall for a moment thinking of her companions and knew in her heart that after this was over she would return to her quest the quest to find her missing daughter.

Story Written by Winterhawk
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Re: Tiberia

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It was early. Tiberia had started a new stew in the camp. Coric strolled in and they greeted each other as fellow comrades and friends. Tiberia continued watching over the stew until she knew it would simmer on its own then sat down on a log and lit her pipe. The dark herbs within the bowl giving her some relief to her mangled fingers. the joins now swollen almost all the time. A paladin's faith beat all diseases but not even faith could beat old age. She drew a deep breath and relaxed. After a few minutes the pipe fell out of her hands and she fell off the log sound asleep. Sleep being reserved for those elves either too old or too young to not sleep. She dreamed of the past. of things she did and others did too her. At the end was a nightmare. She cried out and woke with a start to find herself in midday with the blinding sun in her face. She covered her eyes with her arm for shade then saw Coric and a new person in camp. It was Paetyr the young human cleric of Tyr. She relaxed and asked how long she had been out.

Paetyr decided once again that Tiberia was no threat and would not roast him in the camp pot. He moved closer to the camp and away from the trees he had a particular fear of. Why the young man feared trees she didn't know but it was unusual she thought; at least for a surfacer. She did sort of understand the sentiment. The trees in the area were a full 50 meters tall and 5 meter round. They spread their canopy's high above the forest floor. The camp even in daylight was fairly dark. That is why Tiberia enjoyed the camp life here. It was coincidence that she woke up to full sunlight on her face when she startled. She still felt the pain when that happened even living century's on the surface.

The group rested into the easy banter of the camp, when the Elf in Green came along. Tiberia remembered the Elf from years ago when she thought she could almost catch up with Amysarah. She greeted him. The 4 talked amongst each other for a good while. The Elf mentioned the Lady in Red. Tiberia's ears sharpened and so did Paetyr. The two grilled him on the name of the Lady in Red and finally he let out that she was in fact Amysarah.

Tiberia became hot. The drow rage whelped up; long suppressed by centuries of searching. She drew her sword and tossed up her ruby letting it swirl around her. She had questioned this elf before on the Lady in Red when she rescued him from the White Halfling and now! Now he said he knew all along.

The elf retorted that she could not be Amysarah's Mother, which enraged Tiberia even further. She Spoke loudly of her long quest for her daughter and the trials and tribulations she had been through to see her. She also told the Elf how Mara and she found the baby at the temple. The Elf finally acquiesced and said that, Tiberia may indeed be her mother. Tiberia now feeling the full rage of her drow blood tried to control it. By the barest edge she did and walked off to the cliff face to calm down so she could start with this elf anew. She gave a short prayer and meditated coming back to the camp when calm once more.

The Elf explained that he needed an escort to go north to the tribes. Seeing that he might be the key to Amy's whereabouts Tiberia decided to join the group and perhaps find some of the knowledge she needed to continue the quest.

The group made their way quickly to Morzelmore then teleported to the canyon. They took some time at the canyon to supply for the northern trip and then set off up the caverns, and into the western Hadara mountains. They cut their way easily through the Hill giants when a song bird flew overhead. Seeing a songbird that far north and in the mountains was odd. The group conferred and decided to follow the bird. It went north than west to the mountain terrace camp. as they went through the draw between two mountain crests to the camp they saw vampires waiting. They had their backs turned as if waiting for something. The three adventurers plowed into and overwhelmed them quickly killing all the undead beasts. Tiberia realizing something was up, took the group to a corner ,and they laid there prone waiting to see who would show up to meet the dead Vampires.

Presently a Powerful vampire showed up wielding a double mace. She looked at the other vampires then around speaking, "Now how did this happen" That's when Tiberia stood up and challenged the Woman.

The Woman at first though that Tiberia vanquished her minions alone. Tiberia simply stated that she had help in destroying the blight. Paetyr, Coric and the Elf then stood up and came into view. The Woman locked her eyes on the elf and said, " He's the one we want. I don't care about you. I will buy him from you and let you go on your way." Tiberia just shook her head, " You cannot bribe a paladin of Haakon". The Woman sneered, " I have men I can call to take the elf as I please. Leave the Elf and be on your way." Tiberia stared at her for a moment then spoke just soft enough for the Vampire and those around her to hear, " Run away while you can. If you bring your men I will simply turn them and the battle will not go as you desire."

The Vampire slinked off and left the group. The group discussed what to do. Whether to go back or brave a potential army of vampires. Pride overtook sensibility and together they decided to push on to get the elf to the tribe lands. They went back to Hill Giant territory easily cutting through the giants, at least until the vampires showed up in numbers. Coric gave time for Tiberia and Paetyr to turn them. then they cut the vampires and giants down. All of them took hits, now all were wounded after each battle but they were making progress.

They slipped into the winter fairy lands of the strange hostile elves and where hit by both elves and vampires. The group faired well against them in the first battle and they moved on. Tiberia crested a hill and was hit by several arrows coming from no-where. She realized she had lead the group into a trap and tried to use her turning ability but all to late. She fell in a hail of arrows and mace blows.

She woke up in the vary spot she had fallen; thankfully to see Drat standing over her. He must have been following and used one of her own raises to bring her back from the dead. The others in the group were raised and they huddled together in the cold deciding what to do. Tiberia wanted to move on. The answers she had been looking for for century's lay in the lips of that elf. Paetyr and Coric were none too sure that they should go forward. They wanted to gather a group of adventurers to assault the vampire keep. Tiberia worried that the vampires would turn the elf before they were able to make such a gathering but acquiesced to the others knowing that if they went now none would probably make it out alive.

Drat teleported the group to the camp. They spoke a bit. Tiberia placed a notice on the board. They agreed to meet in a forth night with those they gathered, to save the elf and deliver him as requested to the tribes in safe condition, if they could.

The three took separate routes to spread the word.
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