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King Grunmar's Axe

Postby Winterhawk99 » Fri Jul 16, 2010 5:57 am

King Grunmar's Axe

Daxciss was wandering around eisental happily culling the goblins when he happened upon a note. The note was half buried in the ground. He took it up carefully and noticed it was written in a form of the Dwarven dialect. Much of the note was illegible from age. He did make out a single sentence. The sentence told of a hidden treasure underneath a temple but which temple?

Daxciss made his way to the temple in eisental and happened to meet Merago there. The two decided to join forces and explore the temple for this unknown treasure trove.

They first stopped to see the goblin scholar. He spoke with them a bit. They asked what was behind the sealed door. The goblin said that no one knew. He added that some thought it was the temple entrance to underdark others felt it was a sealed off enclave of vampires. Vampires were known at one time to live or should i say stay at the bottom of the temple but the scholar elaborated. He told them that the with the main gateway of underdark being so near it was more likely the owners of the old temple built a path to the gateway from there.

The two adventurers thanked him and made their way to the lower bowels of the goblin caves.

Making their way down to the bottom of the caves Daxciss and Merago happened upon a young dwarven adventures body. The bloated body clutched papers in its hands that Daxciss carefully loosened so he could read what was on them.

There was a clean newer note and another ancient crumbling paper. The older note talked of a temple and an ancient dwarven axe of a king: King Grunmar. The newer note spoke of how the dwarf had assumed the artifact lay under the temple and had found no sign of the clues of the ancient letter which placed it near a sacred portal.

Daxciss took the notes and the body. The two decided to abandoned the temple and seek help from elpis. They when back to the surface and read last rights to the dwarven adventurer then pursued this lost treasure anew.

Elpis was glad for the company of the two and greeted them well. They talked of the shimmers and the various temples built around the devices. Daxciss and Merago both asked there the nearest temples and shimmers were. Elpis knew of the temple surrounding the celestrial shimmer and the temple of martec. She also mentioned that the people of martec buried the shimmer and carved out a great hall for it. Within they put Marrows tomb to protect the shimmer from outside influence. She mentioned of the shimmer of Haakons that after recent events The Haakonians guard the shimmer tightly from those that would fool with it.

The pair decided that their best avenue would be to seek Martecs tomb out. Off they went to the land of the Minatours. They fought their way threw the thick of the Minatours and reached Martecs. The Minatours furiously defended their temple. Daxciss almost died several times but as luck would have it his drwarven toughness pervailed and he made it though the gates by way of the fly scroll. Merago ducked and dodged making full use of his blade of dusk to hide himself whild stabing blind minatours along thier knees and calves.

They made their way into the temple fighting within the halls. Hear they have the advantage of small stature to outmanuver the Minatours they fought their way to the basement and noticed a small offshoot they headed down that way to a new unexplored cavern made of rough hewn rock. It seemed very old.

There were undead bats waiting for them there. They defeated the bats near a shimmering cloudy portal. After they defeated the bats they notices a sphinx stretching his paws obviously awakened by the scuffle.

Daxciss first wondered outloud if the Sphinx thought he would make a good meal. The sphinx stretched out and walked up to him. sniffed him and said, "A dwarf too tough for me not tasty at all". Meragon said, " I hope he doesnt think halflings good either."

The three bantered a bit then got onto the conversation of the Axe. Daxciss and Merago were a bit surprised in what the Sphinx told them.

The Sphinx said that the Axe lay at the gateway to the sunken land. The land that sucks strangers into the gound to be one with it. A land that moves like the waters of a lake. The sphinx said that the Axe of King Grumar and the Bow of Queen Mecrona both seal the gate from the evil that wishes to leave the sunken lands. There is good and bad in this in that if the artifacts are taken it would unleash onto the hard ground the evils living in the lands beyond. The good is that those who weild the weapons of the seal would do great things for their people.

Both thought about it. Daxciss didnt take long saying that he would abandon the quest for the sake of the people living in Sierra Na. Mergo needed much time to consider wether he should continue the quest. After a long time he decided that it would be best to keep the secrets they know and to leave the weapons alone. The two of them making this descision greatly impressed the sphinx and thus he gave them a special blessing of Martec. Evil beings would have a much harder time harming the two when in battle because of this blessing.

Daxciss and Merago left the cave and continued on their journey exploreing the lands shakeing hands and going off to the next adventure together.

Story written by Winterhawk
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