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Stories of Melocia

Postby Winterhawk99 » Fri Jul 16, 2010 6:08 am

Stories of Mel

Melocia sat by the winow chin in her hand and watched the cold rain of fall. Winter was almost here again in the 7th year that offworlders have been here except for the old half orc that wanders aimlessly around.

Dragonkin guard paced up and down in the rain most residents of Morzelmore were inside. The air was dreary not to her liking the wind had picked up from the north.

Tilsaurus stood trial last week and was aquitted from a Judge obviously taking money from Tarasaurus. Mel looked angry a moment. None of her attempts at helping offworlders in the city had worked so far. She had a comfortable life in the city only because most were afraid of her and her abilities, she thought to herself.

The mages have not contacted her in a year after she requested entrance in the guild. Tarasaurus and his lot had been quiet since Tilsauras went to jail but that will change soon. The Powerful Guild master and Thief will seek some form of revenge on the city. Mel thought to herself she should prepare for something to happen. Perhaps she was a target, or perhaps her companions

She looked over at Phase perched on the chair and Windsong laying in front of the bed purring in her sleep.
They both were brave souls Phase being with her most of her life and dear Windsong Defending her momma at a slightst hint of trouble even if She (mel) could handle things herself.

She traced a magic symbol with her finger into the air and tried to look through it. It fizzled in the air and disappeared. Mel *sighed* In the last year she had gotten much older trying to navigate the confusing politics that made Morzelmore work. For an outsider she had tried to do the almost impossible with some minor successs Valarious, Sanser and many others have become accustom to her prescence and a few of the appriciated her insight at times the few times when they let her see into their thoughts. There must be a way to improve dragonkin/ offworlder relations she had just run out of ideas.

Mel looked out the window again. The rain beating down on the roof and walkways outside droned into her putting her into a trance.

Again Elkje met Mel as strolled out of the mages guild. Mel had been alittle upset. it had been 2 years since she patitioned the guild to become a member. Yet they had no answer for her. Now she could compete with all the masters of the guild probably overtakeing them in knowledge and technique but still they could not say if she would be accepted. Still she was religated to the library on the first floor for her referances. Mel sighed.

Going back home she met Elkje, Coric, Dark wanderer, Merago, and another. She made a small fo-paw. Coric had worn new armor and she didnt remember who he was and mixed up Elkje with her friend from the first time she had met them. Research on the shimmers had strained mel for quite a few months now. The contacts she could make in the outer planes were few, Penny simply didnt know much about them and the library of the mages had little information about them.

The six started a conversation. Elkje wanted to see if mel could combine the magic of two sets of boots. Dark also asked some questions on magic swords. Mel wasnt sure about the swords but gave Dark some referances to good armorers and weapons makers that sometimes made work so fine that magic could be placed within them.

Elkje was insistant that she wanted mel to combine the magics of her boots. Mel thought privately that it would take alot of time and she might not be able to do it.

Finally Mel told her she would try to do it. Elkje asked about the price. Mel thought a moment then asked that if Elkje could get the people of Haakons to let her study the celestria shimmer she in turn would attempt to combine the magics of the boots. Elje agreed and they set off to the keep. Dark and Merago had other places to be so it came down to Coric, Elkje and her. Off they went.

For 2 days Mel and Elkje camped at the keep waiting for a descision. Coric left to find other things to do. Some more people arrived and asked what they were doing and some joined the cause so to speak.

They were permitted to study the shimmer. And went down into the basement with Dark wanderer and others in tow after a small set of battles with giant spiders that have taken up residence there through fishers in the wall they made their way to the shimmer. They all looked awestruck at its radience. It seemed to be functioning prefectly and ready to do so much magical engeries swirled around it. A large Diamond spun around above acting as a nexus point for the energy.

Mel first studied the physical structure and the hole in the center emiting light. she cast Ledgend lore on it promply turning her into a cow. she continued to study un awares until someone mentioned it to her. she changed back promply and continued studying. As she took some diamond power out to scry and cast a small spell a belitith came out of the portal and attacked. the ground shook.They defeated it easily. then everytime there after that she cast more Belitiths came some causing her to throw visious spells like hellball and ruin. The others fought too like madman. once she had to turn herself into a dragon and with the help of Dark finish the creature off. As she continued studying it getting more fustrated dark came up with an idea that the shimmers polarity was reversed.

Mel cringed and looked at Dark. What minions of darkness was he consorting with now that he would have such information. she looked at him fercely and then back at the shimmer realizing that he might be correct. Finally She decided to open the shimmer with her magic and find out for herself but was stopped. people seemingly out of nowhere ported in with the goddess Sh's. They said that the adventurers has torn the fabric of the planes near the shimmer and that they were not ready yet to go beyond the gates. Mel knowing better than to challenge a goddess got quiet and listen to them giving up on the study for now.

She would now have to repair the damage another day and did not get anything that she need to continue on with her studies. She sighed and gave in. The adventurers went back to her lab where she could try to combine elkjes boots into one set.

At her lab Melocia took elkjes two sets of boots. Boots of hardiness +2 and Gargoyle boots. She focased first on the gargoyle boots. Setting them on the table she went to her shelf of reagents bring out a crystal globe and setting it beside the boots. She didnt have an electrofier so had to settle on drawing off the boots magic with her powerful magic staff. She threw a spell of reversal from her books onto the boots holding her staff over it letting it draw the magic off of the boots. then she checked another book and cast a spell putting the magic she drew into the globe. she held the Globe up and cast a ledgend lore on it.

As she suspected some of the magic was lost in the transfer. She could see the swirling energy within the globe and watched it for a few moments to make sure it was enough that Elkje would be pleased. She then set it down again.

She then put the boots of hardiness on the table. Back again to the regeant table she took a jar of gold like dust from a jar. just a pinch of the rare regeant (Celestrial gold dust she had contacts collect for her) She then sprinkled the dust over the boots to use to conduct the energy from the globe to the boots.

She then took the globe and drew the energy back out and placed it withing the boots letting the gold cage the engergys. She then read a spell that would enchant an item and permanency on the boots. Tired by satisfied she presented the boots to Elkje who was indeed happy with the results.

After a few minutes Mel ushered the people out of her lab and her appartment and slumped into a restorative trance that she didnt wake up from for many days.

Melocia had finally done it. She had opened the prime shimmer if only for a few moments to let him go to wherever she had opened it too. she had started to discover the language nessessary to work the shimmers to speak to them in a way. That language was a combination of mathmatics, language and other things. While helping this stranger they had found a book in a strange unknown language. It with the symbols of all the shimmers she studied and her amulet of teleportation between the prime shimmer and morzemore let her decifer enough to open it for moments. But that wasnt enough.

For each shimmer had a key and the key she found was incomplete for she only had a glimse only enough to send one person threw. could she do it again......she wasnt sure.

When she got home she wiped the tables clean, Mel fashion, sweeping her arm across the desk and having everything on it fall to the floor. she was excited for the first time in years.

From there she placed every book that she had written about every shimmer she studied and began to decipher and write and use mathmatics she never phathomed before.

For week upon week she became absorbed into this new world. Windsong was alarmed by Mels fury. Phase sat on his perch calm as ever having seen these episodes before however after the first week and the many fomulas he didnt understand get scralled across the floors and walls he too became increasingly alarmed.

Mel drew formulas and equations over every nook and cranie of the apartment after weeks of work. then sat down in the center and went into a trance.

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