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Telas and the apprentice

Postby Winterhawk99 » Sat Jul 24, 2010 9:35 pm

Telas took a swig of his ale in the bar in the Morzelmore claw district, as he spoke of his harrowing adventure to two young Dragonkin. That be right mates. I done saved that apprentice from those trolls. The potion girl she set me off on the journey.

Said he was somewhere in that forest she did. What did I find? Well I'll tell you........Gargantuan trolls. Green and ugly I tell you. I found me this cave. Ran in just to get to safety and what did I find".........* takes a swig of his mead* "More of them and bigger too". His eyes go up as he makes a sign," They almost done me in I tell you but with the help of Moridan I survived. Then i go deeper. Ti's a shallow cave no more deep than a couple of dwarves can carve in a day. Twas in the back of the cave i found him surrounded by them ugly cretins. I ran up and healed the young in and joined the battle with em. Twas exciting fighting by a dragonkin skilled in sorcery twas. We cleaned the ugly beasts out and parted at the cave entrance we did. together we bested the trolls where one of us alone would fall and the potion girl she gave me a bottle of her special brew she did." The dwarf nodded and took another swig.

They drank the rest of the night telling of the story's and adventures each had. Much of Sierra na still had not been explored by any except the Baron and the Tansu. Each sitting at the table wondered if they would be the ones to find out what had happened during the cataclysm and what treasure still were out there left by the old civilization.
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