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Crises at Haakon's

Postby Winterhawk99 » Mon Jul 26, 2010 12:30 am

It was morning. Coric and Merago were enjoying a day at the vales. After they had talked to each other about their various adventures a member of the Haakon militia appeared there. He had been sent by Sir Edwin's mage adviser E'calla. He told the pair that the council was in turmoil and that someone with a cool head needed to come quickly.

The Two followed him to Morzelmore and they caught the caravan to Haakon's keep. When they arrived at the council chambers of the order of the griffon they found the two major groups almost ready to draw swords in the name of their causes. The offworlders who defended the keep during the trying times of the undead and orc invasions, were incensed at many of the things Haakon's followers were trying to do. The Haakonians were incensed at the stubbornness of the offworlders and especially that of the strange offworlder Dersora. Each side wanted a strong regent to lead the community while having a council to advise and of course each wanted one of their own as regent. The Haakonians Sir Edwin, The offworlders Heidi.

Merago and Coric calmed the council down while each side was stating its very grievances to them and to each other. Finally E'calla devised a plan to settle the dispute. She called upon the ancient ritual calling for champions. Each side would pick a champion. She knew of several secret places on the continent. She said if agreed the two champions would set off to find these secret places mark their mark upon them and take a chip of stone from the rock of the place. Then she would legend lore to make sure that they accomplished their mission.

Heidi readily agreed to such a contest. Sir Edwin was not sure but after some convincing accepted the challenge. Sir Edwin knowing Coric as a man of honor asked him to be the Haakonian champion. Heidi remembering all that Merago scarified on the field against the undead invasion asked him to be the offworlders champion. Both accepted and turned to E'Calla. E'Calla said there were two places roughly equal distant from the keep. Each champion would go after one of the secret places and get their chip. One of the places rested in the Fernandor bog. A standing stone completely surrounded by a hill. The other was the gate that keeps Belle mere safely tucked away in its valley. The door to emeralds gate will be the stone that the other champion must get.

The two champions agreed. E'Calla flipped a coin for the winner to pick the destination. Merago choose Emeralds gate. The two champions sprang to action.

Coric took the caravan to morzelmore then walked to tangwetsyl village where he entered the swamp. He quickly negotiated the swamp and found the standing stone after being harassed by ticks and giant crocodiles. He made his way back in a 1/2 day to find the group still in chambers awaiting the two. He gave his chip to E'Calla who verified it came from the right place.

Merago went south then realized his mistake tracking back north. he fought dragons and bugbears trying to find the entrance to the north. getting side tracked by the beauty of the place then after a day found the entrance way to the north. He explored most of the north lands killing spiders and getting lost then on the second day came upon some elven tracks. He followed them to the ice spiders and haunts of the giant bats. finding a kindly Lynx that guided him he finally arrived at the gate. taking a chip off of it and returning to Haakon's

Tired and spent he walked in to find everyone already waiting including Coric.

Sir Edwin became regent and proclaimed that he would only serve until someone younger and with much more vigor could take his place.

He charged Heidi to oversee the church being built. she would be it matron and would have control over what religions worshiped there accept for the Avoreen and Haakon religion, which was a given.

He charged Nestrimari to be head of the scouts and to guard the eastern boarder from orc and Elder fey ri attacks

He charged Desora to be in charge of special operations and to train warriors for desert and plains fighting for protecting the southern flank.

Thus is how Sir Edwin found himself regent of Haakons and awaits the day for a younger stronger paladin to take his place. The building of the community continues now at a rapid pace.

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