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Spys like Us

Postby Winterhawk99 » Mon Aug 02, 2010 4:47 am

Rappi Nalpe and Mather Steel were lounging by the campfire in the vales when Los came strutting out of the ranger home. He looked at them and said, " I'm glad i found you fellows." He proceed to tell the pair that, there had been some mighty strange things happening in the woods near Flax's tower. He also said something about one of those demon elves been seen walking around up there. Los ask them to be sneaky and see whats going on up there. He told the two that he would share some of the monthly profits with them if they would go up and see whats going on.

Mather and Rappi went to investigate the Ogrillion territory for Los. When they hit the fence they hit it hard. they were trying to sneak around two Ogrillion guards and open the gate into Flax's lands when the guards saw called out a cry and fell upon them. the battle turned viscous as they fought several Guards went down but so did Rappi. after the battle Mather bandaged Rappi up who was mostly dead. Rappi finally came around and they moved on. they encountered a few bears and other ogrillions but found the will to work together to defeat them. Mather charmed a bear to fight for them. Rappi throwing mystic lights from his hands and using his sling to back Mather and the great beast up.

They went threw another fence and found the tower. A trap upon the door almost killed them both, but as they were about to beat the door down they heard voices. They carefully snuck behind a tree to hear an Orillion mage speaking to a guard by one of the campfires in the enclave.

The two talked about a man called Kane, About a Demon in the tower and about an upcoming war between the Kenku in the southern morzels and the Orcs lead by the Elder Fey ri. Mather and Rappi learned all they could without being spotted and went back to the vales.

At the Vales Mather and Rappi told Los what little they had learned. Los spit at the mention of the man named Kane calling the name itself a curse. Lose listened intently and figuring they hadn't gotten into the tower to hear all of the story, sent them back to go into the tower. this time he armed the two well with 10 potions of invisibility and a scroll to bypass the trap. The pair of adventurers were enjoying a hearty meal before going out again when Katyrin showed up.

Katyrin a cautious young lady didn't know what to make of the pair. They introduced each other and spoke to her of the spy mission and that they needed to get back to hear the rest of the story. Intrigued by the pair Katyrin agreed to join their efforts. They finished eating and set off again toward Flax's stronghold. along the way they met Max: a huge man for a halfling covered in war paint, chanting about the glory of battle and the thrill of combat by challenge. They gathered him into the group and discussed with him that this would be a clandestine mission and there should be no fighting.

they went back to the entrance of flax's stronghold. This time easily defeating the front guard. in no small part with the help of Max's battleaxe and Katyrin's bow. They made their way to the tower. Rappi was about to use the scroll when Max deftly handled both the lock and the trap. they went into the mysterious tower one by one after using the invisibility potions.

they snuck by the guards on the first floor easily being that there was no battle outside. On the second floor in the kitchen Rappi Knocked over a vase alerting both mages and fighters. the battle started. Rappi was solely injured being the one they focused on but made it through the fight while Mather with his sword took down the last Ogrillion on the stairwell. They cautiously moved to the third and then the fourth floor silent as the wind.

On the fourth floor they heard voices. Rappi snuck to the corner of the hallway to see a strapping giant of an ogre speaking to a woman in full plate within a pentagram. The pentagram had many soft red lights surrounding it. A probably barrier to protect the Ogre Mage. The other three put their heads to the wall and listened while Rappi watched from the corner mostly concealed in shadows.

The woman was black with great black wings upon her back. Her face was elven but she had no skin; instead her body was covered in small lizard like scales. The group could smell the distinct odor of her body. The smell of burnt metal and cinder mixed in the dark perfume of the infernal planes. Her eyes glowed ever so slightly with a green inner light that could freeze the weak into a frightened paralysis.

The Ogre mage and the Woman spoke of the impending war and their plans to take advantage of it. Kane had turned the Kenku of the southern Morzels into a huge fighting force bent on destroying the Fey ri controlled Orcs. He planed to take them over and oust the Fey ri for good. The Fey ri council now informed of the threat were preparing to defend their territory. Each side had several strengths. the Kenku had Kane himself leading their army along with the Kenku's own barbaric strength to induce chaos on the battlefield. For the Kenku did not fight open battles. They prayed on the mountain trails and struck from darkness their victims often not knowing what hit them before the throes of death overtook their souls. The Elder fey ri had at least 10 samurai masters to defend their land along with their retainers and the orcs. They're advantage was a well disciplined force of hardened veterans Fey ri and Orc included.

The pair talked then about their own plan of waiting for the combatants to weaken themselves then to strike the two with their own forces. the woman's father leading the Henner family and its retainers. Flax leading his small army or ogrillions. They talked and made plans depending on which force won the field. If Kane and his Kenku won they would have to find the artifact Doomgiver to deal with Kane. If the council of Elder fey ri won, they would try a cout-de-ta to try to oust the leadership and thereby putting The henner family in charge of the operation. Afterward the pair talked of darker things. Of training the orcs and invading the vale lands. Flax would close the prime shimmer while Henners and orcs would attack Morzelmore with whatever Kenku they could turn. The true mission was to cut off and wipe out all offworlders including eventually Tangwetsyl village.

Done with their meeting Flax teleported the Woman, who the adventurers knew now as Cassiopia back to her family while he started to make preparations for the war. He went back to his laboratory to find obscure lore on the possible whereabouts of Doomgiver. The four adventurers made their way back to Los. fighting along the way was rough the outposts were warned of their presence. Rappi went down again along the territory wall. This time only the gods could save him and they did. He found himself back at the prime shimmer barely breathing but alive.

They grouped back together at the old ranger house. Los learned all he could about the plans of Flax and the Henner's. He was very grateful and showed the 4 with unique items so they could get along better on the harsh continent. He then charged them to seek out the Morzelmore herald to warn the city and the village of the impending danger. Mather and Rappi tired from their various ordeals bowed out. It was up to Katyin and Max to go to the city.

After getting directions they set off. encountering the normal resistances they found Morzelmore and asked a guard where the herald was. They had to negotiate a bit with 8 gold coins. The guard taking them directly to the Herald after the proper incentive was exchanged. Zaphro the herald grew more and more concerned as they spoke and thanking them gave each 500 in coin setting out to warn others.

Thus the new generation of adventurers started their heyday by spying on the intrigues of Fax and Cassiopia.

DM: Winterhawk

Players: Max (Child of Stark)
Katyin (Malkyard)
Mather (Braunthrax)
Rappi (Ancient)
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