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Eye, There's the Rub

Postby Winterhawk99 » Tue Oct 12, 2010 6:02 am

Ta'nai was enjoying a brisk afternoon enjoying the stew at camp. As she ate she saw what appeared to be a little dragon come toward her walking on two legs. She backed off but the thing came right at her and spoke. The being was in fact a dragonkin from Morzelmore. In fact not just any dragonkin it was Zarpho herald of the city. Zarpho talked to her pleasantly to calm the poor elf's nerves until Ta'nai was convinced she was not going to eat her. As Ta'nai calmed down Zarpho told her of a mission she needed finished.

Zarpho explained that the ruler of Morzelmore was getting old. Zarpho was not ready to take the reins of government and searched desperately for a potion to extend the rulers life a decade or two so that she could have time to learn the subtleties of leadership. Zarpho did not come without knowing at least a little about the potion. She Told Ta'nai that there was an old elven monument in the southern pine forest that held an alter to Malar. Who put the alter there she did not know. The alter is much newer than the surrounding monument. She knew the Monument held secrets of the elven history on Sierra Na along with the secret to elven longevity so Zarpho thought. She then asked Ta'nai to take some chemically coated paper to the monument and make rubbings of the inscriptions so that they may be translated. Then together with the alchemist of the city make a potion of longevity for the Ruler Lord Valarios. Zarpho gave many long rolled up sheets of the paper to Ta'nai when Maldo came on the scene and almost attacked Zarpho. After Maldo figured out that Zarpho meant no harm to any at camp he also listened to her story and agreed to join Ta'nai in the quest.

The pair went south down the road and met the Gnolls guarding their mine. At first they had a very hard time Maldo and Ta'nai had to learn to work together. they were both wounded in the forest trying to find the entrance to the mine. On several occasions they had to stop and rest bandaging each others wounds. They found the entrance and proceeded into the mine. They ducked, dodged and had their troubles defeating the mine workers slowly getting comfortable with each others abilities and learning to work together. They found a secreted door to a hallway full of traps. Maldo easily negotiated the traps. At the end of the the long corridor they found a vast treasure of topaz gems. they moved deeper in the mine with each passageway they worked together more and more. they found good leather armor and some weapons with minor enchantments placed upon them. they found a set of banded mail that fit Ta'nai well enough. With that and a tower shield Ta'nai bravely stood toe to toe with the rabid humanoids while Maldo hit them with his crossbow in the shadows. They cleared the deep mines nearly completely and found the bottom of the canyon. They stopped ate some rations and berries within the canyon, rested and set off south to the forest beyond.

At first they encountered white leopards that attacked them. The pair handled the leopards well they moved up the hill to find a temple complex as they were discussing whether to investigate a brown bear attacked them. The bear backed the pair to the door of the complex they had to think fast so they quickly opened the doors, dove in and slammed them shut barricading themselves in. Turning around they as a winged elf with glowing eyes. He smiled and welcomed them to the temple of the Seldarine.

Caland An offworlder with many adventurers under his belt retired and went on a quest to rebuild and bless the temple with the blessings of the major gods and goddesses of the Seldarine. It was a brutal task which he had almost fallen several times. Eventually he retired to the temple to minister to all the elves and offworlders that came his way. He healed the pair as they told their story. He agreed to help them and guide them to the Stone monument. Along the way they were attacked by the enraged animals influenced by the god Malar. They came to the monument. Maldo with the help of Caland guarded Ta'nai as she made the rubbings of all the stones. The three went back to the temple where Caland with the aid of the sacred pool teleported them back to the Vales.

Zarpho was well pleased by the pair even with waiting a few days. She rewarded Maldo with a magic ring and Ta'nai with specially made ranger armor. Both Maldo and Ta'nai were very pleased by the reward of their efforts and told Zarpho that if she needed anyone to help her again please come back. Zarpho smiled a toothy smile and told the pair she would then took her papers and headed back to Morzelmore.
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